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Horrible Crowd @ Metro Paragon!!

Posted on: March 29, 2009

Last night i went to Metro Paragon for the 20% sale as i REALLY need to STOCK up on my skincare products!

It was just a few hours (6-11pm) event for last night only & it’s for Metro & UOB cardholders. When i received the sms from Metro, i was delighted & yet sian @ the same time. I’m happy that there’s finally a sale & i can replenish my items but i hate such few hours event cause the crowd is usually quite horrendous. I was really tempted to take a picture to show you how the crowd is like (if you have not been to any Metro sale yet).

I’m thankful that i got all the numbers of the counters (brands that i use) so i could call up in advance to reserve. At least on the actual day, i don’t have to queue for my items (minus 1 queue for me) which sometimes can get quite long too depending on which brand.


Anyway after close to 1 hour in the queue for cashier, i finally get to make my payment! I didn’t really take note of the time but i end up chatting with this lady behind me & she told me we were in the queue for about that long!

For this sale, they were giving out some freebies & i was very keen in a pair of Cathay movie pass (min $150 in 1 receipt to redeem for the 1st 100 Metro members) but judging from the crowd, i know the hopes of getting it was not high. So after payment, i walked to the customer service counter & see what else i can get.

I remember there were express manicure, 10 mins shoulder & back massge & $5  Starbucks voucher.


Well it’s not too bad & i can go for my favourite drink @ Starbucks – Green Tea Latte! =) 

Initially i wanted to go to Starbucks @ Paragon after the sale but i wanted to eat something too & it was so crowded everywhere.

So i walked around & finally decided on Orange Julius as there was a table available! =)



When you are tired & hungry, everything seems to taste nice. Haha! But it’s a nice yet simple meal =)  Actually i wasn’t too sure what was the drink. I was really tired & didn’t look much @ the menu. So when i saw can top up $2+ to get a small Julius Original, i just took it. But it’s really refreshing!!

And this is only my 2nd time to Orange Julius (1st time was just getting a drink @ the Taka branch & it was so long ago). I guess i be coming back for more if i want a quick meal!

By the way, just want to share something with everyone.


I got this free gift – a  Foldable Bag Hook from Ettusais & it’s such a good practical item to have. Just nice i got the chance to test it @ Orange Julius as i have no place to put my bag.


I myself already got 1 bag hook (above picture – love the floral prints) in my bag. I got it @ Narita airport during  my recent Tokyo trip =)  I like this as well, just that Ettusais one is broader so it’s good if the handle of your bag is thick.

Anyway after dinner, i had to walk to the mrt station & it was kind of tiring with the heavy stuff. But i made it & i was so happy when i got into the train! Hee. And there was this girl (13 years old) who really make me smile =)

I can’t remember she board from which station but we got off together @ Yio Chu Kang. It was @ AMK station where a lot of people were boarding/alighting so i ask her to move in more as the passengers kept knocking into her.

It was a simple thing to me but i guess she really appreciate what i did =)  We chatted a bit when we were taking the escalator down & before she walked off to the interchange, she said “谢谢你 ,bye bye , 晚安 & 路上小心! I thought she was so sweet & polite =)  And when i looked back @ her, she kept waving @ me! Hee.

Althought it was tiring for me @ the sale but it ended in a very sweet way! =) 


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