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Great Massage & Dinner With Wenhui =)

Posted on: April 1, 2009

30th March’09 (Mon)

Recently i was surfing the net & i chanced upon this promotion by Revive Wellness @ Tras St. $88 for 2 person – MLD massage for NTUC card =)  So i thought of Wenhui immediately as she works around Tanjong Pagar area. Just nice she was craving for a massage too so i happily made an appointment for the 2 of us.

Met up with her @ Tanjong Pagar mrt station control, 6pm. It was quite easy to get to Tras St. I remember us taking the exit A =)

When we reach Revive Wellness, the staff served us some tea while we fill up a form. While waiting for our room to be ready, we chatted about wedding package. Wenhui’s sister Wenli is getting married this November & she sign up with Julia Wedding News =)  I wanted to get more info too for a friend.

Then suddenly this lady came to us & asked “Have you sign any package already??”. Haha! Apparently she got 2 good friends who had bridal shops nearby (if i remember correctly, it’s Dio Gio & Silverlining). So she was saying if we are keen to take a look & want to know more, she can help =)

Anyway review for the MLD massage @ Revive Wellness. It seems like they won some award for their MLD massage before!

MLD –  Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. A long established signature and award-winning treatment by Revive Wellness, this very gentle form of therapeutic massage improves the function of the lymphatic system, leading to stronger immunity and reduced water retention.

My therapist is Ika & according to her, i seems quite blocked all over! Haha. This is my 3rd or 4th time having MLD massage & usually it’s quite a gentle kind of massage but the ones @ RW was a bit more firm but shiok @ the same time! And during the massage, she will let you know which are the problem areas & give you tips on what to pay attention to.

By the time i’m done, i thought i felt lighter & more refreshed =)  And the best part is there’s no hard selling! Ika did show us the various packages that they have but when we say no, she just smiles & says it’s ok.


If you are keen to know more, go to the above website =)  I don’t mind going back again.

Dinner Time @ Sweet Indulgence!

I got to know of a promotion from hungrygowhere.com {Buy any 2 mains or pasta and get 1 free signature dessert (“Warm choc lava indulgence” / tiramisu / creme brule / cheesecake) }.

Wenhui came here before as her office is nearby only & she told me the food is not bad =)

We came right after our massage & we were the only customers. Not a surprise as it’s a monday & i guess the working crowd come mostly for lunch. So end up we had a nice quiet meal & had a great time chatting with each other.






Wenhui let me tried a bit of the chicken with the mango. The chicken was tender , mango was kind of sour but somehow compliment each other quite well.

As for my Pacific Dory ($23.50), it was done perfectly. Fish was very fresh & i really enjoy the mashed potato & vegetables that comes with it. Portion was just nice too!

Up next – It’s the complimentry dessert!


We chose to have this among the 4 items! I simply love chocolate & i’m glad Wenhui likes it too =)


What can i say!!! The sight of the chocolate oozing out is WOW! =)  And i enjoy the vanilla ice cream + i like what they added underneath (taste like finely crushed peanuts).

Overall i really like the food here & the price is reasonable =)  For those who are keen on the current promotion, it’s valid till end of June.

Anyway i’m looking forward to my next visit as there are other dishes which i’m keen to try. Hey Wenhui… When are you free for dinner? Hee!

Sweet Indulgence
2 Stanley Street
Tel: 6223 7707


2 Responses to "Great Massage & Dinner With Wenhui =)"

Hey June,

Does this place provide full body massage or massage that will ease tension and headaches? I think I’m full of knots everywhere.

And for the first time, I’m reading your blog on a full stomach. Haha!

Hi Jolene,

The MLD massage i went for @ RW is a 1 hour full body massage =) As for which massage that will ease tension and headaches, you have to double check with RW. Do check out the RW website that i’ve posted. They do have other kinds of massage to choose from.

There’s another place i want to recommend – Spa Thematique @ HV =) I went for a very good promo last year. I like the ambience & my therapist was Suttini who’s a very nice motherly figure and she makes me feel very comfortable during my spa treatment.

And the best part about this 2 places – there was no hard selling =)

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