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Posted on: May 30, 2009

Last evening before i go for my long walk, i decide to check the weather first as i thought it’s looks kinda dark.

So i walk to my parent’s room & open the windows. Got a pleasant surprise & i quickly take a picture =)


I was quite amazed by the shape of the cloud! Isn’t this interesting!! =)


Then on my right, i saw this! =)  No special shape but i find it nice to just look @ the clouds.

Sometimes in life we just have to stop a while , look around & enjoy some nice scenery. It can be anything too – for example kids playing around. Maybe i like playing with babies & kids (when they are not naughty! Haha), seeing them so cute & innocent makes me smile.

Anyway i hope everyone enjoys the weekend =)


2 days ago i went for my dental appointment @ De Pacific Dental (AMK branch). I dread going to the dentist as i kind of hate the noise made by the tools & machine. And for some reason, i can’t seems to open my mouth for too long. End up i’ll usually request for a few “breaks” to rinse my mouth! Haha.

Luckily i’m just going for the scaling & polishing.

I’ve been coming here for 2 years already & I go to Dr Chua – very nice & patient person.

Anyway i was so glad when i’m done & i happily made my payment. It was getting late & i’ve not had my lunch so i walk to S11 for prawn noodles =)

page 2

Usually i go for the Lor Mee @ this stall. But whenever i see other people eating the prawn noodle, it looks so yummy so today i decide to try it.

Personally i find it good & i was really enjoying it =)  Soup was good and the portion was just nice with the right amount of ingredients & noodles! Definitely will come back again!!

By the way, the western food stall (Rasa Sayang) next to this prawn noodle stall serve pretty nice food too. It’s been a long time since i last had their western food. Maybe it’s time to try it again =)

  • Penang Delights
  • Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
  • S11 Food Centre (Stall 7) 
  • Singapore 560711

After a very satisfying lunch, i walked to the mrt station to take the train to Orchard. It was the Tangs sale & i wanted to take a look!

Wanted to get a dress for a friend’s wedding but nothing suitable & nice so i proceed on to the lingerie department.


I was surprised when i walked into the fitting room. Very interesting! =)  Anyway i managed to get something i like & with the 20% off + 12% rebate makes me happy. I think next time i’ll come back to Tangs for my lingerie shopping as i quite like the range here.

I can’t believe i spent a few hours here as a lot of time are spent in the queue – for both fitting room & cashier! Kind of tiring but satisfied with my purchase =)  I also took part in the lucky draw! Hope i can win something!

End up having a late dinner @ Thai Express (Paragon). Thank god my bro & his gf were @ Orchard so they met up with me & drove me home!

It nice to travel home in comfort after a tiring day! Thanks Bro! =)

22nd May’09 (Fri)

My dear friend Magdelene & Weiwen little princess Sarah finally turns 1 =)  And i was invited to her birthday party which was held @ Aranda Country Club, Pasir Ris.

As i arrive rather early, i got to chat with Magdelene before the rest of the guests arrive. And she gave me a BIG SURPRISE!! Mag was wearing a dress & @ first i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me – “Her tummy looks quite round & a little big”.

Then Mag smiles & put her hands on her tummy & announced to me “Yes June, i’m 5 months pregnant & i’m due in Sep”

OMG… I was really happy lah! Didn’t expect her to get pregnant again so fast! Hee. And this time it’s a BOY!! Sarah is going to be a big sister soon =)  Can’t wait for the little one to arrive in Sep!

Anyway the party was held @ the Executive Suite which is just nice for a small cosy celebration. I’ve been here once before few years ago for my brother’s birthday celebration.

page 1

Magdelene order a very nice & cute Hello Kitty cake for Sarah. Sarah’s grandma was very nice to sponsor the cake =)  And there more!


There’s also the cupcakes! =)  And all the cupcakes were given to the kids after the party together with a goodie bag. It was very thoughtful of Magdelene to do all this. There was really quite a lot of kids around & it makes them very happy!

page 2

Suppose to have a few other classmates coming but i guess due to work, most of them couldn’t make it. Luckily Brian came with his gf so i’m not alone. And i’m so glad to see him as we kind of lost contact after ITE. And i’m glad there was no awkward moments & we chatted – just like those good old days =)  His gf Michelle was a very sweet & easy going person. I really enjoyed talking to her & i made a new friend.

Overall it was a great party – simple & sweet with family, friends & relatives around. Seeing Weiwen & Magdelene with Sarah really makes me smile! Gives me a very blissful feeling =) 

From the days @ ITE where all of us were still students till they started dating, got married & now having their sweet little family, it’s really a picture of bliss!

And i’m glad i got back in touch with them cause for most of them after i’ve left ITE, i just kind of lost touch. Not sure why but somehow things like this will happen in friendship. But im just glad i took the initiative to get in touch with them & we are like back to those good old days & it will definitely stay this way =)

By the way before i end this post, i would like to congratulate Peishan on her newborn baby boy! =)  Will visit you soon!

Got to know from someone’s blog that Aroma @ Hotel Intercontinental is giving away free coffee & croissant during the month of May =)

Free coffee

Sounds good yah!


Follow the link & print out the mailer & you are ready to collect your free coffee & croissant to enjoy! =)

It’s been a month since i last met up with Phy! Was missing her & Penelopy so arranged to have dinner with her =)

As usual, i will go to her place earlier to chit chat & play with Penelopy. But i had to get some shopping done @ Compass Point first.

page 2


All the above were part of my shopping list. Some of you may know that i’m going overseas next month to Guangzhou, Shenzhen & HK. Currently there’s no plans to cancel the trip yet so i thought it’s a good idea to bring all these along.

