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7 Sensations , Fish Spa & Island Creamery

Posted on: February 3, 2009

A day before Qirong flew back to New Zealand, i treated her to a meal @ 7 Sensations =)  Discover this place from a friend’s blog so i sms her for the address! Thanks Jean for replying me yah. Hee


In the above picture is the Avocado & Mango Salad! There seems to be more mango than avocado but i really like the dressing that they used =) 


The Popiah is a must try item! =)  Really nice especially with the chilli sauce & the crispy thingy makes it extra yummy!!

The above 2 items are shared among the 6 of us (Haolin, Qirong, their dad, Xin Lian, Lester & Me)

And the following are what we tried so enjoy viewing the pictures! =) 






I myself had the Shanghai Noodles & i must say it’s nice but portion is too much for me. They were rather generous with both noodles & the ingredients. Taste wise, the noodles is smooth & i like the chilli that they give! Really quite shiok =)

Haolin had the Mousaka. Part of the reason why i choose to come to 7 Sensations is because of this dish. He had it @ Original Sin (HV) & he loves it =)  I hope the version @ 7 Sensations didn’t disappoint him.

I thought the baked rice seems rather interesting. It’s actually fried rice (if i remember correctly) then they baked it.

I quite like the food here & i won’t mind coming back to try other dishes.

  • 7 Sensations
  • 16 Madras Street
  • Tel: 6298 8198

And the day didn’t end after lunch! We went for fish spa @ Kampong Fish Therapy located @ Sixth Avenue (thanks to Xin Lian).


I was kind of excited to try out the fish spa but as i got some skin allergy so not advisable to do it lor ={

But turns out i got a chance to take some pictures for everyone =)

Qirong was so cute as she finds it very ticklish & she was like laughing quite a lot initially. Wahahaha!

And the fishes ♥ my 5th 姑姑 hubby’s feet!! All “attack” his feet lah (almost ignoring the rest…. Hee) 

I hope i get to try it one day when my legs get better as it looks really fun!

And before we leave Bukit Timah, my 5th 姑姑 hubby treated us to ice cream @ Island Creamery =)

It’s my 2nd time here & this time i tried the ReversO (can’t really remember the spelling) & i love it. Chocolate flavour is rather intense!! Yummy =)

To Qirong : Hope you enjoyed yourself that day. It was a great day out with everyone with great food & fun =)  Come back for a visit soon & i hope to visit you @ NZ too. Hugz!


4 Responses to "7 Sensations , Fish Spa & Island Creamery"

Hi June,

Glad u like 7 Sensations. I just went again last week and had some diff dishes…will update it on my blog soon…

next time i shall try the Shanghai noodles..i tried the Hong Shao La Mian b4 and the portion was so huge I couldn’t fin either….

how come u nvr try their cakes?? they had really delicious ones!

Hi Jean =) We were all too full to try the cakes lah! Hee. Since you recommend, i’ll try it on my next visit.

i personally like their brownie cheesecake, and its an eggless cake..

another one which i tried was the raspberry choc cake…quite yummy as well… =)

Hey Jean, Thanks for the recommendation!! Will try it on my next visit =)

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