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Happy Birthday 四姑!!

Posted on: February 7, 2009

7th Feb’09 (Sat)

Today is my 四姑 birthday & i would like to wish her good health & stay 美美 always!! =)


Recently arranged to have lunch with my 四姑 (birthday treat) & Xin Lian (farewell lunch cum advance b-day treat) @ Blue Basil.

For those who follow my blog may have seen my post on Blue Basil before. If you like lamb, you have to try the lamb shoulder rack. Personally i like it & that’s one of the reason why i brought my 四姑 here =)

Now let me show you what we had for lunch!

By the way, for all your grills items @ Blue Basil, you can choose your Grills Accompaniments of 1 Vegetable , 1 Starch , 1 Sauce


My 四姑 had this & she had the broccoli , mashed potatoes & peppery espagnole for the sauce. This is the combination that i had the other time so i suggest it to my 四姑.

I’m glad she likes it =)

As for me & Xin Lian, we opt for fish!


My choice =)  It’s a nice & healthy dish! The fish can be quite bland but with the blue basil pesto sauce (recommended by the staff) which compliment the fish pretty well, makes it a nice dish!

And i keep putting a layer of the creamy mashed potato with the fish & sauce! Quite nice leh.


Xin Lian’s choice! I tried a bit & i smile =)  It has a nice sweet taste. Those who like salmon may like the one they serve here. By the way, the staff also recommend blue basil sauce for this dish =)

After lunch, we proceed on to CK Tangs (12% rebate) for some shopping. I need a make up base & i’m glad to find something i like + within my budget from Mac! =)

And after shopping, it’s tea break time & off we go to Coffee Bean! Luckily we manage to go for coffee so i can plan a surprise for my 四姑! Haha.

After asking them for the drinks they want, my 四姑 ask got any nice cake a not & i was so delighted to hear that! I know she likes carrot cake so i ask if she’s keen to try the ones @ Coffee Bean! =)


Ta Dah!!!! Not too bad ba =)  I decorate the cake with mini M & M’s chocolates! Personally i like cake for birthday lah! Especially after a heavy meal, 1 whole cake can be too much if you go with small group of people so a slice of  nicely decorated cake can be a good idea too!!


Hope you like what i’ve planned for you & may your wish comes true!! =)

To Xin Lian – Hope you enjoy this meal & i wish you all the best in your studies & i hope to visit you @ Melbourne. You be my tour guide lah! Hee

  • Blue Basil
  • 56 Cairnhill Road
  • S’pore 229667
  • Tel: 6737 8770



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