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One thing i like about Yong Tau Foo is that you get to choose the ingredients & the kind of noodles that you like. I usually go for the dry version! Of course i enjoy drinking the soup too but can ask for refill if i want more =)

So recently when i was out for lunch with my 2 aunts & grandma, my 4th aunt suggest going to Lucky Plaza for Yong Tau Foo! I’ve heard my aunts mention about this place before. I myself haven’t try it so i’m glad i came for lunch today! Hee.


Business is really good! But they are quite organized, once you place your order, you wait a while & once there’s available seats, they will start preparing your food =) 


I’m happy with what i see. Everything is neatly arranged & look very fresh! I happily pick what i want


These are strongly recommended by my 4th aunt so i took one & try first.

The conclusion – I end up “tapao” 20 back! =)  It make a nice snack on its own too. But i thought it’s a bit ex @ 50 cents each.


I like the Yong Tau Foo here! =)  The amount of the sweet sauce & chilli sauce was just nice & it’s also “chap” enough. Not too dry & i don’t need to put any soup in.

I’m not sure how much mine cost as it’s a treat from my 4th aunt. But on average should be $3 – 4+ per bowl depending on how many items you choose.

I didn’t take note of the unit number but it’s on level 6 of Lucky Plaza. Just look out for the crowd =)


Last night i went to Metro Paragon for the 20% sale as i REALLY need to STOCK up on my skincare products!

It was just a few hours (6-11pm) event for last night only & it’s for Metro & UOB cardholders. When i received the sms from Metro, i was delighted & yet sian @ the same time. I’m happy that there’s finally a sale & i can replenish my items but i hate such few hours event cause the crowd is usually quite horrendous. I was really tempted to take a picture to show you how the crowd is like (if you have not been to any Metro sale yet).

I’m thankful that i got all the numbers of the counters (brands that i use) so i could call up in advance to reserve. At least on the actual day, i don’t have to queue for my items (minus 1 queue for me) which sometimes can get quite long too depending on which brand.


Anyway after close to 1 hour in the queue for cashier, i finally get to make my payment! I didn’t really take note of the time but i end up chatting with this lady behind me & she told me we were in the queue for about that long!

For this sale, they were giving out some freebies & i was very keen in a pair of Cathay movie pass (min $150 in 1 receipt to redeem for the 1st 100 Metro members) but judging from the crowd, i know the hopes of getting it was not high. So after payment, i walked to the customer service counter & see what else i can get.

I remember there were express manicure, 10 mins shoulder & back massge & $5  Starbucks voucher.


Well it’s not too bad & i can go for my favourite drink @ Starbucks – Green Tea Latte! =) 

Initially i wanted to go to Starbucks @ Paragon after the sale but i wanted to eat something too & it was so crowded everywhere.

So i walked around & finally decided on Orange Julius as there was a table available! =)



When you are tired & hungry, everything seems to taste nice. Haha! But it’s a nice yet simple meal =)  Actually i wasn’t too sure what was the drink. I was really tired & didn’t look much @ the menu. So when i saw can top up $2+ to get a small Julius Original, i just took it. But it’s really refreshing!!

And this is only my 2nd time to Orange Julius (1st time was just getting a drink @ the Taka branch & it was so long ago). I guess i be coming back for more if i want a quick meal!

By the way, just want to share something with everyone.


I got this free gift – a  Foldable Bag Hook from Ettusais & it’s such a good practical item to have. Just nice i got the chance to test it @ Orange Julius as i have no place to put my bag.


I myself already got 1 bag hook (above picture – love the floral prints) in my bag. I got it @ Narita airport during  my recent Tokyo trip =)  I like this as well, just that Ettusais one is broader so it’s good if the handle of your bag is thick.

Anyway after dinner, i had to walk to the mrt station & it was kind of tiring with the heavy stuff. But i made it & i was so happy when i got into the train! Hee. And there was this girl (13 years old) who really make me smile =)

I can’t remember she board from which station but we got off together @ Yio Chu Kang. It was @ AMK station where a lot of people were boarding/alighting so i ask her to move in more as the passengers kept knocking into her.

It was a simple thing to me but i guess she really appreciate what i did =)  We chatted a bit when we were taking the escalator down & before she walked off to the interchange, she said “谢谢你 ,bye bye , 晚安 & 路上小心! I thought she was so sweet & polite =)  And when i looked back @ her, she kept waving @ me! Hee.

