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Chinese 牛 Year 2009 – Part 2

Posted on: February 6, 2009

27th Jan’09 (Tue)

Everytime on the 2nd day of CNY, we will go to my 外婆 house to 拜年 =)


Such a coincidence! Both my mum & i realised we are in pink tops after we got changed.


This year seems to be kind of quiet @ my 外婆 house as not all could make it @ the same time. But it’s still nice to see some of my cousins , chat a bit & take some pictures.

As for the rest of the week, manage to meet up with some friends for a meal to do some catching up!

28th Jan’09 (Wed)


On the 3rd day, i went over to my bestie’s mum place for dinner & 拜年. It’s always nice to chat with Phy’s mum who’s very easy going. And many thanks for preparing such a nice dinner (Phy helped too), the red packet & the red wine!

And of course it’s great to be able to see my bestie & Penelopy! And what makes me happy that day was that she knows how to call me “God Ma” already! =) 

But she was kind of “sticky” to me that day. When i reach, she was about to sleep after taking the flu medicine but she insist to have me & Phy sleep with her on the bed & within 5 mins, she close her eyes! Haha

Then when comes to her dinner, she wants me to feed & i was quite proud of myself as i manage to finish feeding her the whole bowl of porridge =)

Little Penelopy always like to give me all kinds of surprises everytime i see her! Hugz

29th Jan’09 (Thurs)


Arranged to meet @ Xin Wang HK Cafe (Northpoint new extension) for lunch & when we see each other, we started laughing! Both in pink!! =)

It was great to see her & luckily we met earlier & manage to get a nice seat @ the side =)  Love the picture that we took! Nice colour contrast.

I myself haven’t been to Xin Wang for a long time & today i try the “Black Pepper Chicken Chop Spaghetti” & i really think it’s not bad. The chicken chop was tender & i like the black pepper sauce! =)


Hope she like what i got for her!! =)  And thanks for the red packet lah! Hee

30th Jan’09 (Fri)

 Arranged lunch with my family, aunts & cousins for a farewell lunch as Haolin is leaving the next day!



Look @ the choices!! A lot to choose. And on the bottom picture is where you can order “Yong Tau Fu” (on the right hand side of the stall).


This is what i had. I quite enjoyed it as i like the minced meat sauce =)


We cousins shared the Cereal Prawns! =)  Not too bad when you eat it while it’s hot & i super like the cereal bits. Yummy!!

Didn’t take pictures of what the others eat as there was quite a lot of us =)

But they have a lot of variety for vegetarian food here & taste wise is pretty ok so can take a look lah.

  • Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Blk 501 Hougang Ave 8 #01-630
  • Tel: 6387 2053

After lunch, went to AMK Hub jalan a bit & have coffee with my 4th aunt & the rest who are going for movie.

At about 2.45pm, those who are going for movie went off , Gladys went home & off i go to friends’ house for visiting =)

1st Stop @ Magdelene’s House

Since 1 week later (6th Feb’09) will be her birthday, i wanted to get her something to surprise her! =)

As my hands were full of stuff that day, i wasn’t keen to get a cake & while i was @ Raffles City, i saw something very suitable  =)


Nice ba!! =)  And i like how they mix the colour for me. And for $19.90, i think it’s quite reasonable as box is provided too.


 I’m always happy to see Sarah but somehow when i take picture with her, she don’t smile leh. Then when i start playing with her, that’s when she smile happily! Haha.

Anyway time flies & she be turning 1 soon in May!

The day ended with dinner & “ban luck” session @ Lisi’s place but no pictures are taken. Talking about “ban luck”, i was winning initially but the moment Jenson sat down, i start to lose!!! *sobsob*

31st Jan’09 (Sat)

My dad’s company dinner was held @ Jumbo , SGCC.

Food was alright. Standards seems to have drop don’t know since when but somehow my dad likes coming here. Maybe due to the location??


But the Chilli Crabs here are still pretty good! I love it with the Mantou lah =)

By the way, there’s something really funny which i must mention.


Well see the arrow which is pointing to the lady! It’s one of the new staff & she’s from China. It’s good if you enjoy singing (which i think she does) but it comes to nice singing, not from her lah. Haha.

I think most of us were giggling ( you really have to hear her sing lah). Then my brother, his gf & i were telling each other how much we prefer our own gatherings where the cousins (Gladys, Wayne & Andy) sing so much better.

But must give this china lady some credits too. She was saying something auspicious to everyone everytime she starts/end a song! Haha


And before we go home, i got my family to take a family picture together as we didn’t get a chance to take any during the first few days of CNY.


Well we were trying to be funny lah! Haha.

Rest a while , got changed & off i go out again.



I first went to visit Indy (my cousin’s wife) & her newborn baby boy! Haven’t seen a newborn baby for quite some time & he’s so cute lah =) 

And i must say if you can afford it & prefer some privacy, do stay in a those 1 person room. So much better after seeing the one @ Gleneagles & Thomson Medical.

As i stayed for quite a while & when they were serving dinner, Indy asked if i want to have it as she has her own food cooked by her mum. But she still get the hospital food so those who came to visit her, can have it if they want.


As i was getting hungry too & since it’s mee rebus, i decide to try it. Not bad leh =)  And i get a free dinner.

Well that’s about all for my CNY. There will be 1 more gathering @ my 4th aunt’s place tomorrow. More food & “Ban Luck” again! =)

Hope everyone enjoyed this year CNY!!

Tonight my full attention will go to TOTO as it’s the 10 million draw! Huat ah! =)  Wish me luck! Hee


2 Responses to "Chinese 牛 Year 2009 – Part 2"

baby ethan is really cute!

Thanks Basti =) I guess all newborn babies are cute! Hee.

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