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1 Day Tour To Pengarang

Posted on: January 5, 2009

27th Dec’08 (Sat)

Last month i went for a 1 day tour to Pengarang with my youngest aunt & her hubby =)  It was organised by the Punggol Oasis Residents’ Committee.


As i reach quite early (thanks to my dad who drove me to my aunt’s house), i start to notice the view when i was sitting in the living room. And i decide to take a picture. May not be the nicest view i’ve seen but it feels really good to just look at such scenery in the early morning.

We left Punggol at 8am & the first place we go to was Jusco Tebrau City. It’s newly open & there was lots of shops but i got nothing to buy. We did stop @ Delifrance for some drinks + pizza (our breakfast). Pizza was very nice but their service was so SLOW!!!! ={   Real headache!! Haha

When we left Jusco, it’s time to go for lunch before we proceed on to other destinations.

Fruit Farm


There was a guide to bring us around the fruit farm. But i thought not much to look at. And before you leave, you can buy some fruits back but they don’t look too good according to my aunt’s hubby.

And before we leave, we went to this mini zoo that’s at the fruits farm.


The kids were delighted to see the animals =)  I quite like the owl. I thought it’s kind of cute. Hee

Next stop: Ostrich Farm


I was surprised when i walked in cause they actually let a few ostrich walk around freely. They are harmless but i was still a little scared when they walked near to me ={

And i noticed their butt are so UGLY!!! “Botak” one & i don’t know what else to say… Yucks! Haha. Sorry if you feels disgusted by the picture showing the ostrich’s butt. Hee


Quite interesting to know that the whole part of ostrich is pretty useful =)  From head to toe, all can be used for something.


At first i thought the egg was fake but when i hold it, it feels heavy & watery inside. Woo…. I was so worried that i’ll drop it so i quickly put it down after taking the picture!


Intially i thought it was dead & i was thinking “why are they so cruel to display a dead baby ostrich” until i realise it seems to be breathing. As i looked down, i saw a label that says “1 day old only”. Aiyoh… Blur me =_=


I didn’t try the ostrich satay but it smells really good! I was telling my aunt that if Lester (my cousin’s bf) is here, he sure try it. Hee

Overall the ostrich farm was pretty interesting but kinds smelly too. Haha =)  Not exactly the whole place lah but certain areas when i walked passed lor!

After leaving ostrich farm, we were brought to a place to buy maltose biscuits. Then it’s dinner time where we be having Lobster Seafood Dinner =)  Really quite a lot of seafood & it’s not too bad too. But quality can be better! Hee. But for the whole 1 day tour, it cost only $65… It’s really worth it, can’t complain much!

But it didn’t end after dinner! =)  We still have to see fire flies!! It’s my first time seeing fire flies & i was very excited. Quite an interesting experience.

Well that’s the end of my trip! We spent the whole day @ M’sia lah… And by the time we reach punggol, it’s abt 12+am!! Then the 3 of us got a bit hungry & went to the food court opposite their house, eat something then went back to my aunt’s place to sleep =)

Tomorrow be going for another trip =)  This time to Guangzhou with my 4th aunt , cousins & their bf/gf… It’s be my first time going to Guangzhou so kind of excited. Hee

Gd night everyone & have a good week!!


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