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Off For Kangoo Jump Again!!

Posted on: February 2, 2009

Well i had a pretty good experience during my first attempt, i decide to organize a 2nd one with my cousins again since this time Qirong is back for a visit too =)

But first we went for lunch @ Marine Parade Central for some fusion vegetarian cuisine.


The interior



I order a laksa for myself & i thought it’s so so only. But the baked rice (is it mutton something) is good according to my cousin =)  I quite like the pasta even though it’s a bit bland.

  • North South East West
  • Blk 89 Marine Parade Central #01-750
  • S’pore 440089
  • Tel: 8100 0049

After lunch, we didn’t go for kangoo jump immediately as we went to Parkway Parade to walk around first.


And we stop for some ice cream!! It’s really nice & i quite enjoy the sesame flavour one =)

As it will take quite a while to walk over to East Coast for the Kangoo Jump, we left parkway parade after finishing the ice cream.


I like how Qirong pose in this picture! So cute lah =)

As for me, i was still scared during the initial stage (AGAIN)!!! And i had to get someone to hold my arm first before i stablize after a while. Haha


This time we opt for the 1 hour one. Compared to the 1/2 hour one which we tried the other time, i think 1/2 hour would be enough. Cause due to the hot weather, it can be really tiring.

But overall it was still fun with all the cousins =)


As usual, everyone will be VERY thirsty & off we went to Old Town for drinks!

And we end the day with more drinks before we leave marine parade!


I didn’t drink as i was very full already but i’ve tried it a few times already =)

My cousins love it!!!

If you are a fan of bubble tea, do try Koi Cafe one!


2 Responses to "Off For Kangoo Jump Again!!"

I always see ppl hopping ard whenever i went roller blading…and they hop faster than i blade…

is it fun?

Well…. For me, i find it quite fun lah! =) Plus i don’t know how to roller blade so this is a good alternative for me. Hee

Perhaps you can give it a try! The rental is $8 for 1/2 hour & $10 for 1 hour. But if you are trying it for the first time, take the 1/2 hour one.

It was pretty tiring when i did it for 1 hour. Haha

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