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Tonight just went to my 大姑’s place for Baby Athan’s 1st month celebration =)

And here is the star of the night!


I love newborn babies but i can’t seems to carry them very well. Haha. Anyway he’s so adorable =)  And he was sleeping so soundly!


Isn’t this sweet =)  Do you know baby Athan was sleeping really well but when his sister Athena touch him, he just open his eyes lor =)  Very cute. When the rest of us touched/carry him, he simply ignore us or just carry on sleeping. Haha


And how can i not take pictures with my dear Athena!! =)  I really adore her & whenever she call me 姑姑, my heart just melts! Hee. She super cute lah.

And she’s like me…. Both of us like taking pictures & tonight she’s in a very good mood for picture taking!

Anyway she seems to have lost quite a bit of weight & earlier on in the day, she wasn’t feeling well too. Poor thing lah! Must take good care ok? Hugz

But no matter what, 姑姑 still love you lah cause in my eyes, you are always so adorable =)

By the way, i just went to trim my hair & i got a new fringe! Nice? =)


I just came back from Japan & somehow i seems to keep going for jap food when i’m back. Haha. Such a coincidence lah. Went to Edogawa @ Central recently & Himawari which was last sat =)

Anyway Jeremy was suggesting to meet up for dinner & somehow after going to Minori @ UE Square for his birthday celebration, he seems to like jap buffet a lot.

And so when my brother suggested Himawari, i thought why not! =)  I’ve been to Minori 2-3 times before & i wanted a change. Morever my brother & his friend Wayne (it was him who intro my bro to Himawari) came before & they strongly recommend it lor.


And i’m very glad we came here cause even though we pay a bit more but the quality & quantity of the food is much better lah (in my opinion).

Now it’s picture time! Don’t drool =)




Looks yummy right!! =)  Sorry if the pictures don’t look very clear as the place wasn’t very bright. I already to brighten the pcitures using photoscape =)

Anyway I really like the sashimi here. The salmon was so fresh + they were generous with the servings & it was quite a big slice of salmon & thickness was just nice!! =)

I also like it that they include sukiyaki & shabu shabu in their buffet.

If you like going for jap buffet, should give Himawari a try yah!!

By the way, i went to the Neil road branch & parking lots is available right next to the restaurant. I’m not sure is it due to the bad economy or the location, for a sat night (i reach @ 7.30pm) & there was still a lot of parking lots.

Neil Road Branch

114 Neil Road Singapore 088852

Business Hour: (Monday – Friday) 1130 – 1500, 1800 – 2230,

(Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) 1130 – 2230

Telephone: 64380925 

Alexandra Road Branch (Robatayaki)

991B Alexandra Road Blk 4 #01-08/09 Singapore 119970

(Opposite PSA Building)

Business Hour: 1130 – 1500, 1800 – 2300

Telephone: 62721110

SAFRA Mount Faber

2 Telok Blangah Way #01-10 Safra Mount Faber Singapore 098803

(Junction of Henderson Road and Telok Blangah Way)

Business Hour: (Monday – Friday) 1130 – 1500, 1730 – 2200, (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) 1130 – 2200

Telephone: 62787778 

A-La-Carte Buffet Price

Monday – Thursday / Friday – Sunday, Public Holidays Eve & Public Holidays

Per Adult: $30.80 ++ / $34.80 ++

Per Child * / Adult above 65: $20.80 ++


Monday – Thursday / Friday – Sunday, Public Holidays Eve & Public Holidays

Per Adult: $34.80 ++ / $38.80 ++

Per Child * / Adult above 65: $23.80 ++



And dinner, we still went on for desserts. Jeremy got cravings for ice cream but we couldn’t think of where to go so it’s off to Liang Seah St for desserts @ Ah Chew!


Don’t try the white one (i think it’s yam with sago) as it taste quite diluted & nothing special. Can’t go too wrong with mango sago & pomelo. As for the cold pulut hitam with ice cream, it taste suprisingly refreshing! =)  First time i tried cold pulut hitam & i like it!

I simply love such outing – great food with great company! By the way, i’m looking forward to Jeremy & Michelle’s wedding @ next year may =)  I’m gonna get involved & seems like i’m going to anticipate lots of fun during their wedding!!


