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I’m Back From Tokyo , Japan!

Posted on: February 21, 2009

Due to a VERY last minute arrangement, i just went on a 5D4N Tokyo trip (12-16 Feb) with my bestie, her daughter, her mum & her sister.

I really confirmed my air ticket & left the next day. Never felt so rushed before. Haha

And while i’m really happy & excited, i also got very fustrated with the booking of air ticket. I don’t usually book the air ticket by myself so i was a bit 怕 & i was worried i will book the wrong timing or what ={  But i just had to go cause there was a reasonable price for the air ticket by Cathay but it involve a stop over @ HK which was not a problem thanks to Shirleen who offer free accomodation @ her place =)

But i’m glad everything went well & i’m proud to say i handle everything pretty well. Thanks to my bro help when i need any =)  Hugz.

As for the trip, since we were travelling with a kid (penelopy came along too), i was prepared to miss a few places of interest as it can be quite hard with a kid around. But i just want to experience the Japan culture , look look see see & get more info , eat & shop.

And my conclusion – I WILL BE BACK JAPAN!!! =)  It’s really a nice place. Like the food , interesting snacks & products & i like the shrine & temple we went to (half day tour). I hope to go to Hokkaido for my next trip.

Will update slowly when i got the time =)


7 Responses to "I’m Back From Tokyo , Japan!"

haha next time we can go together i really miss japan!!!

Hey babe,

I’ve created a weblog for charmaine. Pls help me by spreading the url to pple u know. Thanx a lot!

Qirong – Yes, let’s plan a Japan trip together! I miss Japan already. Hee =)

Jolene – Hey, i’m now going to write a new post regarding Charmaine’s condition on my blog now. I hope can get more support from more people yah.

hi june… may i noe whether we need a visa to enter guangzhou?

Hi Jane,
We don’t need a visa to enter Guangzhou. U going soon? =) Have a good trip yah

great, thanks june..! btw the cabs over there are they allowed to take max 4 passengers as well? weve gt 5 of us in total -_-

I’m not sure abt the cab thingy coz i travel with 6-8 people so we always spilt into 2 cabs.
Sorry… Can’t help you with this

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