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My Tokyo , Japan Trip Part 2

Posted on: March 6, 2009

15th Feb’09 (Sun)

Today i be going for a half day tour with Shirleen & her mum =)  Phy initally didn’t want to join as we have to set off early (Penelopy don’t wake up that early & it’s important she gets enough sleep before Phy brings her out) & also she’s worried it’s hard to cope with the little one.

Who knows by the time Phy decide to join (the night before the tour) , it was too late to book as the office was closed already. Haiz

Anyway that morning we took a cab to the hotel where it’s the meeting point but we were not familar with the area so decide to spend some money on a cab. And just for a short distance, it already cost us SGD 10+. Hee!



I read from this jap magazine that it means “Hinamatsuri” or Girl’s Festival.

It is a particularly endearing custom across Japan when beautifully crafted dolls are proudly displayed. In Inatori Onsen the traditional harlens back to the pivotal Edo period (1603 – 1868) when local mothers & grand-mothers created cloth dolls of human & animal figures to wish their daughters a happy life =)


And if you look further in, you can see this on the table. Really nice =)

Anyway the 1/2 day tour finally starts & the first stop is to Meiji Jingu Shrine



Tokyo Tower – one of the signature icon @ Tokyo where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo from its observatory. But the 1/2 day tour didn’t include a visit to Tokyo Tower & the coach happened to drove passed so i quickly take a picture =)


Finally we reached Meiji Jingu Shrine where Japan’s most famous Shinto shrine dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his consort.

It was rebuilt with Nagarezukuri-style in 1958 after it was destroyed by fire during World War II. It is composed of 3 main areas, the Naien , Gaien and the Memorial Hall and all of this is surrounded by 12000 trees.

And it’s lots of picture taking along the way =)



And i saw a bride =)

I always like their traditional costume & i’m hoping for my next trip to Japan, i want to try on a kimono & take some pictures.





At the gift shop where you can get all kinds of souvenirs. See the Hello Kity in the traditional japanese kimono?? Nice right! =)  But i end up buying it @ the airport as it was time to go back to the coach & i couldn’t make up my mind if i want it. But i did get myself something else to display it in my room =)  An equally gorgeous piece!

Next destination is to Imperial Palace East Garden


This is where you’ll find what’s left of the central keep of old Edo Castle (the stone foundation).

Now follow me & take a stroll in one of the vast inner gardens of the Imperial Palace.





Before we leave, i saw these cute russian ducks & large carps swimming around.

Up next – A visit to a popular temple =)



The oldest and most popular Buddhist temple in Tokyo.

It is said that the temple was built in 628 to be dedicated to the statue of Kannon that was found in the Sumida River. By having a huge lantern hang under the gate of Kaminari-mon (thunder gate) as the symbol.


I really like this place. Was very fascinated by the beautiful architecture of the temple & pagoda.


A promenade section called Nakamise-dori is basically both sides of narrow, paved entranceway to the temple crammed with tiny food and souvenir shops.



Look @ the yummy Takoyaki also known as octopus balls. Shirleen bought it & let me try & only 1 word to describe it – Yummilicious lah!!!! =)  To enjoy some nice hot takoyaki is very shiok in the cold weather.

It’s also @ this Nakamise-dori Street where i got 2 Maneki Neko also known as Fortune Cat (1 for family & 1 for my dad). And indeed it brought some 4D luck to my dad who won $2.5k recently =)

The tour ended @ Ginza Shopping District where we alight & walk around on our own.


Aren’t they cute!! =)  They were so well behaved that i couldn’t resist taking a picture of them. I wonder they belong to who cauze i don’t see the owner around.

After walking around Ginza, we decide to take the train back to Shinjuku to meet Phy for lunch + shopping together.


The very greedy me eating again! My eyes POP when i see this @ Shinjuku & i just had to buy it =)  And i SUPER love the mayonnaise as it got the wasabi taste that i like!!


While walking back to the hotel, i saw a stall selling strawberries & it looked so good that i just want to get a box back to try. I chose the cheapest one that cost 500 yen. It’s not bad, may not be the sweetest kind but i really enjoy eating it =)


I accompany Phy back to Isetan to look @ her Hello Kitty stuff. And thankfully Penelopy was sleeping very well in the stroller so finally some “peaceful” moments for the both of us & i really enjoy it =)

Despite being not a big fan of Hello Kitty, i somehow got influenced by Phy & i got myself a makeup pouch. It’s in a nice sweet pink tone but not “too cute” @ the same time! Haha.

