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As usual, i’ll meet up with Wenhui for our birthday celebration together as it’s just a few days apart =)  Mine is 29th June while her’s is 4th July.

I realise July is a busy month for me when it’s comes to birthdays – Mummy (3rd July), Gladys (19th July) & my bestie Phy (20th July). And also a good friend of mine from ITE Brian (30th July). Hee!

This year we arranged to meet @ Central & her sister Wenya is joining us. Inital plans was to go Liang Court but Wenya & i reach Central first so we end up walking around & Mr Curry sort of caught our attention. It’s actually under Waraku management =)

Wenhui arrived shortly & she likes the place too so we decide to try this place since all of us has never been here before.

page 2

I like the ambience & the decor was very interesting. We actually wanted to take the more inner seats as we all kind of like the background (bottom right picture) but we were told it’s for reservations ={

page 1

Food is pretty good & the price is reasonable too. I had this hamburger steak set which comes with rice & pickles too ($13.80). Curry taste just nice & it’s pretty shiok to enjoy my hamburger with the curry sauce.


Look @ the display! This is what got mine & Wenya’s attention. I noticed this restaurant for the first time when i was @ Central in May. Happened to walk passed when i was trying to look for a cake.

If you have HSBC credit card, can get 10% off. OCBC cards can get $10 voucher with min $30 spent (if i remember correctly)


By the way, i just went to view the website & you can print a 20% off voucher! Valid till 31st August. Just click on the above link!

The Central #03-84

Tel: 6221 8860

After dinner, we wanted to go to either TCC or Coffee Club for drinks but it’s all packed. I think it was Wenya who suggested to find somewhere in basement & i immediately thought of 1 place!

Java Dreams Coffee & Roastery!

The place was empty when we reached but the whole place is quite ok even though it’s not a big place.

page 3

The drinks & dessert were quite ok. I don’t mind coming back here for a drink & chit chat wiith friends again. It’s located @ a nice quiet corner so it’s good if you want to avoid the crowd.


For Wenhui & i, we have the habit of giving presents to each other =)  This year i got her a scented candle from Tangs. Glad she like it!


And this is what Wenhui gave me & it’s so lovely! =)  I should sort out some nice pictures with the 2 of us & put it in this photo frame!

Anyway it’s almost 10pm & in another 2 hours, i be officially 29! Hmmm… sounds kind of old! Haha. Looking forward to more celebrations! Had dinner with my family tonight =)  Tuesday i be meeting Xiuli & if nothing goes wrong, i’ll be going to Jaan with my bestie on the 12th =)  This year some of the celebrations had to be delayed cause i just came back from HK & China so initially i try to avoid meeting friends. Must be responsible & play safe lah =)


My friendship with Christina goes all the way back to my studies days @ Thames =)  We were really good friends & got along really well. But after my diploma, i didn’t continue while Christina carried on with her degree.

At some point, we just sort of lost contact. I don’t know why but i guess it just happen when @ a point in life, both of us were busy with our own things & slowly drift apart.

But somehow Christina & i do always think of each other throughout all these years. So when she sms me last week & she happened to got me @ the right moment, we quickly arranged to meet up the next night for dinner =)


We met up @ TCC , International Building branch for dinner. When i see her, there was no awkwardness @ all (i was a little tiny bit worried as it’s been about 10 years since i last saw her). We were really happy to see each other & just chatted like those good old days!! =)

I guess why we can get along so well is because our characters & family background are similar + we are the very easy going kind! Hee.

And Christina was really sweet & she still remember my birthday! =)  She wanted to treat me but i insist we just go dutch lah. Morever she even got me a present too & it’s from her own shop.

Do show some support if you like accessories & jewellery!!


I just went to view her website & it’s really awesome!! I intend to pay her a visit @ her shop soon. Think i’ll go crazy there!! Haha.

page 1

She made a great choice for the gift!! =)  Love it!! And i was telling her how appropriate the gift was cause i find the round shape to represent a Reunion for the 2 of us.

