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My Tokyo , Japan Trip Part 1

Posted on: March 4, 2009

11th Feb’09 (Wed)

I took the 4pm Cathay flight to HK first. Actually it’s the first time i’m flying alone so somehow i do feel a little weird. Haha. But thankfully it turns out pretty ok but it could have been better if it was a young handsome guy sitting beside me =)

Upon reaching HK, it’s another first for me & that’s taking the airport express train =)  Usually there’s always transport arranged by the hotel when i go to HK. But it turns out to be real easy too. Thanks to Phy who kept assuring me that everything will be fine & also to my brother who help me when i needed assistance with anything =)

Basically my first night @ HK is pretty ok. Nothing much to blog about. Hee! But i’m really thankful to Shirleen for offering to let me stay over @ her place.

Anyway it’s time to get some rest before we set off to Tokyo the next day.

12th Feb’09 (Thurs)

Woke up early to prepare & to double check all my stuff in my luggage. And it’s off to the airport!! Our flight was @ 9am =)  I was excited as it’s my first time to Japan. Seems like there’s a lot of “first” for me throughout this whole trip. Hee

Well it’s also another first for me. My first time travelling with my bestie Phylicia, Penelopy & also Phy’s mum & sis. It’s also my first time travelling with a little kid =)


Given by Cathay Pacific to the kids, It seems to keep Penelopy very happy. But overall it wasn’t easy to handle her on the plane. It’s actually ok for me cause she’s very sticky to Phy so even if i want to help, i can’t.

Anyway it was a pretty short flight from HK to Tokyo (about 3 & 1/2 hrs). First thing after we got our luggage, it’s to get the tickets for the Narita Express. Pretty expensive – it already cost 2910 yen (SGD 48) for a one way ticket. But we are talking about Japan so no complaints lah =)



The whole train ride was a pretty comfy one. If i remember correctly, it took about 1 hour plus to reach Shinjuku (the area where i be staying).

Wow…. From excitement (that i finally reached Japan) to tiredness (cause we had to walk quite a bit to the hotel). I guess this is the only disadvantage if you go to Japan F & E cause sometimes if you need help with directions, the people can’t really help much cause most can’t speak english. Hee


Finally we made it to our hotel!! =)  Actually it’s just because we were not familar with the directions so we made a lot of wrong turns.


The room is really not bad!! =)  Very nice & cosy. Even though it’s not a big room but they really design it really well & make full use of the space.

And i was delighted to see the function (top right pic) for the toilet bowl =)  Hee. Heard about it but i’m really excited to see it finally for the first time with my own eyes. I did tried it for both the “front” & “back”. Hmmmm…. Interesting experience! =)

Hotel Villa Fontaine


Anyway i was getting really hungry so off we went to find dinner. And our first meal @ Tokyo was to be ramen =)  Yeah… Hee!


Luckily the guy who came out to serve us was a chinese so he was able to help with our orders! =)  Maybe that’s 1 of the main reason why we choose this place for dinner. Hee.

I had fun with the machine that was used to accept payment. And they accept up to 10,000 yen which was good cause i need to get some small notes =)


See the many signatures on the wall?? Hmmm… Is it a sign that we didn’t make the wrong choice? Hee

Anyway i’m satisfied with my ramen!! Yummy…. I so love the char siew (nice fatty slice, melts in my mouth) & egg ( i always wonder how the jap can makes such nice egg with runny kind of yolk).


I’m a satisfied customer!! =)

 Somehow Japan morning & night time comes very early. I was surprised when i look @ my watch after dinner & realised it’s not that late after all =)


Anyway we waste no time & start to walk around our area. Shinjuku is actually quite nice – lots of restaurants & shopping. It felt great to be finally @ Japan, walk around & see the interesting things they have to offer.

And during travelling, you tends to get tired with all the walking & we stop @ a cafe for a drink.


Nice cafe right?? Great ambience & i love my hot chocolate but it was so bloody expensive!! SGD 15 leh…. Wow! Haha. But thanks to Phy’s mum who treated us =)  By next day, i know where to find hot chocolate that’s a lot cheaper! Hee.

