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X’mas Dinner @ My 4th Aunt’s Place

Posted on: January 3, 2009

25th Dec’08

This year we celebrated at my 4th aunt’s place. For the past few years, it’s always @ her bukit timah condo but last month, she shifted back to her old place. Now the whole house looks nice & modern after the renovations =)


I was @ Compass Point in the noon getting some stuff done & meeting a friend for  lunch. After i was done with everything, i decide to walk around & get a log cake =)

There was quite a lot of choices @ CP – Breadtalk, Polar, 4 Leaves, Bengawan Solo, Emicake, Prima Deli. After looking around, i narrow my choice to Breadtalk (mango log cake)  & 4 Leaves (halzenut log cake & the design was very nice!).  But i decide to get the mango log cake as i thought it be a good choice for everyone. Something fruity after a meal =)  Luv the packaging – Nice box!


I reach rather early (about 3+). As Xin Lian didn’t require any help, i chatted with her as she prepares the ingredients. I also had fun playing with the Sky & Drummer =)


This is my cousin who’s busy cooking yummy food for us! =)  In this picture, she was doing the shepherd’s pie.

Pictures of the whole spread!!



I love such a spread!!! =)  Basically i’m quite a pig & i’m not really picky about food so i’m happy when there’s yummy food aound. Hee

And i like the roast pork that Lester prepared for dinner!! OMG… I love the FATS!!! =)



Yiqi got a bread pudding from Miss Clarity Cafe. As i’m not a fan of bread pudding so i didn’t try but judging from the amount that was eaten, it must be good! =)   And it loooks so pretty too


While some of us take a break from the eating & chit chat a bit, some gathered at the kitchen =)  They were having fun with the espresso machine.

It was great to hang out with everyone! Great celebration with great food =)


The night ended with a lovely surprise when i got home. Saw a gift on my bed – Mac blusher & lipstick from Angeline =)  Thanks… I really like it! It’s all in the shades i like

It’s been a wonderful X’mas! =)


4 Responses to "X’mas Dinner @ My 4th Aunt’s Place"

omg, the roast pork in ur blog seems much nicer…haha..the espresso machine is really pricy too..saw that at taka basement..isit the one that george clooney advertise in?

Haha…. Thanks for the compliment on the roast pork!

Yup… The espresso machine is kind of pricy but if i remember correctly, my cousin got it from Melbourne =) But for the capsule of coffee powder, they got it @ Taka (am i right, Xin Lian??)

You like such espresso machine too?? =)

OMG!!!….u have taken very nice pics of so many xmas trees!!!….impressive!!

Hi Genevieve =) Thanks for the compliments….

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