Althought it was tiring for me @ the sale but it ended in a very sweet way! =) 

28th March’09


Today is my dad’s birthday! =)  And he’s off to Genting this morning with my mum for a short trip. Wish him lots of luck @ the casino & have a enjoyable trip!

Once again… Happy Birthday DAD!!

Last night had an early celebration for my dad’s birthday as he won’t be in Singapore on the actual day =)

My brother who came here recently find the food pretty good so he suggested to have dinner here.



There’s actually 2 levels but since my grandma was with us, we took the downstairs seats. It’s not a very big area but i find it ok, quite cosy with all the appropriate decorations.

We let my brother decide what to have for dinner since he’s more familiar with the menu =)


I like the mutton rendang here. Very tender but i find it a bit cold when they serve it.


This is POWER!! I can feel it burning away my fats! Haha.


This is a very interesting dish! Upper part is otah & the bottom layer is fish =)  This is quite shiok – spiciness level was just right. But if you can’t take spicy stuff, be careful lah. I think it’s the otah that’s spicy ( i usually judge by my bro’s gf Angeline reaction.. Hee).


Seems like Cumi Bali has really interesting dishes! The Tahu Telor here looks different from the other indonesian restaurant, looks more like fried egg! Taste wise, it’s not bad but i still prefer the original look & taste (i’m more into the fried version) of Tahu Telor.


Can’t go too wrong with this dish! =)  Goes well with rice.


I like the satay!! Chicken was very tender & i love the sweet sauce =)  And the portion was quite big – 2 person can share 1 stick! But my dad didn’t quite like the sweet sauce though. Hee!


They did this dish well here. The texture of the squid was just nice & the sauce is great!


One of my favourite item! =)  Sometimes i like to buy this & eat it on its own.


I’m actually not a big fan of Chendol but everyone including myself like the ones @ Cumi Bali. I don’t find it too sweet too =)

Overall it was a good meal & the price is quite reasonable. It cost about $107 for 8 dishes (there were 6 of us).

Portions seems to be pretty big too as we had to “tapao” 1 stick of satay & some bbq squid home. But my bro says maybe depends on who’s cooking cause when he came recently, he finds the portion smaller!

  • Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant
  • 66 Tanjong Pagar Road
  • S’pore 088487
  • Tel: 6220 6619

Last month both my brother & i accompany my dad for his physiotherapy. And when he’s done, we went for dinner together & my dad got cravings for indonesian food. Initially i was thinking of Garuda @ Cairnhill but my dad thought may need to walk quite a bit. Then i thought of the one @ the basement of Paragon!

Since it’s a weekday night, quite easy to find a parking lot near the entrance =)  Take the escalator up & we are near the restaurant.


Well nothing too memorable here. But personally i like the Tahu Telor! It’s  really tasty but can get kind of oily. Hee! And there was this sweet sauce – i think it came with the Tahu Telor. I find it good & goes well with the food =) We even request for extra servings!

  • Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant
  • Paragon #B1-47
  • Tel: 6733 2220


Sembawang area can be a food haven & it’s not too far from my house so it’s a plus point =)

And i think it was last month, i came here for lunch with my aunts, grandma & cousin. I remember it was a pretty hot day!! Anyway it’s my 2nd time to 再来.

Let’s see what we have eaten that day!


One thing i like about the Curry Fish Head here is that the taste is just right! I personally don’t find it spicy so i think it’s a good neutral dish for everyone =)  The fish head is fresh too & i simply love the gravy – sweet & sour taste! Very apperizing!!


The Roast Chicken is a decent dish. It’s tender enough & it’s not bloody! Hee. But it’s the blacan chilli that has the WOW factor! =)  Really good & goes well with the food.


This is a “can’t go wrong” dish. Most of the time, it’s done pretty ok. I like “Fang Shu Ye” as it’s goes well with rice.


I was told this is one of their signature dish. It’s simpe comfort food lah & i like both tofu & prawns!

The whole meal was quite reasonable. There were 5 of us & we had lime juice too + all the above dishes = $40+.

