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My Guangzhou Trip – Day 2 & 3

Posted on: January 19, 2009

Day 2

For day 2, we started the day by going to “Da Jia Le” which is just beside our hotel for something light first =)

I remember going to “Da Jia Le” when i was at HK & was quite pleasantly surprised to see one @ Guangzhou.


This is the number we got while we wait for our food to come! =)  88 which is a very good lucky number. Huat ah! Hee

After breakfast, it’s mostly shopping time at Beijing Road as they are open around 10.30-11am. Must not waste our precious time before we go for lunch.


This is where we went for lunch! =)  It’s located opposite “Yun Dong Cheng” & it’s recommended by Yingyi. Indeed we were all not disappointed. It’s simply delicious!!! =)


We had the chee cheong fun with prawns & beef fillings. Also order the “Zha Leong” as it’s suitable for my cousins who are vegetarians =)  My 4th aunt & i shared the mixed pork innards congee. The congee is nice & smooth but the innards can be kind of chewy.


We are all happy & satisfied customers!! =)


These yummilicious “Gao Lak” are bought by Yingyi’s grandma. Actually when we reach the chee cheong fun shop, she was eating & about to finish & she kindly gave up her seat & table for us =)  While we were eating, she came back with a packet of “Gao Lak” for us. So nice of her! =)


Saw this fat cat when we left the chee cheong fun shop.


Shopping today is good news for those who wants to shop for sports stuff =)  Especially for Haolin…. He was so delighted to be here!

This building & the sports shops along the same stretch offer really good choices =)

We also shop around the area & when we got hungry, Yingyi & Qirong brought us to Jusco to get something to eat.


And what i like about the Jusco here is that beside the supermarket, there’s also a cooked food section where you can get all sorts of choices =)

I like this concept! Can shop & eat @ the same time.


After a long day of shopping & walking around, it’s time for dinner & it’s another treat – this time by Yingyi’s dad’s friend.


What can i say & it’s another round of yummy food! =) 

And somehow there’s always some sort of entertainment & suddenly there’s music!


They actually have dancers who will invite the diners to dance with them. And my cousins were dragged in lah =)  Hee

It was pretty hilarious!

And before i end this post, i must mention about this dessert shop that we went to that’s near to our hotel.



We each order something to try & i must say it’s pretty yummy!


It was great to sit down & rest after a long day!

I was teasing Melissa that the colour of the bowl , spoon & dessert match with her outfit very much! Hee

And guess what picture i took when i went back to my hotel room??








Ok… I’m not good with the names of the shoes but is this called hyper dunks?? Anyway judging from the picture, i’m sure you can tell he’s very happy with his purchase =)

I was reminded of our 2008 Jan trip to Taiwan & he was having a good time buying sports shoes too! End up he even used the extra bag which i brought along! Haha =)

Day 3

Breakfast time & off we went to back for more chee cheong fun!! =)

And it’s more shopping today. If i remember correctly, Lester & his sister were looking for a pair of sports shoes =) 


When we are tired, it’s seems to be mostly Mac for a short break. I quite enjoy having the hot chocolate in the cold weather.



We also took the train that day to this shopping place but i’m bad at remembering names lah. Hee



Had a yummy lunch @ this place =)  And i had this very delicious seaweed salad & i actually wanted to order 1 more but sold out already! ={

I like my noodles too! Goes very well with the seaweed! =)


After lunch, all the young ones went to the arcade while i went shopping with my aunt. I manage to get this “Anna Sui” dress where i was told it was a factory reject so selling @ a hugely discounted price. But the dress is really lovely lah. My aunt also got herself a nice dress & i must say the quality is really not too bad


And when i’m hungry, i tends to get some “Yu Dan” to eat again =)

Dinner Time

Oh well… It’s another dinner treat & this time is by Yingyi’s aunt =)


Another round of many many dishes such as the huge bao & “Jiao Zhi”. Basically we really had a very good meal every night. Hee


We also had some fun taking pictures, pretending to be big boss! Haha. And i don’t know why i must give such a expression.


Shall end this post with a picture of me wearing my new head wear which i got earlier on in the day =)  Only cost SGD 4!! Luckily i got this with me as the weather starts to turn cold @ night


2 Responses to "My Guangzhou Trip – Day 2 & 3"

hey june, u look nice in the white knitted headgear! your guangzhou posts make me realize its not too bad a place afterall as i used to have reservations abt it, esp the food! 😉

Hi redrubberslippers,

Thanks for the compliments on my headgear!! =) I think my impression about Guangzhou was like you too but after this trip, i’m don’t mind going back again for a short trip! Hee

Anyway Happy CNY to u in advance! Enjoy your reunion dinner tmr night =)

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