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Meeting Up With My Bestie =)

Posted on: May 19, 2009

It’s been a month since i last met up with Phy! Was missing her & Penelopy so arranged to have dinner with her =)

As usual, i will go to her place earlier to chit chat & play with Penelopy. But i had to get some shopping done @ Compass Point first.

page 2


All the above were part of my shopping list. Some of you may know that i’m going overseas next month to Guangzhou, Shenzhen & HK. Currently there’s no plans to cancel the trip yet so i thought it’s a good idea to bring all these along.

I’m not sure if the face mask are selling out fast in Singapore but when i see it selling @ Guardian, i quickly get a box as my dad has been wanting to get some for the family too.

For those who are keen to get it, 1 box of 50 face masks is selling for $15. They have smaller packs in small quantity too – forgot the price though.

At Phy’s place

I bought bubble tea for both of us to enjoy while we chat. As for Penelopy, she was busy entertaining herself with her toys & @ the same time aiming @ my bubble tea whenever i put it down on the table. Itchy hands lah… Kept wanting to touch it! Haha.

Oh my…. She learns fast ok! Phy was trying to tell her that she can’t drink bubble tea yet so have to wait till she’s older.

Guess what….!!!! After dinner, we were on the way home in the car & Penelopy was having some biscuits. So i asked for some & she replied “God Ma… Wait till you are older ok!” =_=  *speechless*

Anyway picture time! =)



She was having fun “doing facials” for me! Then i decide to teach her to “inject” botox for me. Haha! So she chose a “tool” & start my “pampering session”.




The 3 ladies who like to take pictures! Haha =)

page 2

Kenny got a $50 voucher so we came her for dinner. We got the set meal & added the hotplate beef. The food was not too bad but for the cost, you are paying for high class kopitiam food. Hee!

I enjoy the braised fish & hotplate beef! Tiger prawns are fresh. As for the lamb with chilli paste, it was really salty but if you go with more rice, it neutralize the salty taste. Hee!

After dinner, it’s time to walk around to digest a bit. So while Phy & i shop around @ Raffles City, Kenny went over to Suntec to get his stuff.


Phy got herself a necklace & shorts @ Topshop. And Penelopy was enjoying walking around, looking @ the clothes & accessories. Haha! I’m sure she will grow up to be a great shopping companion =)

And somehow she loved the necklace & kept wanting to put it on! Aiyoh… Haha!


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