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Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Posted on: June 7, 2009

Before i start, i must clarify something. I’m not the one getting married lah! =)  I’m the helper for the day for my 2 friends – Joel & Li Shee!

The day started early @ 9.30am where all of us arrived @ Seletar Broadway to let Li Shee get her hair & makeup done.

And before they start with everything…. I pass something to Joel & Li Shee first =)


I got this done twice for 2 other friends but due to their long names (including their spouse), i can only put the wordings as “Just Married” & then put their names & wedding dates in sticker text.

So this time i’m very glad to get this design done for Joel & Li Shee =)  I like it a lot & i’m glad they like it too.

I’ve put the link for the website. Do take a look if you are keen! Price is reasonable & i always contact Carol =)


Anyway back to the photoshoot!

I’ve always heard how the whole pre-wedding photoshoot can take a whole day but i couldn’t quite really understand & today i finally know why!

Just the studio ones already last till close to 3pm. Cause with every outfit change, the makeup artist will change a different look for the bride.

I expect to be bored in between the waiting time but i was having a nice chat with the makeup artist Ivy =)  For brides who are with Seletar Broadway, maybe can look for Ivy! She’s a very friendly lady & i can see that she listen to her customers which is very important.

At about 11.45am, Li Shee was preparing to take pictures in her Actual Day white gown. Ivy told me if i’m hungry, i should go & eat now as it will take quite long – about 1 hour.

As i didn’t want to walk too far, i just go to the cafe next to Seletar Broadway for my lunch.

page 3

I took the Breaded Fish With Fries ($6.90 including a drink). Maybe i’m hungry but it’s really not too bad & the portion was just nice for me. The dory fish was fresh too & not oily & so were the fries.

The place is not big & don’t expect too much for the ambience but for a quick simple meal, i don’t mind.

  • Juzteens Cafe
  • Blk 548 AMK Ave 10 #01-2012
  • S’pore 560548

After the meal, i went back to Seletar Broadway & was just in time to see Li Shee in her 2nd look for her AD white gown. And off she goes for more photo taking.

Finally @ about 3+pm, after changing into her 1st outdoor gown + another change of hairstyle & touch up, Li Shee is able to sit down for a rest & have her lunch.

Then @ about 4.15pm, we had to rush to the outdoor locations already.

1st Stop – Hort Park!

page 1

It’s my first time @ Hort Park & i quite like the place. But weather was really HOT & poor Joel… He was sweating a lot!

And when you are @ Hort Park, how can you miss the spiral staircase! =)  I forgot to take a picture of it but it sure is a popular spot for wedding couples to take their pictures.

2nd Stop – Changi Beach

Unfortunately we were caught in a jam & end up was very rushed during the photo-taking @ Changi Beach.

Upon reaching, i quickly helped Li Shee changed into her 2nd outdoor gown & touch up a bit & it’s time to start the photoshoot again.

For this entry, i don’t intend to show any of the gowns as i thought it be better if i include it in the Actual Day wedding post.

But what’s a pre wedding post without any pictures of the gowns so after some selection, i decide to post 1 of the outdoor gown =)


Ive seen this gown featured in Her World brides before & i think this is popular among the Seletar Broadway Brides. And Li Shee looks really good in it =)

And while the rest are busy with the photo-taking, i entertain myself by taking pictures of the sunset.




It’s been a long time since i last admire the sunset scenery but it’s really nice. I may not be a pro photographer but it sure feels great to capture down special moments like this.

The photo-taking ended @ about late 7+pm & we sort of miss the “so called” right timing for night shots so we went back to the bridal shop for Joel & Li Shee to get changed & gave the gowns back!

And it’s time for dinner! As Li Shee didn’t feel like going to crowded places with her heavy makeup, i asked if they want to have dinner @ this place near the bridal shop. I discover it when i went to get a drink! =)

No pictures but it was a nice simple dinner & it’s not expensive! I don’t mind going back for dinner if i’m around the area.


2 Responses to "Pre Wedding Photoshoot"

Photos of the sunset are so so sooooo nice! The colour and effect turns out good. Even though it is not a SLR camera, I muz say Canon camera is good…hehe…

Hi Wenhui =) Thanks for reading my blog! Hee. The sunset is nice hor… It’s been quite a while since i get to enjoy such a view. Just nice my friends were busy with their pre-wedding photoshoot so i walked around & take pics! Haha.

Talking about Canon camera, whenever i take pics with it, there will always be someone who give some compliments! Canon is indeed a good choice =)

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