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Visiting Little Charmaine =)

Posted on: April 14, 2009

12th April’09 (Sun)

Before i went to meet Phy @ her place, i pop by Cynthia’s place which is just opposite the road to visit Charmaine =)

Initially i was worried if it be kind of awkward cause firstly i’ve never seen her kids before & secondly i’ve not seen Cynthia for a long time.

But it turns out fine as the kids get along pretty well with me =)  And i got to chat a bit with Cynthia too. Poor thing, can see she’s really tired. And due to some problems, Cynthia’s maid has to leave so beside taking care of the 2 kids, she has to handle the housework , cooking, etc.

Really not easy for her as she also has to accompany Charmaine to the hospital for her treatments, check up. I really hope things will get better for them.


I know Charmaine like Dora stuff very much so i got all these for her. Even though it’s the first time i see her, i like her instantly. Both the kids are very adorable & they interact very well. We were having fun playing with the toys & stickers =)

By the way, i got my ears pulled a few times / “scolding” from them! Haha. All because i kept saying “Lah & Lor”.

Jolene – I heard you also kana from them huh! Hee.


Look @ the smile from Charmaine! She was still very bubbly & it’s really sad to see her suffering from such an illness. And she has dropped a lot of hair now due to chemo. Poor thing!! Hugz…

Don’t worry… Your hair will grow back when you get better ok! Continue to fight the monster in you!! 加油 & don’t give up! Be a good girl & Auntie June will get you Dora tops ok =)

Anyway we had fun taking pictures – the 2 kids love it! Haha. And i must say Charmaine did a pretty good job with phototaking=)

Well tomorrow Charmaine will be admitted to NUH for another round of chemo. I hope everything goes well. God please bless them!

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!


Actually this year i seems to be getting news from my friends that they be admitted into hospital for surgery or treatment. For example – My good friend Wileen who were @ Mount Alvernia last month. Never expect her to go for surgery for some problems. But luckily everything went well & i wish her a speedy recovery.

Then last night i realised Eileen (i got to know her from a forum) got appendix problem & this morning she was admitted to TTSH for treatment. Hope everything goes well for her too.

It’s kind of scary to know suddenly that you could be suffering from some sort of illness. This is when i realised insurance is important. I’m glad i’m sufficiently covered. We never know when will something happen to us so please @ least get some coverage for yourself even if you have a budget.

I never used to believe in insurance as i thought it’s a waste of money. But due to the constant “nagging” from my dad few years ago, i finally bought one for myself. Thanks dad =)  I know you meant well.

For those who know that my brother is an insurance agent, don’t get mistaken, i’m not promoting for him yah =)  But if you are keen to get more info about insurance from him, can let me know.

Cause after knowing about what happened to my friends, i really do appreciate having insurance. But everyone budget & expectations are different so it’s good to understand more even if you got other agents to approach =) 

Anyway May God Bless Everyone With Good Health =)


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