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Dinner, Fish Spa, Dessert & Supper!

Posted on: June 1, 2009

30th May’09 (Sat)

Arranged to have dinner with Jeremy & the rest @ The Naked Fish Shoppe. I got to know about this place through someone’s blog & i thought can give it a try. And most importantly the location is near for most of us lah =)

Sorry to Jeannie! Have to make you drive to Yio Chu Kang.

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Food ia alright lah! I had this parrot fish dish. Maybe i prefer my fish to be more moist but it’s still decent lah – just dip the fish with more chilli sauce. Btw i quite like the cream sauce that comes with it. Soup should be the instant kind but @ least it was hot & the garlic bread is not too bad.

I actually like the ambience more & the lamps are also in the shape of a ship to suit the ocean theme restaurant – quite interesting! And there was this lady (i think is the boss) & she was nice & friendly! Business is pretty good too.

And if you come during the weekends where the parking @ Grassroots Club can be quite packed, do go to the swimming complex behind Grassroots Club to find a parking lot. U can enter from behind & somewhere on your left is the restaurant.

By the way, this place is Halal certified so muslims friends can also come here to enjoy the food.


Fish Spa Time!

 Once again i discover this place for fish spa from someone’s blog. As there was a promotion 2 for 1 so i deicde to try it with my brother & his gf =)  The rest didn’t join us after dinner – Jeannie has to meet her friends , Jeremy & Michelle are very tired as they were out the whole day!

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    Oh man… It was quite an experience! Now i know why my cousin Qirong was like “screaming” for help when she had her first fish spa session @ sixth ave (think it was called Kampong Fish Therapy) earlier on this year.

    Initially it was very ticklish & i really couldn’t take it! Haha. Plus it was actually quite scary to see all the fishes “attacking” my legs @ one go. Aiyoh…. HELP ME ah!!!!

    But a while later, i got used to the tickling sensation & could just sit & let the fishes “bite” my legs! =)  It’s not so bad after all & my skin really feel nice & smooth!

 By the way Angeline was a bit unhappy with the service. Cause she requested for another towel but this lady told her that her’s still look quite dry, does she need another one? Then when this caucasian asked for a towel, the same lady gave him one without asking. Hmmm… Not too nice lah!

Other than this incident, it was overall a good experience. Will go back again due to the reasonable price & the environment + service was quite ok.


Dessert Time @ Ah Chew

Yes!!! After the 1/2 hour fish spa, we proceed on to Liang Seah Street for dessert! Had my favourite Mango Sago =)  Talking about mango, i must go to “Xu Liu San” @ HK for the yummy mango dessert! Yeah!!! Counting down to my holiday trip =)



Yes… I was feeling kind of crazy that night! Don’t know why… We were walking around & i kept seeing all the steamboat restaurants so i told my brother “Hey… I got cravings for some hot soup!”.

I think it was about 10pm when we walked into Tian Tian (it cost about $14 after a certain timing).

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Here we are ENJOYING the steamboat! My brother & Angeline very ON lah!! Haha…

It was a great night out BUT bad for my tummy! Haha.

By the way, i just got the flu vaccine done today with my brother. Better take some precaution before we travel =)


2 Responses to "Dinner, Fish Spa, Dessert & Supper!"

I always wanted to try fish spa! but i m afraid i will scream coz i DAMN scared of itch heheh!

Hihi =) I understand about the itch part! I was really scared too… Haha!

Do give it a try lah…. For me, i got used to it after a while!

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