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Posted on: February 9, 2009

I believe many of you may have been to Astons countless times but recently i finally got to go for the FIRST time to try out the food =)

They now have a new branch @  Sembawang Shopping Centre. So my brother who was very nice to me decides to bring me out for lunch!


Well the steak taste pretty alright but i ask for medium well & it turns out to be medium rare ={   But it’s still acceptable for me as i manage to finish it. As the waiting time can take quite a while so i didn’t want to complain as i was really hungry.

As for the side dish, i opt for coleslaw & pasta salad. I like the coleslaw but the pasta salad can get quite starchy after a while.

And according to my brother, the portion of the steak seems to have shrink accordingly to the recession. Haha. Anyway i don’t mind coming back here if i’m nearby as the price is reasonable.

But i would like to go to the katong branch & see if the standard of the food will be better a not. Always only got the chance to drive pass the area & there’s always a long queue

  • Astons Specialities
  • Sembawang Shopping Centre #03-14
  • Tel: 6753 6302

We decide to shop around since we are there. Nothing much until we reach level 1 & i saw DAISO!!!!! =)

I enjoyed going to such shops & just walked around & see if i can get anything.


I really want to share this product with everyone =)

See the bottom right picture?? It’s a sponge cleaner & i use it to clean my Ettusais powder puff & it does a very good job! Thanks to a friend’s blog (Silver) who was recommending this product too. Just that it’s always out of stock @ other outlets so i’m very happy when i saw it @ this new branch!

Basically the newly built Sembawang Shopping Centre just look new lah. I find that nothing much to see & shop. Most probably i will go back only for Daiso & have my meal there @ the same time lor =)

Finally got a Daiso branch that’s nearer to my place!!! Yeah! Haha


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