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It’s been a long time since i last went to Waraku. I used to go to the one @ East Coast with Phylicia =)

Recently there was a Metro Sale again & i went to replenish some stuff. After i was done, i went to Heeren to meet my bro & Angeline for dinner.

I know the top level of Heeren has gone through a revamp & i was glad to be back again to see what it has to offer.

After walking 1 round, we decide to go to Waraku.


I quite enjoyed the Hokkai Salad & the dressing goes pretty well with it =)  As for the sashimi, usually can’t go too wrong with the salmon. But the way they cut the tuna was quite bad so my bro got the staff to change it for us.


Here are our main course! =)

I had the Tonkatsu Ramen – look @ the huge bowl!!! Sometimes i wonder why some jap restaurants like to use such huge bowls for the ramen. Taste wise, i find the ramen ok only but the roast pork was full of fats!! Hee.

My bro let me tried a piece of his tonkatsu & i find that they fried it pretty well. As for Angeline’s ramen, seems like it’s ok only. Guess when i’m back, i won’t try their ramen.

I can’t remember the name of the dessert – not too bad.

Overall i find the meal alright only. I always thought food @ Waraku be very nice, was a bit disappointed. But i be back to try out other dishes as i’m attracted to some items from the menu.


Recently i went to Only Aesthetics @ Holland Village to get my free hair treatment done. Seems like i’ve been quite lucky in winning free stuff once in a while =) 


It’s nice to take a ride in the bus when you are not in a rush & it wasn’t too crowded. I like =)

Anyway for the free treatment i got is called Nano Laser.

They did an analysis for me & seems like i’m not having any hair loss problems yet. But as my hair is very fine + i got oily scalp = weak hair follicle so i have to pay more attention too.

Haiz… I want more hair lah! I hate the “hole” on my crown area… Sometime it’s making it so hard to style my hair! ={

Anyway the treatment was only 15 minutes & didn’t cause any discomfort. And i thought i have to experience hard selling but NO! =)  As the package was kind of expensive so i didn’t sign any but i got myself this conditioner to try as its main purpose is to make the hair look FULLER!! The word FULLER really interest me =)

After i’ve left Only Aesthetics, I went to this place called Mykii. I was very keen to try the Seafood Linguine with Laksa Pesto but when i reached the restaurant, i was told they don’t serve main course from 3-6pm =(

Was a bit disappointed but never mind… I decide to stay for a drink! Weather is so hot nowadays!!


I like the blue & white concept very much especially when blue is one of my favourite colour. Love the whole ambience of the place =)



It’s a nice cosy place & i definitely be back to try the Seafood Linguine with Laksa Pesto!!!

  • Mykii
  • 17D Lorong Liput
  • Tel: 6468 2838

Next i went to this shop that’s just 2-3 units away =)



For those who know about Provence should also know that their wassant is very popular! This is actually the first time where i got it personally from the shop. Usually my brother will buy it =)  As for me, i hardly go to HV & even though there’s a branch @ Central (Clarke Quay), by the time i reach, it’s always sold out.

It’s the first time i got the mixed ones as i’ve never try the cream one before. It’s nice leh & even my grandma likes it too.

If you have not try this yet, remember to get a pack when you are here. $6 for a pack of 10.

  • Provence
  • 17A Lorong Liput
  • Tel: 6467 6966

After getting my wassant, i crossed the road for some Katong Laksa! Since i couldn’t get to try the Seafood Linguine with Laksa Pesto, i shall satisfy my cravings with the real laksa!!


I don’t know if this is the same one near Parkway Parade but it taste nice! It’s been a long time since i had the Katong Laksa. No chopsticks & just enjoy it with a spoon =)  The laksa gravy is not spicy @ all, in fact it’s kind of sweet. And i happily helped myself to the chilli =)

Shiok lah despite the hot weather & it was making me sweat so much!

Thanks to my bro who offer to pick me up, i decide to walk around while i wait for him & i end up @ Lim’s Arts & Living.


I’ve been wanting to get a new bedside lamp & was delighted to find something i like within my budget =)  It’s nice to walk around & explore the whole HV area by myself once in a while.

