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Yong Tau Foo Stall @ Lucky Plaza

Posted on: March 31, 2009

One thing i like about Yong Tau Foo is that you get to choose the ingredients & the kind of noodles that you like. I usually go for the dry version! Of course i enjoy drinking the soup too but can ask for refill if i want more =)

So recently when i was out for lunch with my 2 aunts & grandma, my 4th aunt suggest going to Lucky Plaza for Yong Tau Foo! I’ve heard my aunts mention about this place before. I myself haven’t try it so i’m glad i came for lunch today! Hee.


Business is really good! But they are quite organized, once you place your order, you wait a while & once there’s available seats, they will start preparing your food =) 


I’m happy with what i see. Everything is neatly arranged & look very fresh! I happily pick what i want


These are strongly recommended by my 4th aunt so i took one & try first.

The conclusion – I end up “tapao” 20 back! =)  It make a nice snack on its own too. But i thought it’s a bit ex @ 50 cents each.


I like the Yong Tau Foo here! =)  The amount of the sweet sauce & chilli sauce was just nice & it’s also “chap” enough. Not too dry & i don’t need to put any soup in.

I’m not sure how much mine cost as it’s a treat from my 4th aunt. But on average should be $3 – 4+ per bowl depending on how many items you choose.

I didn’t take note of the unit number but it’s on level 6 of Lucky Plaza. Just look out for the crowd =)


5 Responses to "Yong Tau Foo Stall @ Lucky Plaza"

omg! i wan to eat that NOW! (:

Hey Jean, do give it a try soon yah =) It’s really not bad.

Xin Lian – Hee! Have to wait till you are back =) Come back soon! Anyway i’m sure you will like this

oh! my fren recommended me to go this YTF stall b4! always no chance to go…shall try it out soon!

haha it’s my favourite. we had it many times already. hehe family fav! even my dad! (:

Oh… So pai seh! I thought you have not try it before. Hee!

Cause today we went to pray to ah gong & after lunch, everyone came to my place. Then i was telling your mum that u seems very interested! Haha. That’s when i know you also like the yong tau foo here! So malu… =)

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