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Great Lunch @ Tom Ton & Vocal Recital Concert @ ACJC

Posted on: March 9, 2009

It’s been quite long since my last visit @ Tom Ton & i remember that it was with Wenhui. Hmmm… That could be in 2007 or early 2008! Hee

I was @ The Central on saturday for a late lunch. Was trying to decide between Marutama Ramen & Tom Ton. But somehow the tonkatsu ramen @ Tom Ton attracted me more (i love meat + ramen) & also i read from someone’s blog recently about her meal @ Tom Ton (she also had the same item).



It’s really yummy & i enjoyed it VERY MUCH! =)  The soup was flavourful. Thanks to the pork bone soup which according to the website is cooked for 2 days!

As for the tonkatsu @ Tom Ton, i would say they did a great job! It’s not oily & it goes very well with the sauce.

And talking about the sauce, let me show you some pictures =)


I know this is ususally the step for eating tonkatsu but it’s the first time i get to do it personally. I’ve been to Tonkichi ( another place which is popular for their tonkatsu too) before but they didn’t provide me with all these leh.


It’s ready for dipping the tonkatsu. Perfect combination – fragrant sweet sauce with yummy juicy tonkatsu. Somehow i really have been eating a lot of jap food since i’m back. Hee

Am i missing Japan too much???? =)

And i still ate some more ok!


There was a Salmon Fair promo going on so i couldn’t resist ordering some for myself =)  And by looking @ the pictures, i’m sure you can also “feel” the freshness of it.


And i still got space in my tummy to try the dessert!


This is the Orange Jelly! Quite refreshing lah but i don’t think i’ll order it again. Rather pay $5.50 to try something else if i’m @ Tom Ton again.


Saw this poster outside the restaurant after i’ve made my payment. My favourite kind of meat in Shabu Shabu! Who want to join me??? =) 

  • Tom Ton @ Central
  • 06 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-88/99
    The Central (Above Clarke Quay MRT)
    Singapore 059817
  • Tel: 6327 7887



Since i had a late lunch (ate around 3pm) & i had to attend a Vocal Recital Concert later @ 7.30pm, hard to have a proper dinner so i decide to “tapao” something instead!

So after some window shopping, i walked over to Marcial Kobe!


They make really nice snacks + they are very reasonable priced @ $4 for 12. I got myself 3 flavours – from left (maple syrup , coffee , choc & peanut). Choc & peanut is my favourite! The coffee one i didn’t quite enjoy cause the icing too sweet for my liking lah.

Liping & i was enjoying the donuts while we walked to the mrt station after the concert =)


Vocal Recital Concert @ ACJC Faith Centre of the Performing Arts

Got a invitation from my dear friend Wileen to attend this concert which she be performing too =)

Apparantly all the performers are students of this teacher who organized this concert.



At first i didn’t know that Marvin be performing too! So i was surprised to hear it from Wileen’s mum when i was chatting with her before the concert. Hee!

But i never doubt his singing skills. He sang really well during Wileen church wedding in 2007 & he even composed the song himself ok! =)  Very talented guy!

Anyway they had a great performance. The song they sang was from “The Phantom of the Opera”


It was very enjoyable to hear everyone sing. They really present the crowd with wonderful songs with their GREAT vocals. I myself was very impressed with this lady by the name of Freda Lim. She got a really great voice + plays the piano very well too + she’s so pretty!

But i didn’t expect to hear some bad news from Wileen when Liping & i were chatting with her after the concert. I’m sure all be fine. Our prayers are with you! Hugz


2 Responses to "Great Lunch @ Tom Ton & Vocal Recital Concert @ ACJC"

ooo. tomton looks super good! hehe think i will put that on my list! hehe

Yes…. The food is really not bad! =) Do give it a try when you are back! Oh my… I miss going for spa & makan with you! Hee

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