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Happy Birthday Xiuli =)

Posted on: March 2, 2009


Today is my good friend Xiuli’s birthday =)

I hope all her wishes comes true & may you have a great celebration with your loved ones yah!!

By the way, i think for next year celebration if i say i need to go to the washroom, she may start to suspect something. Haha. Cause i have no time to get her a cake so when we reach Aston, i told Xiuli i need to go to the wshroom & instead i rushed off to get a cake for her.

She didn’t suspect a thing @ all & when she asked why i took quite long, i said i bumped into a friend outside the washroom & end up chatting for a while =)

Anyway i meet up with her on last wed for dinner & this time i tried the grilled fish instead of steak.


It’s not too bad & i actually quite enjoy it. The mashed potato is pretty good too & this time i choose to have coleslaw again. Quite a good combination =)

Xiuli also had grilled fish but her’s is with black pepper sauce.

As i just came back from Japan, i brought her some snacks to try. I wanted to get her a box of Shiroikoibito biscuits but i don’t have enough yen to get 1 more box. So pai seh, end up only gave u 6 pieces to try.

We end up walking around @ Daiso after dinner & we actually shop till it closed leh even though we didn’t buy much! Haha. Anyway i was happy i manage to stock up on my sponge cleaner.

As usual, it’s always nice to go out with Xiuli & i hope you enjoyed the dinner =)


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