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Great Saturday!

Posted on: May 6, 2009

It was a day filled with activities with my dear ones & dear friends =)

After a nice shower, i put on my makeup & got changed. Then with my bro, i happily go to my eldest aunt’s place to visit the 2 little ones – Athena & Athan =)  I bought something for them… Clothes for both of them & stickers for Athena!


The last time i saw Baby Athan was during his 1st month celebration & he has grown so much! So cute & chubby!! I was really happy to see him & Athena =)

More pictures of them!




I bought her some stickers & she love it =)  It was great to see her having so much fun with it. I also got some for Penelopy too & she likes it too.


I only stayed for about 1 hour+ or 2 hours as i have to meet up with Michelle. I was going to accompany her to this home based tailor who’s going to make Michelle’s wedding gown =)

Michelle was very well prepared with the various designs & details she likes. After some discussion together with the tailor, we have kind of come to a conclusion on what looks good on Michelle =)  Next saturday, i be going to Arab Street with Michelle to see if there’s suitable lace for her gown.

By the way, i got a surprise from Michelle that was really touching =)


She has written me a Thank You card!! =)  It feels really good to know that she appreciates all my help & effort even though i did it willingly. And actually i don’t think i did much – just accompany her for appointments & help to search for info.

And then there’s something which makes me happy too!

It’s Tea Time!! =)


Eurasian loves such a spread for afternoon tea & i love it =)  By the way, the sandwich is really nice – it’s the fillings lah! I think it’s green pepper something & i really like the taste. Michelle & i ate quite a bit! Hee.

When Jeremy reached, he was treated to more food & beer! Haha. Then it’s back to Jeremy’s place for more yummy food =)  Thanks to his mum for the great dinner!!

Now i’m looking forward to friday! Be meeting another friend for her gowns selection & also a jap buffet dinner with my bro & Angeline! =)  More yummy food but must walked more to burn off the calories!! Hee.


4 Responses to "Great Saturday!"

wahh! haha how come gown testing got tea one! (: hehe
so nice that u accompany them to try their gowns
for the most impt day of their lives! hehe
i would love to have that experience
next time u will be an expert when it’s your turn!

Cause it’s an home based one so i guess ambience more relaxed compare to bridal shops =) Plus they are eurasian so it’s part of their culture! Hee.

Actually i quite enjoy accompanying my friends for their gowns selections. And i’m sure you will get a chance to experience it =) You know something… I always think that if i’m getting married, i would love to have you, Gladys & Qirong as my jie mei. Hee! It be so nice & fun… But i must first find a husband! Haha

hahah (: well. go find one! haha so we can be ur jie meis! it will be sooo fun!!! hehe

I’m trying my best… Will update you immediately if there’s any news! Haha =) Have a good day! Hugz…

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