Anyway i hope to go back to Mykii soon!! Anyone want to go with me?? Hee.

12th April’09 (Sun)

Before i went to meet Phy @ her place, i pop by Cynthia’s place which is just opposite the road to visit Charmaine =)

Initially i was worried if it be kind of awkward cause firstly i’ve never seen her kids before & secondly i’ve not seen Cynthia for a long time.

But it turns out fine as the kids get along pretty well with me =)  And i got to chat a bit with Cynthia too. Poor thing, can see she’s really tired. And due to some problems, Cynthia’s maid has to leave so beside taking care of the 2 kids, she has to handle the housework , cooking, etc.

Really not easy for her as she also has to accompany Charmaine to the hospital for her treatments, check up. I really hope things will get better for them.


I know Charmaine like Dora stuff very much so i got all these for her. Even though it’s the first time i see her, i like her instantly. Both the kids are very adorable & they interact very well. We were having fun playing with the toys & stickers =)

By the way, i got my ears pulled a few times / “scolding” from them! Haha. All because i kept saying “Lah & Lor”.

Jolene – I heard you also kana from them huh! Hee.


Look @ the smile from Charmaine! She was still very bubbly & it’s really sad to see her suffering from such an illness. And she has dropped a lot of hair now due to chemo. Poor thing!! Hugz…

Don’t worry… Your hair will grow back when you get better ok! Continue to fight the monster in you!! 加油 & don’t give up! Be a good girl & Auntie June will get you Dora tops ok =)

Anyway we had fun taking pictures – the 2 kids love it! Haha. And i must say Charmaine did a pretty good job with phototaking=)

Well tomorrow Charmaine will be admitted to NUH for another round of chemo. I hope everything goes well. God please bless them!

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!


Actually this year i seems to be getting news from my friends that they be admitted into hospital for surgery or treatment. For example – My good friend Wileen who were @ Mount Alvernia last month. Never expect her to go for surgery for some problems. But luckily everything went well & i wish her a speedy recovery.

Then last night i realised Eileen (i got to know her from a forum) got appendix problem & this morning she was admitted to TTSH for treatment. Hope everything goes well for her too.

It’s kind of scary to know suddenly that you could be suffering from some sort of illness. This is when i realised insurance is important. I’m glad i’m sufficiently covered. We never know when will something happen to us so please @ least get some coverage for yourself even if you have a budget.

I never used to believe in insurance as i thought it’s a waste of money. But due to the constant “nagging” from my dad few years ago, i finally bought one for myself. Thanks dad =)  I know you meant well.

For those who know that my brother is an insurance agent, don’t get mistaken, i’m not promoting for him yah =)  But if you are keen to get more info about insurance from him, can let me know.

Cause after knowing about what happened to my friends, i really do appreciate having insurance. But everyone budget & expectations are different so it’s good to understand more even if you got other agents to approach =) 

Anyway May God Bless Everyone With Good Health =)

11th April’09 (Sat)

Time flies & it’s Clarice’s 1st birthday! I remember seeing her for the first time when she was just a few months old & she was so small. Hee!

My friend Liqing has organized a birthday party & its a buffet dinner that starts @ 5.30pm.

But i have plans with my bestie earlier in the day! I met her @ Punggol Plaza after she’s done with her mani & pedi =)  Suppose to have lunch first but Kenny wanted to go for chicken rice @ Downtown East.

So we went back to Phy’s place first & let her give Penelopy a shower while Kenny concentrated with his online games! Haiz.


I got Penelopy some Hello Kitty stickers & she was so happy. Kept wanting to take out the stickers =)  And she was having a lot of fun with it.

Currently she’s quite crazy about “Kitty” stuff so i suppose anything with cats will interest her! Hee.

Lunch @ Mr Chicken Rice

Quite looking forward to lunch as i was getting a bit hungry. And also we are going to Mr Chicken Rice which was open by the chef who was well known for his chicken rice @ Chatterbox Cafe , Mandarin Hotel.

I’ve never tried it when he was still @ Chatterbox Cafe so quite happy to be able to try out the chicken rice today.