I’m not sure if the face mask are selling out fast in Singapore but when i see it selling @ Guardian, i quickly get a box as my dad has been wanting to get some for the family too.

For those who are keen to get it, 1 box of 50 face masks is selling for $15. They have smaller packs in small quantity too – forgot the price though.

At Phy’s place

I bought bubble tea for both of us to enjoy while we chat. As for Penelopy, she was busy entertaining herself with her toys & @ the same time aiming @ my bubble tea whenever i put it down on the table. Itchy hands lah… Kept wanting to touch it! Haha.

Oh my…. She learns fast ok! Phy was trying to tell her that she can’t drink bubble tea yet so have to wait till she’s older.

Guess what….!!!! After dinner, we were on the way home in the car & Penelopy was having some biscuits. So i asked for some & she replied “God Ma… Wait till you are older ok!” =_=  *speechless*

Anyway picture time! =)



She was having fun “doing facials” for me! Then i decide to teach her to “inject” botox for me. Haha! So she chose a “tool” & start my “pampering session”.




The 3 ladies who like to take pictures! Haha =)

page 2

Kenny got a $50 voucher so we came her for dinner. We got the set meal & added the hotplate beef. The food was not too bad but for the cost, you are paying for high class kopitiam food. Hee!

I enjoy the braised fish & hotplate beef! Tiger prawns are fresh. As for the lamb with chilli paste, it was really salty but if you go with more rice, it neutralize the salty taste. Hee!

After dinner, it’s time to walk around to digest a bit. So while Phy & i shop around @ Raffles City, Kenny went over to Suntec to get his stuff.


Phy got herself a necklace & shorts @ Topshop. And Penelopy was enjoying walking around, looking @ the clothes & accessories. Haha! I’m sure she will grow up to be a great shopping companion =)

And somehow she loved the necklace & kept wanting to put it on! Aiyoh… Haha!

I’ve been having quite a bit of cakes recently & i thought i can feature them in my blog. If you have any cravings for cakes, perhaps can give it a try! =)

Pine Garden

Recently i went to Pine Garden with my parents as my dad wants to get some rice dumplings. I used to frequent Pine Garden but it’s been a long time since i last came here. So i’m glad i’m able to try their cakes again =)


This is my favourite cake from Pine Garden. I always like chocolate & this one is done in a way i like =)


I know this is one of the popular range from Pine Garden but somehow i just always go straight for my chocolate cake. Hee! So today i decide to get a slice & try.

And it’s pretty good! =)  Got a nice sweet lychee taste but i don’t drink martini so i don’t know how it taste like. Haha! It’s something i don’t mind having again.

  • Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
  • #01-2369/2329
  • Singapore 560529
  • Tel: 6457 6159

Canelé Pâtisserie

Last thursday i went to the Isetan Private Sale. Went to get my Fancl Cleansing Oil & manage to get 2 tops =)  Usually after shopping, i like to go to the supermarket @ the basement to see what they have. This time i’m with my bro & Angeline for the IPS so can get more food to share!


Our favourite fried seafood! Very shiok!! =) 

Before i leave Shaw Centre, i could not resist the temptation to get some cakes. Looks so good! So while my bro & Angeline get their macarons, i start to choose the cakes i want =)

page 2

I must admit one of the factors which made me want to get the cakes is the packaging. Haha!

I find the strawberry shortcake alright. I’m more attracted to my triple chocolate cheesecake =)  So yummy!!

  • Canelé Pâtisserie
  • Shaw Centre #01-01A
  • Singapore 228208
  • Tel: 6738 9020


11th May’09

Today is my brother’s gf Angeline’s birthday =)  Hope you enjoy your birthday celebrations with my bro & your family today.

Happy Birthday & may your wish comes true!

8th May’09

Another busy day for me =)  Met up with Lisi & Joel @ Seletar Broadway to choose her gowns. The previous experience wasn’t so good as Lisi had a hard time choosing her evening gown as the variety wasn’t too good. But today they has new arrivals & it’s so much better =)

Very happy for her that she managed to get what she wants. Won’t be showing her gowns here but will be doing a special entry for her in Oct after her wedding =)

Anyway back to dinner!

This year we went to Edogawa @ Central (Clarke Quay). From the reviews on hungrygowhere, it was pretty positive so my bro & i decided on this place for jap buffet.

page 2

page 4

Main thing about jap buffet is to enjoy lots of good & fresh sashimi. And the ones @ Edogawa is good especially the yellowtail. It was really nice =)

And there’s this teppanyaki duck which i really enjoy! Overall the standard of the food is not bad & it was an enjoyable meal. And we were lucky to get a corner window seat with a nice night view of Clarke Quay.

And i must say the service @ Edogawa is quite good. Despite having quite a bit of china workers (no discrimination) @ this jap restaurant, they were nice & friendly. I thought one of the managers was quite good looking =)

Standard Chartered credit cards can get 10% off the buffet price so it cost about $40 per pax after the discount.

  • Edogawa Japanese Teppanyaki
  • #04-85 The Central
  • Tel: 6410 9610

page 6

Before we end the dinner, i got them to serve Angeline her birthday cake! It’s actually only a slice! Hee… I got it @ TCC! Somehow i just like having a cake (whole or slice) or some sort of dessert with a candle on it for birthdays! I just find it more complete lah =)

After i’ve settled the bill, all of us went for a walk around Clarke Quay & it was nice & cooling. And i took quite a bit of pictures for my bro & Angeline – the very sweet couple =)

page 7

page 8

It was very relaxing just to walk around like this after dinner. I had an enjoyable night & i hope my bro & Angeline feels the same way =)

Once again…. Happy Birthday!! Hugz!


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