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My Guangzhou Trip – Day 1

Posted on: January 17, 2009

Recently went on a 5D4N trip to Guangzhou. It was my first time there & i was pretty excited about it. And for this trip will have my cousin Qirong & her bf Yingyi as our “tour guide” =)  So confirm can go to lots of good places for shopping & makan.


Thanks to Xin Lian for helping me take this picture =)  Somehow i just like the background very much lah. Hee.


Saw this while we were walking to the gate to board the plane. I just can’t resist & have to trouble Xin Lian to take a picture again =)  And i kind of like the effect created by the ray of lights.

And on the day when i return to Singapore, they were changing it to CNY decorations already =)


I was travelling on a SQ plane & Haolin was telling me on how we can learn some cantonese on the Kris World Inflight Entertainment. I got curious & went to try it. Haha. But hard to remember lah though it’s quite fun =)

Anyway the flight to Guangzhou isn’t long & it took about 3 & 1/2 hours only.

Upon arrival, we were happy to see Qirong & her bf waiting for us. Yingyi’s dad was very nice to arrange a van & a driver to come & pick us up =)

I was really happy to see Qirong =)  Haven’t seen her for about 2 years but thanks to facebook & friendster, we managed to stay in touch & see updates about each other.


Haolin’s dad was recommending Lido Hotel to us & while i did a search online, i also discovered a lot of people like to stay @ this hotel =)  And the main attraction is it’s near Beijing Road so easier for shopping lah. And indeed it’s a good choice!


We actually booked the Deluxe Room but upon check in, we were upgraded to Business Room =)  Quite a pleasant surprise – good start for our trip! Haha. Anyway for my deluxe room rate, i paid $135 in total for the 4 nights stay for a triple sharing room.

As you can see from the pictures, no complaints about the room =)  Clean & spacious enough lah.


I realised that Guangzhou is kind of like Hong Kong. Lots of old & new buildings next to each other.

Anyway after putting down our luggages in the room, we start to explore around.


And we started off with eating!!! =)


For this trip, i’ve been eating a lot of the curry “Yu Dan”. Maybe it’s due to the cold weather =)  Feels extra good eating it but i would prefer it to be more spicy like the ones @ HK.


This is the most power one! “Ma La Mian”!!!! I was eating it till i sweat ok but shiok @ the same time =)  Really numb our tongues but i quite enjoy it due to the cold weather. Hee


Enjoying some yummy drinks!! =)


Also tried this from the Mac @ Guangzhou but still prefer my apple pie from Singapore

After filling up our tummy, we walked around Beijing Road & do some shopping. I personally like Beijing Road as it caters well to both men & women’s. Lots of choices =)

Dinner Time


Yingyi’s parents treated us to dinner @ Kam Boat Restaurant & i wasnt prepared for the amount of dishes that we are going to have. I didn’t even count but there should be 10 odd kinds of dishes (excluding desserts & fruits). The portions are big & all are really yummy!

And there’s even Foie Gras!!! Also got roast goose, fresh seafood, etc… =)

All of us left the restaurant with a big round tummy!! Haha

But that’s not the end! We still got some entertainment waiting for us.


I thought i will only see this in shows but that night we went to a night club for ktv & drinking session.

Quite an experience & when we enter, ladies (but decent ones in uniforms) were standing in rows welcoming us. And 2 martell were open immediately!! Haha. But i guess it’s the norm for them @ China. They drink a lot & can drink very well.

Anyway it was an interesting start & end for the first day @ Guangzhou!


11 Responses to "My Guangzhou Trip – Day 1"

Looking at the food makes me hungry!

Aiya…. U go to HK & visit Shirleen lah! =) Then can eat lots of yummy food too! I miss HK!!

Guang Zhou look so much like Hongkong!! Yes, eat shop eat shop!!!

Hi Jackson… Yup, Guangzhou is quite like HK in certain aspects =) I don’t mind going back for a short trip!

hi, may i know where u booked the hotel from? Its such a good deal and is there any charges for an extra bed? Thanks!:D

Hi please tell us how u managed to booked the hotel at such cheap rate? i went into Lido Hotel official website but it isn’t as cheap. Yours was USD 135 for a total of 4 nights? Its amazingly cheap! please share.

I think it’s SGD 135 , not USD. Anyway it was my cousin who did the booking ( @ the hotel official website too if i’m not wrong) & if i remeber correctly, i paid my aunt back this amount. Maybe there was some promo going on @ that time. By the way, i actually paid for deluxe/superior room & we were upgraded to business room during check in.

my gosh! u mean approximately only S$34 per night? It’s madness! referring to the official web, it doesn’t reflect such a good offer. Is this the hotel official website which u booked?
Nevertheless, thanks for sharing info.

Hi cherrypopper… I don’t think i got the price wrong as i remember @ $30+ per night for triple sharing room is quite ok =)

Not too sure if there’s the website cause like i’ve told you, it’s my cousin who did the booking. Maybe i try to double check with her. But judging from the rates (from the link u gave me) & if i divide according to the rates i got during my Jan’09 trip, should be around what i paid ba =)

Sorry if i’m confusing you! Hee

Yup a bit confused now. But i shall booked the accomodation online.
Anyway thanks.

Hey cherrypopper, sorry if i’ve confused you. Cause i didn’t book the hotel myself so maybe can’t explain clearly to you. But based on the rates shown on the hotel website, the prices looks reasonable =)

Anyway good luck & have a good trip!

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