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Mr Chicken Rice & Clarice’s 1st Birthday Party

Posted on: April 14, 2009

11th April’09 (Sat)

Time flies & it’s Clarice’s 1st birthday! I remember seeing her for the first time when she was just a few months old & she was so small. Hee!

My friend Liqing has organized a birthday party & its a buffet dinner that starts @ 5.30pm.

But i have plans with my bestie earlier in the day! I met her @ Punggol Plaza after she’s done with her mani & pedi =)  Suppose to have lunch first but Kenny wanted to go for chicken rice @ Downtown East.

So we went back to Phy’s place first & let her give Penelopy a shower while Kenny concentrated with his online games! Haiz.


I got Penelopy some Hello Kitty stickers & she was so happy. Kept wanting to take out the stickers =)  And she was having a lot of fun with it.

Currently she’s quite crazy about “Kitty” stuff so i suppose anything with cats will interest her! Hee.

Lunch @ Mr Chicken Rice

Quite looking forward to lunch as i was getting a bit hungry. And also we are going to Mr Chicken Rice which was open by the chef who was well known for his chicken rice @ Chatterbox Cafe , Mandarin Hotel.

I’ve never tried it when he was still @ Chatterbox Cafe so quite happy to be able to try out the chicken rice today.



 I find the chicken rice pretty good. I’m no food critic so i’m not good with the description but somehow the chicken is done in the way i like it =)  Plus i kind of like the sesame oil mixture sauce which i’ll always like to put some into my rice =) 

Chilli (very important) was good too! I kept dipping the slices of chicken into it. As for the vege, can’t go too wrong with the version with oyster sauce!

After lunch, all us went back to Phy’s place & i manage to get some rest! Penelopy was very nice to let me sleep on her bed. I slept but she didn’t & she either kept pulling my hair or scratch me to get my attention =_=

Clarice’s 1st Birthday Celebration


There were lots of kids around & can see Penelopy is enjoying herself.

And Liqing order a very nice cake for Clarice =)  The picture is of a cute little girl… Very nice esp the rosy cheeks part. And there was also a Barney jelly from Liqing’s SIL. Can see the kids go “crazy” when they saw it. Hee.

I myself like the Barney jelly too & i even got the contact from Liqing. In case i want to order one too =)  Lots of designs to choose from!

After the cake cutting, all of us went outside to sit & chit chat. It was good that Liqing’s flat was a ground floor unit so very spacious outside the house. Can sit anywhere you want.

And with me around, there be lots of picture taking =)

By the way, i don’t know why the top make me look so preggy that night =_= *sob*



It was great to catch up with everyone. But too bad Wileen can’t join us! Hope you recover soon =) 

After we left Liqing’s place, we proceed on to Mac to chit chat.


It was quite amusing when i see Penelopy kept dipping her nugget into the curry sauce. Partly she like sauce – any kind as long she likes it. Haha.

It was a great day spent with my friends. And for my bestie, it was really great to spend the whole long weekend with her. I met her 3 days in a row! Haha… =)


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