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A Night Of Eating, Eating & More Eating!

Posted on: June 24, 2009

A few days before my trip, I went to Ah Yat Abalone for dinner with my family as my dad got vouchers for free abalones =)

Think this is my 2nd or 3rd time @ Ah Yat. So beside the free abalones, my dad order the set dinner for 6 persons. Now let’s see what we had!

page 2

page 4

page 6

page 8

Overall the food is not too bad. Suits my taste but price wise… I think i may come only with my dad! Haha.

Service is good as my dad is a regular there so most of the stuff recognize him.

Now looking forward to my mummy & my birthday celebration this sunday. Going for more yummy food @ Premier Thai located @ Sembawang Road. It’s also been a long time since i last came here.

  • Ah Yat Abalone
  • 101 Victoria Street
  • Allson Hotel
  • Tel: 6332 2288

Up next – Dessert Time @ Liang Seah Street

Yup… There was dessert already @ Ah Yat but my bro & Angeline still got cravings for desserts @ Liang Seah St so i tag along too.

We always go to Ah Chew so this time decide to try “Ji De Chi” that’s opposite the road.

And while waiting for a table, i could sense a pair of eyes looking @ me! Guess what… It’s my siao cha bo friend Liping!! Haha. Such a coincidence lah =)

page 9

I tried the mango sago & i find it ok only. Prefer the ones @ Ah Chew more! Angeline’s black sesame looks good though.

So we decide to go back to Ah Chew for 2nd round of dessert. Wahahaha!

page 10

My brother always like to make funny face =_=  You will see more of such pictures in my up-coming post about my holiday trip! Haha.

By the way, i really like my durian with mango sago. Quite good leh!

And we end the night @ Rochor Beancurd. We tabao each of our favourite stuff to eat. I was really full so just had some “You Tiao”.

Been eating a lot… Now i’m really scared of putting on more weight liao! Been trying to drink more green tea after my meal nowadays to wash away the oily stuff. Must look nice & lean for a good friend’s wedding in Oct.


2 Responses to "A Night Of Eating, Eating & More Eating!"

OMG! haha so much good foood! (:

Yup… It’s indeed a lot of good food but bad for my tummy! Nowadays i really try to watch what i eat, no supper, drink more tea & tummy slimming gel! Haha.

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