On our way going to the carpark, we saw this & Jeremy decides to have some fun with it! Haha

Anyway many thanks to Jeremy for the dinner treat & to Jeannie, thanks for fetching us from home & back home =)

Due to a VERY last minute arrangement, i just went on a 5D4N Tokyo trip (12-16 Feb) with my bestie, her daughter, her mum & her sister.

I really confirmed my air ticket & left the next day. Never felt so rushed before. Haha

And while i’m really happy & excited, i also got very fustrated with the booking of air ticket. I don’t usually book the air ticket by myself so i was a bit 怕 & i was worried i will book the wrong timing or what ={  But i just had to go cause there was a reasonable price for the air ticket by Cathay but it involve a stop over @ HK which was not a problem thanks to Shirleen who offer free accomodation @ her place =)

But i’m glad everything went well & i’m proud to say i handle everything pretty well. Thanks to my bro help when i need any =)  Hugz.

As for the trip, since we were travelling with a kid (penelopy came along too), i was prepared to miss a few places of interest as it can be quite hard with a kid around. But i just want to experience the Japan culture , look look see see & get more info , eat & shop.

And my conclusion – I WILL BE BACK JAPAN!!! =)  It’s really a nice place. Like the food , interesting snacks & products & i like the shrine & temple we went to (half day tour). I hope to go to Hokkaido for my next trip.

Will update slowly when i got the time =)

I believe many of you may have been to Astons countless times but recently i finally got to go for the FIRST time to try out the food =)

They now have a new branch @  Sembawang Shopping Centre. So my brother who was very nice to me decides to bring me out for lunch!


Well the steak taste pretty alright but i ask for medium well & it turns out to be medium rare ={   But it’s still acceptable for me as i manage to finish it. As the waiting time can take quite a while so i didn’t want to complain as i was really hungry.

As for the side dish, i opt for coleslaw & pasta salad. I like the coleslaw but the pasta salad can get quite starchy after a while.

And according to my brother, the portion of the steak seems to have shrink accordingly to the recession. Haha. Anyway i don’t mind coming back here if i’m nearby as the price is reasonable.

But i would like to go to the katong branch & see if the standard of the food will be better a not. Always only got the chance to drive pass the area & there’s always a long queue

  • Astons Specialities
  • Sembawang Shopping Centre #03-14
  • Tel: 6753 6302

We decide to shop around since we are there. Nothing much until we reach level 1 & i saw DAISO!!!!! =)

I enjoyed going to such shops & just walked around & see if i can get anything.


I really want to share this product with everyone =)

See the bottom right picture?? It’s a sponge cleaner & i use it to clean my Ettusais powder puff & it does a very good job! Thanks to a friend’s blog (Silver) who was recommending this product too. Just that it’s always out of stock @ other outlets so i’m very happy when i saw it @ this new branch!

Basically the newly built Sembawang Shopping Centre just look new lah. I find that nothing much to see & shop. Most probably i will go back only for Daiso & have my meal there @ the same time lor =)

Finally got a Daiso branch that’s nearer to my place!!! Yeah! Haha

7th Feb’09 (Sat)

Today is my 四姑 birthday & i would like to wish her good health & stay 美美 always!! =)


Recently arranged to have lunch with my 四姑 (birthday treat) & Xin Lian (farewell lunch cum advance b-day treat) @ Blue Basil.

For those who follow my blog may have seen my post on Blue Basil before. If you like lamb, you have to try the lamb shoulder rack. Personally i like it & that’s one of the reason why i brought my 四姑 here =)

Now let me show you what we had for lunch!

By the way, for all your grills items @ Blue Basil, you can choose your Grills Accompaniments of 1 Vegetable , 1 Starch , 1 Sauce


My 四姑 had this & she had the broccoli , mashed potatoes & peppery espagnole for the sauce. This is the combination that i had the other time so i suggest it to my 四姑.

I’m glad she likes it =)

As for me & Xin Lian, we opt for fish!


My choice =)  It’s a nice & healthy dish! The fish can be quite bland but with the blue basil pesto sauce (recommended by the staff) which compliment the fish pretty well, makes it a nice dish!

And i keep putting a layer of the creamy mashed potato with the fish & sauce! Quite nice leh.


