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With My Sweetie Penelopy

Posted on: January 13, 2009

Recently managed to meet up with my bestie before i left for Guangzhou & Penelopy amuses me with something she did =)

The moment i got into the car, she smiles @ me , point to my bag & start doing this shaking action. At first i couldn’t guess what she was trying to say until Phy said something.

“She wants your Clorets lah!!!!!!”


Then i recalled that occassionally i will give her my Clorets to play for a while & she will always shakes it. Haha. OMG…. Kids nowadays never fails to amaze me! Haha


I really like the outfit that Pene wore that day. And it’s actually not a set leh =)  Both the top & skirt were bought seperately.

And something funny happened that day. As Penelopy is getting better with her speech, i thought it’s time to teach her to address me properly. So i say “Penelopy, call me God Ma” & end up she prefers “Ah Ma”  ={

Anyway i believe she will learn to address me in the correct way SOON =) 


Phy was showing me a new hat that she got for Pene. Initially she didn’t want to wear it & i was lucky to manage to take a nice picture =)

I thought she looks like the character in strawberry shortcake!


While the parents are getting changed/doing their stuff, i was given the task to look after her.

In this picture, she was sitting on my lap, getting me to read her a story. Know why she’s so “Guai” =)  Because the maid on the vacuum cleaner & Penelopy was scared of it. Hee


Could have taken a nicer picture with her sitting up but somehow she prefers to lie on the bed. And this was the best picture where i can get Pene with her hello kitty & doggy

As i’ve said before, Penelopy is very fortunate to have many people doting on her =)  The lovely hello kitty & doggy (name is Keywi) are from “Build A Bear”. Guess they have spent quite a small fortune here. Hee


Finally it’s time to leave & go to Leisure Park @ Kallang! See the little “Keywi” in her hands?? As the original size is too big to bring it out, Phy decides to get Penelopy a mini one.

Anyway as Kenny has to go for soccer, Phy & i went for coffee first. And timing was great as Penelopy just fall asleep so both of us could have a good chat plus it was really nice as it wasn’t crowded that night

And i must say Penelopy was quite well behaved that day. Listens to me quite a lot =)  I’m happy with your performance. Hee

It was great to hang out with my bestie & Penelopy. Hope to see the 2 of you again soon =)  Hugz


4 Responses to "With My Sweetie Penelopy"

heheh. Penelopy so cut lah… yah.. soon she will be able to address you as godma n not ah ma hehe. Nicole had some problem with that too..but now she calls me loud and clear godma liao 🙂 hey..nicole goes out with a toy too.. but always change. these days is the eeroye 😛

Hi Eileen =) Pene is really cute! Haha. Yesterday i was on the phone with my bestie & Pene was shouting “ah ma” ={

Oh… Even Nicole still bring a toy out =) Hmmm… Guess my bestie has to spend more $$$ in the future…. Hee

Hey Tingyi, your goddaughter has been asking when are you gonna bring her shopping? Hehe.

Erm….. Times are bad so you must teach Penelopy to save more $$$ ok =) Wahahaha

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