Yummy BBQ dinner


First time i try bbq pork liver & it’s good!! Thanks to Shirleen for recommending.


It turns out to be korean style bbq restaurant!! Haha. But we were tired & hungry so just eat lah. It need not be jap food all the time  =)


When i walk passed this restaurant, i knew i had to buy something back for supper! It’s Tonkatsu leh!!! =) And it’s my last night @ Tokyo so must eat whatever i want. Hee


And even for take away, they still wrap it neatly! =)  And look @ the fats! Haha…. My favourite kind of meat!


I simply love such variety of food for supper – makes me a HAPPY girl =)


This is the end result! Haha. I’m not a good drinker so i’m not surprised but this time i don’t know why my face turns so red after 2 glasses of red wine. First time my face turns red leh! I was thinking is it due to the weather? Cause back @ S’pore, i usually also drink 2 glasses of wine only & i was fine.

Anyway just want to share some pictures of my god-daughter Penelopy =)



Well even though i can say it’s not easy to handle Penelopy on this trip, there are also moments when she makes us laugh too =)

Anyway can’t really blame her too – she’s quite a hyperactive kid & she’s still so young, hard for her to control her behaviour & actions @ times.

At least from the experience from this trip, i know how to expect for the next one if there’s any! Hee.

16th Feb’09 (Mon)



I woke up early like usual to get ready first. Don’t know why but everyone seems to be still in bed. Hee! Shirleen & Phy was sleeping very well & Phy’s mum was having a bad migraine.

So after collecting the breakfast for everyone @ the reception area, i start to walk around by myself & get some more shopping + makan done.

First stop is @ KFC!!! =)


When i’m overseas, 1 thing i really like to observe is what different stuff they will serve @ Mac & KFC. And when i saw the poster outside KFC featuring the breakfast, i knew i had to try it cause i was so attracted to the runny kind of egg yolk.

It’s really good lah & i’m so glad i manage to try it before i leave Tokyo!!


I was very keen to try out the ramen but they are only open @ 11am.


Since i was craving for some soupy stuff, i decide to come here =)  Can have some fun with the machine again!


I think for this Japan trip, i’ve been having lots of hot beverages (my favourite hot chocolate, hot milk tea) & soup whenever it’s possible.

And can you see the brown paper bag beside me?? It’s filled with all my last minute shopping which consist of snacks + some other stuff =)

Then it’s time to go back to the hotel to meet up with the rest & off we go shopping around our area again.


Penelopy was so cute lah. Shirleen & i was @ Lawson (something like 7-11) & Penelopy just went straight to get her favourite snack & just wait for Shirleen to pay! Haha.


And because of the experience when we first arrived @ Tokyo, we decide to take the shuttle bus service (2500 yen) as we got too much luggages to handle + stroller. And we only need to walk a short distance to the main road to wait for the bus =)

But taking the shuttle bus means we have to leave early. Partly due to the time schedule (we have to opt for the 12.05pm slot) & it will take about 2 – 2 1/2 hours for the whole journey.

Initially i thought we be @ the airport too early but it turns out to be ok cause the shopping part @ Narita Airport kept us quite occupied too =)

But first thing is to settle lunch first.


I was more interested in another restaurant as they seems to have more variety for food. But i think there’s something suitable for Penelopy @ this restaurant so we decide to dine here.


And this is my bestie enjoying her Matcha (green tea) ice cream! =) 

Look @ her Happy face!!


Can you imagine how delighted i was to see Shiroi Koibito cookies @ Narita Airport =)  I happily bought the biggest tin for myself & got a few smaller boxes as gifts for my aunts & bro’s gf Angeline.

17th Feb’09 (Tue)


Time flies when you are having fun & enjoying your holidays. Soon it’s time for me to go back home to Singapore! But luckily my flight was @ 4pm so not so rushed.

See the Longchamp bag behind me?? It belongs to my bestie & her’s is a HK limited edition one. Quite unique with the black handle.


My dear Penelopy all dressed up in Hello Kitty wear. If i’m not wrong, Phy got it from HK , H & M. Nowadays she’s very into Hello Kitty. When she saw my luggage tag with the print of a cat, she kept, she kept saying “kitty kitty”. Hee!

After some brief shopping + a meal @ Central, it’s time to walk back to HK station to take the airport express.



Like this picture a lot =)  I thought the clouds resemble flying dinosaurs. Haha!

Anyway i was glad to see my parents @ the airport =)  And it feels good to be back home as it’s still the best no matter what!

Anyway till my next trip!


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