It’s a place which i don’t mind coming back once in a while =)

  • Chye Lye Restaurant (opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre)
  • 1 Jalan Legundi (off Sembawang Road)
  • S’pore 759263
  • Tel: 6257 1396

Yesterday was a busy day for me – had to go to quite a few places! =)

First stop i went over to Cynthia’s place to pass some stuff to her. As she was out, i passed it to her dad instead! Got Charmaine 2 tops , chocolates for Jase & chicken essence for Cynthia’s mum. I just got to know that her mum got a stroke recently ={   Poor Cynthia… One ordeal after another. I hope that’s enough for her & i wish Cynthia’s mum & Charmaine a speedy recovery. God bless them!

Anyway thanks to my brother for the Eu Yan Sang chicken essence =)  Recently he got a whole carton of it (there was some discount) to give to his clients so i asked if i can buy 1 box from him & he say No & just told me to take it =)  He also knows about what happened to Cynthia’s daughter & mum.

Then @ around 12pm, i went over to Blk 101C @ Punggol (near to Cynthia’s place) to meet Michelle. She had fixed an appointment with this home based bridal shop to try on some wedding gowns =)



I know everyone says the same thing but when a girl puts on a wedding gown, she looks really different! =)  I really can’t wait to attend her wedding next year. With the hair & makeup + the wedding gown, i’m sure she will look stunning.

Anyway the owner Jean was a very nice lady. I saw some nice dresses & i don’t mind renting it for special occasions =)  By the way, the 3 gowns that Michelle tried cost $188 each for rental. I find it very reasonable!

Up next is to Sihouette The Atelier located @ The Stamford House. Jeremy & Jeannie also join us to view the gowns together. There were lots of beautiful gowns in the shop!

Anyway this lady Minda was attending to Michelle & she’s pretty good @ suggesting what’s suitable for her. But Sihouette is on the higher end, Michelle was quoted $3400 just for gowns (WG off the rack & MTM EG to keep) , hair & makeup , flowers (6 corsages, hand bouquet & flower arrangement for car).

But no picture taking are allowed @ Sihouette so can’t share with you all what Michelle had tried.

Anyway Michelle main purpose is just want to know what kind of gowns is sutiable for her first. As for where to get the gowns, will be decided later =)

Jeannie’s Birthday Celebration @ Togi


The interior & business is very good for this restaurant.

It was Jeannie’s birthday & we went to Togi Korean Restaurant for dinner =) It’s my first time here. Been to Taste Paradise that as opposite the road & my brother noticed the crowd @ Togi. Looks really popular!


As usual, i always enjoy the side dishes when i’m @ a korean restaurant =) My favourite ones @ Togi are the cucumber, kimchi & mashed potato!

Now let me show you what we have eaten!


Beef  Bibimbap! I like the bibimbap here… I always enjoy jap or korean food cause i like my rice to be soft! Hee. And Jeannie the birthday girl mixed it for us & the taste was just right!


Ok… I can’t remember what’s the exact name of this dish. I think it’s spicy kimchi soup with sausage. But it’s not the usual kimchi soup where the size is suitable for maybe 1-2 person only.

As we want something to share for 6 person, the staff recommend this to us! =)  Really good. I like the soup & the various ingredients (rice cake, luncheon meat, sausage , etc).



This is “Zha Jiang Mian“. First time i’m trying it in a korean restaurant! Always see it in korean shows only. I’m not very used to the taste lah. Haha.


You can choose to bbq it yourself or get the staff to do it for you. As our table were full already so we get them to bbq it for us. The pork belly are not too bad but somehow i prefer the one @ Ju Shin Jung , East Coast.


Overall it was a pretty good meal & i don’t mind coming back to try out other dishes. Maybe should get my whole family to come =)

By the way, Togi don’t accept reservations so do come early if you don’t want to wait. Last night we reached around 6.30pm & there was still a few tables that’s available.

  • Togi Korean Restaurant
  • 11 Mosque Street
  • Tel: 6221 0830



We proceed on to Clarke Quay for ice cream & walked around. It was nice & cooling compared to Suntec (i went there with the rest after we left Sihouette) which was packed with people due to IT Show.

Initially wanted to go to a place called Yello Jello Retrobar @ The Cannery. But there was a huge crowd due a match between Man U & Liverpool ={  So we decide to go another time & end up going back to my place for mahjong.


We surprised Jeannie with this! Before we left Central, the guys went to get the car but secretly went to Starbucks to get a cinnamon roll =)  And Jeannie has no idea what’s going to happen. Haha. So when she’s in my room, we walked in with this & sang her a birthday song!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration with us! =)


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