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Prawn Noodles & Shopping Day

Posted on: May 29, 2009

2 days ago i went for my dental appointment @ De Pacific Dental (AMK branch). I dread going to the dentist as i kind of hate the noise made by the tools & machine. And for some reason, i can’t seems to open my mouth for too long. End up i’ll usually request for a few “breaks” to rinse my mouth! Haha.

Luckily i’m just going for the scaling & polishing.

I’ve been coming here for 2 years already & I go to Dr Chua – very nice & patient person.

Anyway i was so glad when i’m done & i happily made my payment. It was getting late & i’ve not had my lunch so i walk to S11 for prawn noodles =)

page 2

Usually i go for the Lor Mee @ this stall. But whenever i see other people eating the prawn noodle, it looks so yummy so today i decide to try it.

Personally i find it good & i was really enjoying it =)  Soup was good and the portion was just nice with the right amount of ingredients & noodles! Definitely will come back again!!

By the way, the western food stall (Rasa Sayang) next to this prawn noodle stall serve pretty nice food too. It’s been a long time since i last had their western food. Maybe it’s time to try it again =)

  • Penang Delights
  • Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
  • S11 Food Centre (Stall 7) 
  • Singapore 560711

After a very satisfying lunch, i walked to the mrt station to take the train to Orchard. It was the Tangs sale & i wanted to take a look!

Wanted to get a dress for a friend’s wedding but nothing suitable & nice so i proceed on to the lingerie department.


I was surprised when i walked into the fitting room. Very interesting! =)  Anyway i managed to get something i like & with the 20% off + 12% rebate makes me happy. I think next time i’ll come back to Tangs for my lingerie shopping as i quite like the range here.

I can’t believe i spent a few hours here as a lot of time are spent in the queue – for both fitting room & cashier! Kind of tiring but satisfied with my purchase =)  I also took part in the lucky draw! Hope i can win something!

End up having a late dinner @ Thai Express (Paragon). Thank god my bro & his gf were @ Orchard so they met up with me & drove me home!

It nice to travel home in comfort after a tiring day! Thanks Bro! =)


6 Responses to "Prawn Noodles & Shopping Day"

hey..how’s your dentist like? is he fierce? i need one…i hate dentist too.. sigh…

and hahahaa.. i was at tangs too.. and i took pics in that same fitting room as u lah! i recon. the big round ‘bed’ 😛 hahaha.. i a couple of lingerie there as well :}

Hi Eileen =) Don’t worry… Dr Chua is not fierce! That’s why i go to him as i really need someone who’s patient.

http://www.depacific.com/ You can check out the website. Depending on which location is nearer for you, Dr Chua does go to both branches so do call up & check the schedule with the reception.

Btw such a coincidence! Hee… We actually took pictures in the same fitting room! =) Maybe for the next sale, we can go together!

Hi June,

You mean tis fitting room is at Tangs? Oh my… I’m so going to buy lingerie from Tags. Hee… I just realised I loooong time no leave comment liao. But I do click your blog regularly! =D

Yes… It’s @ Tangs!! =) The fitting room is 1 of the factor that makes me want to get my future purchase of lingerie from there! Hee.

Anyway no worries about not leaving comments lah =) And i’m also a regular reader of your blog too!!

Hey June,

U go to the same dentist as I do!! and Dr Chua is my hubby’s buddy..hahaha..what a small world!

Haha…. Such a coincidence!! =) Hmmm…. for my next appointment, can i mention your hubby to get discount?? Hee!

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