 I find the chicken rice pretty good. I’m no food critic so i’m not good with the description but somehow the chicken is done in the way i like it =)  Plus i kind of like the sesame oil mixture sauce which i’ll always like to put some into my rice =) 

Chilli (very important) was good too! I kept dipping the slices of chicken into it. As for the vege, can’t go too wrong with the version with oyster sauce!

After lunch, all us went back to Phy’s place & i manage to get some rest! Penelopy was very nice to let me sleep on her bed. I slept but she didn’t & she either kept pulling my hair or scratch me to get my attention =_=

Clarice’s 1st Birthday Celebration


There were lots of kids around & can see Penelopy is enjoying herself.

And Liqing order a very nice cake for Clarice =)  The picture is of a cute little girl… Very nice esp the rosy cheeks part. And there was also a Barney jelly from Liqing’s SIL. Can see the kids go “crazy” when they saw it. Hee.

I myself like the Barney jelly too & i even got the contact from Liqing. In case i want to order one too =)  Lots of designs to choose from!

After the cake cutting, all of us went outside to sit & chit chat. It was good that Liqing’s flat was a ground floor unit so very spacious outside the house. Can sit anywhere you want.

And with me around, there be lots of picture taking =)

By the way, i don’t know why the top make me look so preggy that night =_= *sob*



It was great to catch up with everyone. But too bad Wileen can’t join us! Hope you recover soon =) 

After we left Liqing’s place, we proceed on to Mac to chit chat.


It was quite amusing when i see Penelopy kept dipping her nugget into the curry sauce. Partly she like sauce – any kind as long she likes it. Haha.

It was a great day spent with my friends. And for my bestie, it was really great to spend the whole long weekend with her. I met her 3 days in a row! Haha… =)

10th April’09 (Fri)

It’s been quite a while since i last went to East Coast with Phylicia & Penelopy. So when Phy asked if i’m keen to go today, i said YES! =)

As Phy hasn’t been to Old Town yet so we decide to go there for dinner. Even though i’ve been here before, i usually go for the drinks , soft boiled eggs & toast only. So tonight was a good chance for me to try out the food here!


The Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun is pretty good! =)  I think this is the first time i’ve seen Ipoh Hor Fun in soup version. Anyway the soup is quite nice & sweet + the chilli padi that i put in makes it slightly spicy! Great for the cooling weather after the rain. I just wish there were more chicken & prawns! =)

By the way, i quite like the kaya & butter toast @ Old Town. One of the better ones i’ve tried & the amount of kaya & butter always seems just nice! But usually i’ll request for more butter if possible =)

As for the service, i think can be better. Sometimes the service can be a bit slow / the staff seems kind of blur. For example, Kenny (Phy’s hubby) who joined us later order Nasi Lemak. And when the food comes, there was no fork & spoon!

Talking about Nasi Lemak, it looks really good. Lots of customers order this item =)  I think for my next visit, i’ll either try the Nasi Lemak, Prawn Noodle or Assam Laksa!

  • Old Town White Coffee
  • Playground @ Big Splash
  • Blk B #01-08/09
  • Tel: 6344 4404

Anyway enough about the food, let’s talk about Penelopy! =)

Didn’t really meet up much with Phy after our Tokyo trip. So today i was very delighted to see the 2 of them. And Penelopy seems more grown up ever since she starts going to school =)  And she can speaks better now. So cute lah!

She was saying “God Ma I Love You” (when she was trying to get me give her my Clorets!) , “God Ma… Come to my house”.

Anyway today i took the chance to take some pictures of her.


Nowadays she really gives lots of facial expressions. Really funny @ times!

And she got a new haircut. Somehow i still prefer her to have longer hair =)

Anyway it was a joy to have her around & it’s great to meet up with Phy. I be meeting up with her again tomorrow for lunch & then in the evening, we will attend Liqing’s baby girl Clarice 1 Year old birthday party =)

Quite looking forward to it! Will be back to update.

12th April’09 (Sun)

Met up with Phy again for dinner as she feels like going to Old Town again =)

I myself was happy to go back too as i’m going to try out something else tonight! Yeah….


