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Kangoo Jump @ Playground, Big Splash

Posted on: January 12, 2009

Last month met up with my cousins for some activity @ East Coast. As i’m not a very active person , it was a good chance for me to give my body a good work out! Hee

I got to know about this Kangoo Jump through someone’s blog & so i suggested to my cousins & see if they are keen to go for it.



Sitting with Lester is Melissa, his sister & his cousin Liyun. Wilson’s gf Hui Hui also join us on that day. So it’s not just all cousins outing =)  We had a pretty big group of 9 people that day!! Very fun…

By the way, back to food now! Hee.

We went to The Vista Bistro (just opposite the Kangoo Jump shop) for lunch. I had the mushroom soup with the puff pastry on it & share this potato skin dish with the gals. Very nice!!! Yummy…. It has mushrooms in it & sour cream on top.


After lunch, we realised the Kangoo jump is still not open so we decide to go for cycling & rollerblading first =)  I opt for the cycling & it was a good workout for my butt lah. Aiyoh… Guess the cushion of the bicycle seat wasn’t too good, my butt was aching a bit! Haha

Up Next is the Kangoo Jump!!!


The rental fee is pretty reasonable!

And everyone was very excited to try it out.


I think i was really lousy cause initially i was so scared of falling & kept screaming for help! Sorry if i sound irritating to some of you but i really couldn’t help it. Haha


After a while, it got better & i was enjoying it! =)  But compared to the rest who were really good, i’m still lousy. Haha. And thanks to Hui Hui who’s always by my side. Sorry if i kind of slow u down ={ 

Overall it’s really a fun sport for everyone! Guess we be coming back soon as Qirong is back in Singapore now =)


Here we are – Back @ the shop after 1/2 an hour of jumping, walking , jogging! And i really had to thank this little boy Daniel. He was really nice to offer a helping hand when i was screaming for help.


And before we leave East Coast, we must stop for a drink & rest a while.

And off we go to – Old Town!!



Damn shiok to have a nice cold drink after being out in the hot weather for so long! =)

It was a fun outing with everyone. Hope i be more brave for the next outing! Haha

  • Kangoo Jumps Concept Store
  • 902 East Coast Parkway
  • Playground @ Big Splash, Blk C #01-22
  • Spore 449874
  • Tel: 6440 3409

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