Xin Lian’s choice! I tried a bit & i smile =)  It has a nice sweet taste. Those who like salmon may like the one they serve here. By the way, the staff also recommend blue basil sauce for this dish =)

After lunch, we proceed on to CK Tangs (12% rebate) for some shopping. I need a make up base & i’m glad to find something i like + within my budget from Mac! =)

And after shopping, it’s tea break time & off we go to Coffee Bean! Luckily we manage to go for coffee so i can plan a surprise for my 四姑! Haha.

After asking them for the drinks they want, my 四姑 ask got any nice cake a not & i was so delighted to hear that! I know she likes carrot cake so i ask if she’s keen to try the ones @ Coffee Bean! =)


Ta Dah!!!! Not too bad ba =)  I decorate the cake with mini M & M’s chocolates! Personally i like cake for birthday lah! Especially after a heavy meal, 1 whole cake can be too much if you go with small group of people so a slice of  nicely decorated cake can be a good idea too!!


Hope you like what i’ve planned for you & may your wish comes true!! =)

To Xin Lian – Hope you enjoy this meal & i wish you all the best in your studies & i hope to visit you @ Melbourne. You be my tour guide lah! Hee

  • Blue Basil
  • 56 Cairnhill Road
  • S’pore 229667
  • Tel: 6737 8770


27th Jan’09 (Tue)

Everytime on the 2nd day of CNY, we will go to my 外婆 house to 拜年 =)


Such a coincidence! Both my mum & i realised we are in pink tops after we got changed.


This year seems to be kind of quiet @ my 外婆 house as not all could make it @ the same time. But it’s still nice to see some of my cousins , chat a bit & take some pictures.

As for the rest of the week, manage to meet up with some friends for a meal to do some catching up!

28th Jan’09 (Wed)


On the 3rd day, i went over to my bestie’s mum place for dinner & 拜年. It’s always nice to chat with Phy’s mum who’s very easy going. And many thanks for preparing such a nice dinner (Phy helped too), the red packet & the red wine!

And of course it’s great to be able to see my bestie & Penelopy! And what makes me happy that day was that she knows how to call me “God Ma” already! =) 

But she was kind of “sticky” to me that day. When i reach, she was about to sleep after taking the flu medicine but she insist to have me & Phy sleep with her on the bed & within 5 mins, she close her eyes! Haha

Then when comes to her dinner, she wants me to feed & i was quite proud of myself as i manage to finish feeding her the whole bowl of porridge =)

Little Penelopy always like to give me all kinds of surprises everytime i see her! Hugz

29th Jan’09 (Thurs)


Arranged to meet @ Xin Wang HK Cafe (Northpoint new extension) for lunch & when we see each other, we started laughing! Both in pink!! =)

It was great to see her & luckily we met earlier & manage to get a nice seat @ the side =)  Love the picture that we took! Nice colour contrast.

I myself haven’t been to Xin Wang for a long time & today i try the “Black Pepper Chicken Chop Spaghetti” & i really think it’s not bad. The chicken chop was tender & i like the black pepper sauce! =)


Hope she like what i got for her!! =)  And thanks for the red packet lah! Hee

30th Jan’09 (Fri)

 Arranged lunch with my family, aunts & cousins for a farewell lunch as Haolin is leaving the next day!



Look @ the choices!! A lot to choose. And on the bottom picture is where you can order “Yong Tau Fu” (on the right hand side of the stall).


This is what i had. I quite enjoyed it as i like the minced meat sauce =)


We cousins shared the Cereal Prawns! =)  Not too bad when you eat it while it’s hot & i super like the cereal bits. Yummy!!

Didn’t take pictures of what the others eat as there was quite a lot of us =)

But they have a lot of variety for vegetarian food here & taste wise is pretty ok so can take a look lah.

  • Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Blk 501 Hougang Ave 8 #01-630
  • Tel: 6387 2053

After lunch, went to AMK Hub jalan a bit & have coffee with my 4th aunt & the rest who are going for movie.

At about 2.45pm, those who are going for movie went off , Gladys went home & off i go to friends’ house for visiting =)

1st Stop @ Magdelene’s House

Since 1 week later (6th Feb’09) will be her birthday, i wanted to get her something to surprise her! =)

As my hands were full of stuff that day, i wasn’t keen to get a cake & while i was @ Raffles City, i saw something very suitable  =)


Nice ba!! =)  And i like how they mix the colour for me. And for $19.90, i think it’s quite reasonable as box is provided too.


