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At Old Town With My Bestie & Penelopy

Posted on: April 10, 2009

10th April’09 (Fri)

It’s been quite a while since i last went to East Coast with Phylicia & Penelopy. So when Phy asked if i’m keen to go today, i said YES! =)

As Phy hasn’t been to Old Town yet so we decide to go there for dinner. Even though i’ve been here before, i usually go for the drinks , soft boiled eggs & toast only. So tonight was a good chance for me to try out the food here!


The Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun is pretty good! =)  I think this is the first time i’ve seen Ipoh Hor Fun in soup version. Anyway the soup is quite nice & sweet + the chilli padi that i put in makes it slightly spicy! Great for the cooling weather after the rain. I just wish there were more chicken & prawns! =)

By the way, i quite like the kaya & butter toast @ Old Town. One of the better ones i’ve tried & the amount of kaya & butter always seems just nice! But usually i’ll request for more butter if possible =)

As for the service, i think can be better. Sometimes the service can be a bit slow / the staff seems kind of blur. For example, Kenny (Phy’s hubby) who joined us later order Nasi Lemak. And when the food comes, there was no fork & spoon!

Talking about Nasi Lemak, it looks really good. Lots of customers order this item =)  I think for my next visit, i’ll either try the Nasi Lemak, Prawn Noodle or Assam Laksa!

  • Old Town White Coffee
  • Playground @ Big Splash
  • Blk B #01-08/09
  • Tel: 6344 4404

Anyway enough about the food, let’s talk about Penelopy! =)

Didn’t really meet up much with Phy after our Tokyo trip. So today i was very delighted to see the 2 of them. And Penelopy seems more grown up ever since she starts going to school =)  And she can speaks better now. So cute lah!

She was saying “God Ma I Love You” (when she was trying to get me give her my Clorets!) , “God Ma… Come to my house”.

Anyway today i took the chance to take some pictures of her.


Nowadays she really gives lots of facial expressions. Really funny @ times!

And she got a new haircut. Somehow i still prefer her to have longer hair =)

Anyway it was a joy to have her around & it’s great to meet up with Phy. I be meeting up with her again tomorrow for lunch & then in the evening, we will attend Liqing’s baby girl Clarice 1 Year old birthday party =)

Quite looking forward to it! Will be back to update.

12th April’09 (Sun)

Met up with Phy again for dinner as she feels like going to Old Town again =)

I myself was happy to go back too as i’m going to try out something else tonight! Yeah….


OMG…. This is really GOOD! I like it very much =)  Soup is really nice – very flavourful. Portion just nice for me & it makes me really full.

Next visit – i’m going to try the Assam Laksa! =)  Phy is very keen too! Hee.

As it was still early, we went to walk around @ Parkway Parade.

Phy & i went to Mothercare & i saw some clothes are on 50% off. Got a nice top for Baby Athan =)  Can’t wait to pass it to him soon! And when we left Mothercare, i saw something interesting & i bought it for Penelopy!


I’ve seen this kind of balloon before & i can see Penelopy was having fun with it. It look as if she’s really bringing a real dog out to walk =)

It was nice to walk around & enjoy some ice cream before we left Parkway. Great long weekend spent with my bestie =)  Like i’ve said before, i didn’t see her much after the Tokyo trip so it was great to do some catching up during these 3 days.  

Phy… I’m looking forward to our next visit to Old Town! =)


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