Japan gave me the impression that it’s a very clean country so i was shocked to know that smoking is actually allowed indoors @ Japan. Hate the smell ={

Overall it was a eventful first day @ Japan & i’m looking forward to the next few days!! *excited*

13th Feb’09 (Fri)


Woke up very early cause we are going to Tsukiji Fish Market =)  But the main reason why we must go early is that we want to watch the live bidding for the fishes.

As usual, the directions @ the train station can give us a big headache ={  Haha.


And finally we are here! =)  We are still early though (maybe around 6+ {Tokyo time} ) but just not early enough to watch the live bidding. But it’s ok lah & we start walking around.



Quite an interesting place with lots of stalls around =)  And there’s this stall which has a long queue of customers & apparently it’s quite famous for their sushi (my bro found it online & even Shirleen know about it too).

We intend to eat something before we leave but we tried to avoid long queue as Phylicia will be waiting @ the hotel for us (She didn’t come as it’s not advisable to bring a kid along).


If i’m back to Tsukiji Fish Market , i’ll try the restaurant that’s next door =)  I was very attracted to this grilled prawns dish! Yummy *drooling* & it was packed with customers!


Well the one i went to is not too bad either. There’s also customers constantly coming in. As for the quality of the sashimi, i would say it’s fresh =)  I love my salmon sashimi. As for the tuna, it’s fatty tuna & it’s a first time for me trying it & it taste alright. The ones i tried @ Singapore are the usual normal ones.

My only complaint is the huge slices of sashimi. Haha! It’s too big for my liking. Maybe i’m more used to the size that the jap restaurant @ S’pore serve. Smaller piece & i can put 1 slice into my mouth easily =)

By the way, i love the yellow pickles that  was served with my set meal!! Very nice & crunchy & when i saw it @ the 100 yen shop, i quickly bought 2 packets home. Even my grandma likes it too =)

Anyway after the meal, we took the train back to Shinjuku & maybe we took another exit so end up exploring a new area while finding our way back to the hotel =)


We happened to walk passed this bakery shop & Phy’s mum decides to get something for Penelopy. And one thing i like about Japan is that no matter what kind of food, they seems to make it look so good till you want to buy it =)


And since the next day is Valentine’s Day , there has to be some V-day special items lah =)  Nice right!!

Later part of the day is of course involving SHOPPING!!! Favourite hobby for us girls =)

And that day we went to Isetan which is near our area. Well i like it cause there’s Blue Label available @ B2 & there’s a food hall @ B1.


There’s really everything & anything that you want to find. There’s also this cake & bakery section which i forgot to take a picture. Actually photography is not allowed but i just quickly took some lah =)


After buying the food, we proceed on to the rooftop garden as the food hall was packed with people & we couldn’t find a place to sit down & eat.

By the way, see the picture of me & my bestie! =)  We actually had the same boots. Haha! I got mine @ Shenzhen in Dec’07 while Phy got her’s @ HK (she was @ HK first for 2 days before this Tokyo trip). Such a coincidence that we got the exact same boots but in different colours , @ different time & different country! Hee =)

And to all Hello Kitty Fans!!! See the next picture! 


There was this shop near Isetan that sells all Hello Kitty & My Melody stuff. And this giant Hello Kitty was right outside the shop!! Despite not being a big fan of Hello Kitty, i must take a picture with it especially when i’m @ Tokyo!! =)  Yeah…. One of my favourite picture for this trip!


This is me & my bestie with our new & very first Blue Label bag!! We got the same design but different colours =)  Haha. We took this picture with the self timer function of my camera.

I’m very happy with my purchase but i had to be extra careful when i carry it as it’s my first light coloured bag & recently when i spotted a tiny stain on it, i panic lah! Luckily i manage to remove it with wet tissue *phew*

14th Feb’09 (Sat)

It’s Valentine’s Day!! =) 

Even though i’m still single but it’s ok! Cause i feel fabulous cause i’m @ Tokyo… Yeah!! =)

Anyway that morning, me with Shirleen & her mum start to walk around the area as Phy need more time to get herself & Penelopy ready.

So me & Shirleen happily took some pictures while we explore around =)


Anyway this supermart is super near my hotel & it was a great way to get our mineral water & stuff that we need. And there’s lots of vending machine outside my hotel which i like so it’s super convenient when i want to get a drink =)


I was surprised to see this @ Shinjuku area. I’m not sure what you call this but i’ve seen it on tv. I myself called it the Japan version of jackpot! Haha.