OMG…. This is really GOOD! I like it very much =)  Soup is really nice – very flavourful. Portion just nice for me & it makes me really full.

Next visit – i’m going to try the Assam Laksa! =)  Phy is very keen too! Hee.

As it was still early, we went to walk around @ Parkway Parade.

Phy & i went to Mothercare & i saw some clothes are on 50% off. Got a nice top for Baby Athan =)  Can’t wait to pass it to him soon! And when we left Mothercare, i saw something interesting & i bought it for Penelopy!


I’ve seen this kind of balloon before & i can see Penelopy was having fun with it. It look as if she’s really bringing a real dog out to walk =)

It was nice to walk around & enjoy some ice cream before we left Parkway. Great long weekend spent with my bestie =)  Like i’ve said before, i didn’t see her much after the Tokyo trip so it was great to do some catching up during these 3 days.  

Phy… I’m looking forward to our next visit to Old Town! =)

Went for a massage on monday evening @ The Cathay. Got a package @ one of the shop there which i’ve signed quite some time ago but i hardly go cause i don’t like the hard selling they do everytime i’m done with my massage ={

That’s why i don’t like to go often & also don’t want to bring any friends here to try the massage (spare them the agony from the hard selling part).

I remember the service was really good during my first visit so that’s why i sign. *sianz*!!! And from my 2nd visit onwards, the hard selling begins ={  But so far so good, i was very firm & always give them a NO nicely to new package/products.

The only consolation is that it was a good package (reasonable price for 10 sessions).

Anyway let’s concentrate on the food now! =)


I got to know about this place through someone’s blog & i thought since it’s @ Cathay, why not. Convenient mah =)

I also went to read up the reviews on hungrygowhere & looks ok. Shall give it a try!


The place is kind of small & i find the tables are placed quite close together so hard to have a good chat with friends. But since i came on a monday night, it wasn’t too crowded & i requested for a corner seat so enough privacy. 

Anyway i opt for the $23.90++ set meal. Good way to try a bit of everything.


This is the appetizer & it’s really nice! They fried the prawns very well, not oily & the prawn is fresh. And i like the sunflower seeds, goes well with it!


Personally i quite enjoy the soup. Not much of herbal taste. It actually more sweet, chicken slice was tender & it kind of absorbed the sweet taste too.


I find this ok only. Decent & edible lah, if not nothing special. But i quite enjoy the potato & mushrooms. But i’m keen to try out the Lobster Pasta & Panseared Salmon for my next visit.


This is not too bad & it has ice cream in my favourite flavour – Chocolate! =)

I be going for my massage again next month (i’m trying to finish the package fast… Hee) so will try something else this time.

  • The Indulge
  • The Cathay #B1-26
  • Tel: 6732 3952

Mandi Lulur

Has anyone tried this before?? =)  I got to know more about Mandi Lulur from online forums & it seems to be a good body scrub & most importantly it’s CHEAP! It be even cheaper when you get it from Indonesia (around S$1). Too bad… During my Bali trip in last Sep’08 , i wasn’t keen on this scrub yet so didn’t stock up ={


I took the mrt home after the dinner & decide to try & find the shop @ AMK that sells Mandi Lulur. Luckily i manage to find the shop quite easily & it’s located just behind Banquet (Blk 713).


When i reach the shop around 9.15pm, they were closing already. Luckily the auntie was nice enough to let me get the Mandi Lulur. As i don’t have the time to browse through the range, i decide to get the Sumber Ayu Strawberry Yoghurt. This was quite recommended by the ladies from the forums.

So far, i’ve tried it once & my skin feels really nice & smooth especially after i put on the body lotion! =)  Nice……….

This shop @ AMK sells it @ $3.50. You can actually find cheaper ones ($2.50-3) else where but AMK is really convenient for me so for the time being, i’ll get my Mandi Lulur from here first.


I know you will enjoy your birthday celebrations with Lester & your friends =)   Can’t wait to see the update on your blog!

And i wish that you will always be blessed with lots of love , happiness & good health!

I may seems to wish everyone the same thing but they are really important right! =)

And before i end this post, “May your wish comes true”!!! Hugz


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