 I’m always happy to see Sarah but somehow when i take picture with her, she don’t smile leh. Then when i start playing with her, that’s when she smile happily! Haha.

Anyway time flies & she be turning 1 soon in May!

The day ended with dinner & “ban luck” session @ Lisi’s place but no pictures are taken. Talking about “ban luck”, i was winning initially but the moment Jenson sat down, i start to lose!!! *sobsob*

31st Jan’09 (Sat)

My dad’s company dinner was held @ Jumbo , SGCC.

Food was alright. Standards seems to have drop don’t know since when but somehow my dad likes coming here. Maybe due to the location??


But the Chilli Crabs here are still pretty good! I love it with the Mantou lah =)

By the way, there’s something really funny which i must mention.


Well see the arrow which is pointing to the lady! It’s one of the new staff & she’s from China. It’s good if you enjoy singing (which i think she does) but it comes to nice singing, not from her lah. Haha.

I think most of us were giggling ( you really have to hear her sing lah). Then my brother, his gf & i were telling each other how much we prefer our own gatherings where the cousins (Gladys, Wayne & Andy) sing so much better.

But must give this china lady some credits too. She was saying something auspicious to everyone everytime she starts/end a song! Haha


And before we go home, i got my family to take a family picture together as we didn’t get a chance to take any during the first few days of CNY.


Well we were trying to be funny lah! Haha.

Rest a while , got changed & off i go out again.



I first went to visit Indy (my cousin’s wife) & her newborn baby boy! Haven’t seen a newborn baby for quite some time & he’s so cute lah =) 

And i must say if you can afford it & prefer some privacy, do stay in a those 1 person room. So much better after seeing the one @ Gleneagles & Thomson Medical.

As i stayed for quite a while & when they were serving dinner, Indy asked if i want to have it as she has her own food cooked by her mum. But she still get the hospital food so those who came to visit her, can have it if they want.


As i was getting hungry too & since it’s mee rebus, i decide to try it. Not bad leh =)  And i get a free dinner.

Well that’s about all for my CNY. There will be 1 more gathering @ my 4th aunt’s place tomorrow. More food & “Ban Luck” again! =)

Hope everyone enjoyed this year CNY!!

Tonight my full attention will go to TOTO as it’s the 10 million draw! Huat ah! =)  Wish me luck! Hee

Hi everyone =)  Happy 牛 Year & hope you all are enjoying yourselves!

Before i forget, i better blog about how i spent my CNY before it’s over! Hee

25th Jan’09 (Sun) – CNY Eve


I always love to have reunion dinner with my family & i get to enjoy yummy steamboat!!! Yeah….

I love my mummy fried bee hoon & all the 好料 that we be having =)

But most importantly is i get to enjoy it with my loved ones!

Usually all my other aunts & their family will arrive @ around 8+ onwards & it start to get “noisy” with all the well wishes, giving ang bao, chit chatting.

A session of “Ban Luck” is a must especially for my grandma cause she super love it lah =)

And there will always be a 2nd round of steamboat for everyone!! I simply like such occasions where all have lots of fun with great food & do some catching up together =)

26th Jan’09 (Mon) – CNY Day 1


This year we didn’t do any visiting as my 2nd aunt who stayed with us passed away last year. And also my grandma is getting old & a little blur so we thought it’s a good idea if we stayed @ home with her =)

But it’s still nice to be @ home this year & all helped to entertain the guests.

But most fun part is when all my aunts & their family arrived to 拜年 to my grandma! =)  And that’s when the photo taking begins….




I really like the all cousins picture (bottom picture) but it be more complete with Qirong around =)  I hope you will stay for next year CNY lah.

Next is the individual family photo taking =)




After taking all the pictures, they had to continue with other visiting before they come over to my place to have dinner =)

And what do we do when everyone reach my place????


Well it’s an activity which we all love & must do for every CNY!!! =)   My ah ma will turn VERY energetic when comes to this =)  Haha.


Thanks to my mummy who is so busy every year preparing yummy food for everyone =)

And one thing which i personally like it very much is to have Yu Sheng with everyone! I like to eat it & i enjoy the part where everyone “Luo Hei” together!! Very fun =)


Thanks to my brother who helped to get the “Yu Sheng”. This year we got it from Dragon Phoenix Restaurant =)

Hope everyone will Huat ah & let’s aim for this friday TOTO 10 million!!! Haha =)


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