OMG… Seeing all this makes me hungry!!!

Anyway i seems to be hungry all the time when i’m overseas! Haha


I’ve heard so much about the 100 yen shop @ Japan so i was quite disappointed that i didn’t really get to go to a proper big 100 yen shop. By the time i found one, it was closing time *sob*

The one in the above picture is located near my hotel. It’s a pretty small one but quite good if you want to stock up on snacks! =)  And 1 thing that makes me very happy is that i manage to find this yellow pickle. 

If you go back up & read on the part about the sashimi that i had @ Tsukiji Fish Market , you will know i like the yellow pickle thingy a lot =) 


We tends to walk passed this shop quite a lot & on the previous night, Shirleen & Phy bought some sheet mask to try. So since have to wait for Phy to come, Shirleen & i decide to spend some time here.


I know lots of girls love this brand & i got friends telling me to get it since i’m @ Japan. But i really don’t use this brand @ all so i decide to save my $$ for something else lah =)  Anyway it’s now easily available @ S’pore Watson already.

In the end, i manage to get 3 boxes of sheet masks to try + some other stuff =)  I dare not get more cause can’t understand jap words + the staff can’t help much even though they are very friendly. Hee


Don’t they look delicious & YES they are!! =)  Morever it’s already a pleasure to look @ them.


And it’s Valentine’s Day!! Must get something for myself yah =)  And it’s real yummy too + it’s chocolate flavour.

Anyway that day we decide to go to this factory outlet. I’ve heard of the one @ Gotemba but not this one. It’s my bestie who found it online =)


On our way to the factory outlet!


Got all these @ the Tokyo station where we changed to another train. OMG… I love Tokyo station cause it’s a haven for food lah =)

And i notice in their sandwich (even the ones that the hotel serve for breakfast), they seems to have this very nice wasabi taste dressing in it. Can anyone tell me what it is ah?? I would love to buy it leh =)


And finally we are here!

Personally i don’t quite like it (maybe it’s because i’ve got nothing from here… Haha). Would rather spend the day @ Disneyland. A pity that i didn’t get to go Disneyland on this trip but it’s ok cause I BE BACK JAPAN!!! =)

Anyway we spent quite some time here & when it’s dinner time, we decide to settle it @ somewhere nearby.


And i had curry rice & it was not too bad =)  Since i’m @ Japan, i try to have lots of jap food lah.

And @ this point, something amuse me. We were about to finish dinner & suddenly Penelopy slowly rest her head on the table & sleep! Haha. But she’s like this when she’s tired ( i guess from all the running @ Nike = almost drove everyone crazy.. Haha). Phy…. Rem my screams for help??? Wahahaha.

By the way Phy, i’m not complaining ok =)  When i want to go on this trip, i already know it’s not going to be easy. Hee. And overall i still enjoy this Japan trip! Hugz


Saw this when we were walking back to the train station & i quickly get someone to take a group picture for us! Penelopy was asleep so we had to put the stroller aside.

Nice picture right! =)  It felt as if we were @ Disneyland. Hee


Phy… I can understand & i don’t blame you! Hee =)

Anyway Phy also quite enjoy the hot milk tea from the vending machine too. In this picture, we were @ the Tokyo station (it’s going to be my favourite train station @ Tokyo) again to take the train back to Shinjuku.

Anyway for this Tokyo trip, we actually don’t have much chances to take pictures so i really treasure the ones that we manage to take together & most actually turns out quite nice!


Are you a big fan of Muji? =)  I’m ok only so didn’t get anything from here.


The train ride back was not easy as it’s peak hour when everyone finish work & we got a stroller with us. In this picture, i was carrying Penelopy & knowing she wants to hold on to the handles, i let her be lah =)  I thought she looks quite cute so i got Phy to help me take a picture.


Saw this when we reach Shinjuku & it means more food again!! =)  I got the custard one to try & it’s nice!! The outer layer was so crispy.

And most of the times i don’t mind supper! Guess what did i buy??







OMG…. Look @ all the choices i have!! And i happily choose one to try & it taste so good especially in the cold weather!

It’s been enjoyable so far & i’m looking forward to the half day tour tomorrow. Stay tune to my Tokyo , Japan trip Part 2!


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