Anyway it was a great night out with her & time passes real fast when you are enjoying yourself =)  But we are meeting up real soon again as we are going for high tea in July!! I’m so looking forward to it & so is Christina! =)

By the way, if you like the pasta @ TCC, they are currently having a promotion for Citibank cardholders 1 for 1 pasta. But there’s only 3 kinds (Spaghetti De Clam, Shiso Salmon Spaghetti & Basil Pesto Chicken Spaghetti) to choose from & i find it ok as both Christina & i got something we like & it’s good! Not sure when it be ending (i thought i saw 30th June) so do check out Citibank website soon for more details!


Hi Everyone, if you like to watch soccer & want to do some charity, now there’s a good chance!!

Refer to the above blog link for more details. It’s all happening on this Sunday (28th June) @ Tampines Stadium & it’s just $10!! Please show some support & get more friends together to go & watch the match!!

Thank You & God Bless Everyone!! =)

About 2 days before my trip, i met up with Xiuli for dinner @ Bakerzin, Northpoint. I got this birthday voucher from Lee Hwa & i’m entitle to 15% off for ala carte menu & a free warm chocolate cake.

I usually go for drinks & cakes. I think i only tried their food once but it was so long ago.


Before i pick up my phone to call for a cab, i look out of the window. Weather looks fine actually & with my sunglasses, it should be ok if i just walked to the bus stop & take a bus.

And morever i got a straight bus to Yishun. Must save $$$… And i’m glad i did =)  The money i saved goes to my meal!!

My dinner @ Bakerzin

Xiuli & i opt for the All Day Set Menu @ $13.80++ (but no 15% off if u opt for the set meal).

page 3

I had the Teriyaki Chicken Rice while Xiuli had the Ham & Bacon Penne With Cream Sauce. Overall the standard of the food is quite good & i like the ambience @ this outlet. Partly we went on a monday night so not so crowded.

page 4

Luckily i can still get my free Warm Chocolate Cake! It was so yummy!! =)

I can forsee myself coming back for more of the set meals. There’s also the $16.80++ set meals to try.

And for those who like cheesecake, there’s currently 50% off for New York Cheesecake till end of June.


A few days before my trip, I went to Ah Yat Abalone for dinner with my family as my dad got vouchers for free abalones =)

Think this is my 2nd or 3rd time @ Ah Yat. So beside the free abalones, my dad order the set dinner for 6 persons. Now let’s see what we had!

page 2

page 4

page 6

page 8

Overall the food is not too bad. Suits my taste but price wise… I think i may come only with my dad! Haha.

Service is good as my dad is a regular there so most of the stuff recognize him.

Now looking forward to my mummy & my birthday celebration this sunday. Going for more yummy food @ Premier Thai located @ Sembawang Road. It’s also been a long time since i last came here.

  • Ah Yat Abalone
  • 101 Victoria Street
  • Allson Hotel
  • Tel: 6332 2288

Up next – Dessert Time @ Liang Seah Street

Yup… There was dessert already @ Ah Yat but my bro & Angeline still got cravings for desserts @ Liang Seah St so i tag along too.

We always go to Ah Chew so this time decide to try “Ji De Chi” that’s opposite the road.

And while waiting for a table, i could sense a pair of eyes looking @ me! Guess what… It’s my siao cha bo friend Liping!! Haha. Such a coincidence lah =)

page 9

I tried the mango sago & i find it ok only. Prefer the ones @ Ah Chew more! Angeline’s black sesame looks good though.

So we decide to go back to Ah Chew for 2nd round of dessert. Wahahaha!

page 10

My brother always like to make funny face =_=  You will see more of such pictures in my up-coming post about my holiday trip! Haha.

By the way, i really like my durian with mango sago. Quite good leh!

And we end the night @ Rochor Beancurd. We tabao each of our favourite stuff to eat. I was really full so just had some “You Tiao”.

Been eating a lot… Now i’m really scared of putting on more weight liao! Been trying to drink more green tea after my meal nowadays to wash away the oily stuff. Must look nice & lean for a good friend’s wedding in Oct.

Vacation logo

I’m going for another trip & this time i’m going to Guangzhou, Shenzhen & HK with my brother & his gf =)

Been to all 3 places before & i hope i can get to discover more new makan places & shopping. It’s been a long time since i last travel during summer month (Bali was in Sep’08 but it’s more of relaxation).

Hope it be a great trip! Makan & shopping… Here i come!

Before i start, i must clarify something. I’m not the one getting married lah! =)  I’m the helper for the day for my 2 friends – Joel & Li Shee!

The day started early @ 9.30am where all of us arrived @ Seletar Broadway to let Li Shee get her hair & makeup done.

And before they start with everything…. I pass something to Joel & Li Shee first =)


I got this done twice for 2 other friends but due to their long names (including their spouse), i can only put the wordings as “Just Married” & then put their names & wedding dates in sticker text.

So this time i’m very glad to get this design done for Joel & Li Shee =)  I like it a lot & i’m glad they like it too.

I’ve put the link for the website. Do take a look if you are keen! Price is reasonable & i always contact Carol =)


Anyway back to the photoshoot!

I’ve always heard how the whole pre-wedding photoshoot can take a whole day but i couldn’t quite really understand & today i finally know why!

Just the studio ones already last till close to 3pm. Cause with every outfit change, the makeup artist will change a different look for the bride.

I expect to be bored in between the waiting time but i was having a nice chat with the makeup artist Ivy =)  For brides who are with Seletar Broadway, maybe can look for Ivy! She’s a very friendly lady & i can see that she listen to her customers which is very important.

At about 11.45am, Li Shee was preparing to take pictures in her Actual Day white gown. Ivy told me if i’m hungry, i should go & eat now as it will take quite long – about 1 hour.

As i didn’t want to walk too far, i just go to the cafe next to Seletar Broadway for my lunch.

page 3

I took the Breaded Fish With Fries ($6.90 including a drink). Maybe i’m hungry but it’s really not too bad & the portion was just nice for me. The dory fish was fresh too & not oily & so were the fries.

The place is not big & don’t expect too much for the ambience but for a quick simple meal, i don’t mind.

  • Juzteens Cafe
  • Blk 548 AMK Ave 10 #01-2012
  • S’pore 560548

After the meal, i went back to Seletar Broadway & was just in time to see Li Shee in her 2nd look for her AD white gown. And off she goes for more photo taking.

Finally @ about 3+pm, after changing into her 1st outdoor gown + another change of hairstyle & touch up, Li Shee is able to sit down for a rest & have her lunch.

Then @ about 4.15pm, we had to rush to the outdoor locations already.

1st Stop – Hort Park!

page 1

It’s my first time @ Hort Park & i quite like the place. But weather was really HOT & poor Joel… He was sweating a lot!

And when you are @ Hort Park, how can you miss the spiral staircase! =)  I forgot to take a picture of it but it sure is a popular spot for wedding couples to take their pictures.

2nd Stop – Changi Beach

Unfortunately we were caught in a jam & end up was very rushed during the photo-taking @ Changi Beach.

Upon reaching, i quickly helped Li Shee changed into her 2nd outdoor gown & touch up a bit & it’s time to start the photoshoot again.

For this entry, i don’t intend to show any of the gowns as i thought it be better if i include it in the Actual Day wedding post.

But what’s a pre wedding post without any pictures of the gowns so after some selection, i decide to post 1 of the outdoor gown =)


Ive seen this gown featured in Her World brides before & i think this is popular among the Seletar Broadway Brides. And Li Shee looks really good in it =)

And while the rest are busy with the photo-taking, i entertain myself by taking pictures of the sunset.




It’s been a long time since i last admire the sunset scenery but it’s really nice. I may not be a pro photographer but it sure feels great to capture down special moments like this.

The photo-taking ended @ about late 7+pm & we sort of miss the “so called” right timing for night shots so we went back to the bridal shop for Joel & Li Shee to get changed & gave the gowns back!

And it’s time for dinner! As Li Shee didn’t feel like going to crowded places with her heavy makeup, i asked if they want to have dinner @ this place near the bridal shop. I discover it when i went to get a drink! =)

No pictures but it was a nice simple dinner & it’s not expensive! I don’t mind going back for dinner if i’m around the area.


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