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I saw a friend putting this video on her Facebook & it was so funny that it made me cry after viewing it! =)  It was so hilarious & it was really nice of all the friends with the wedding couple to put in the effort for this dance!

What a way to start a church wedding! It’s awesome & i’m sure all the guests must had a big surprise!! =)

Maybe it’s time for the wedding couples in Singapore to do something different huh! Hee.

Anyway enjoy this video!



I’ve been wanting to pay Christina a visit @ her shop & recently managed to fix a day to meet up with her! =)

I took the mrt to Toa Payoh, bought bubble tea @ Koi Cafe then walked to the library to wait for her to pick me up. Thanks Christina =)

Her shop is located @ Ubi Techpark. When i first heard it from Christina, my first reaction was like why this location. I kind of expected it to be @ shopping malls. Hee!

But once you reach the shop, it gives a different feel =)  The decor of the shop is simple, nice & cosy.




Not too bad right! =)  It has been around for about 1 year plus & has already got a stable base of regular customers.

There’s quite a wide range too – korean jewellery, 925 Silver, 18K white gold, diamonds and yellow gold jewellery.

I was having fun choosing what i like, enjoying my bubble tea & chatting with Christina =) 


page 1

I’m a happy customer with my purchase =)  Got 5 pair of earrings for myself!! Thanks to Christina for giving me some discount!

The range of jewellery is really not too bad & i’m sure you will find something you like. And most of the designs only come in quantity of 1 so grab it fast before it’s gone =)

Price wise, it’s also reasonable so do show some support!!

By the way, there be this Atrium Sale @ Ubi Techpark Concourse on 31st July from 11.00am-4.30pm.

Do come down & take a look especially if you are working @ Ubi Techpark.


  • Smith Jewellery
  • 10 Ubi Crescent #06-15
    Ubi Techpark Lobby A
    Singapore 408564
  • Tel: 6749 2937
  • Opening Hours: 10am-5.30pm



Time really pass very fast when you are having a good time. Before i knew it, it’s time for Christina to close her shop. And she decide to bring me to somewhere before we go for dinner =)



If you want to save more on perfumes, you can come here. They also have Marc Jacob Daisy which i’m currently using. I can’t remember the exact retail price but if you buy it here, it’s about $20-30+ cheaper.


Dinner Time

Oh man… I was slowly getting hungry & i can’t wait to reach Parkway Parade! We were going to have dinner @ Mini Steamboat Delight that’s @ the food court.



This used to be our favourite stall for steamboat when we were still students. But standards seems to have drop. The tom yum soup not so shiok anymore.

But the ingredients are fresh though.



But overall it was still enjoyable & it does bring back nice memories when we were chatting during dinner =)

But it was quite an expensive steamboat dinner for an ala carte style. It cost us $42 for everything. I knew the price of the steamboat here has always been on the higher end but price seems to have increased.

After dinner, Christina & i walk around to digest a bit. We were really full =)



And we end the night with a nice cup of hot green tea @ Dome before we go home! It was great to hang out with Christina & i’m looking forward to our next high tea session @ Ritz Carlton =)  Yeah!!!

 Recently i was given the task of bringing my mum go shopping!! My dad wants to get a bag for my mum & it’s part of their wedding annivesary gifts =)  So sweet!

Venue: Orchard!

Had lunch with my parents first @ Newton Circus. Went to our favourite duck noodles stall =)

Then my dear daddy drove us to Far East Plaza bus stop where i took my mum to the LV boutique @ DFS =)

I quite like the service here @ DFS. Recently came to get a bag & was served by this china lady Nancy. A very soft spoken & friendly girl so i decide to bring my mum here to get her bag.

I’m actually quite excited as it’s the first time that my mum is buying branded bag =)  For the past few years, my dad has been trying to persuade her but she always say it’s a waste of money & don’t appreciate such bags! Haha.



But this year she finally gives in! And she chose 2 bags lor!! Same bag in 2 different size & prints – Thames GM in Damier & Thames PM in Monogram =)

I personally like the PM Monogram one! Really nice & the size is just right for evening use =)  And i can borrow it from my mum if i want! Yeah…

Talking about LV bag, let me show you what i got last month as a birthday gift for myself  =)


With Flash



Without Flash!

My Roxbury Drive in Amarante =)

Initially wanted to get it in Red but there was no new piece @ all LV boutiques. Ion Orchard branch was not open yet when i bought this bag (but it’s available @ Ion Orchard now but only 1-2 new piece in Red).

As i usually like to wear some colours for my evening wear to wedding dinners so dark coloured bag will be easy to match with my clothes.

But if i got extra cash, i don’t mind getting the red one =)



As we were heading towards Takashimaya & Paragon after some shopping @ Isetan, i decide to pop by the new LV boutique @ Ion Orchard to take a look.

I must say the service is pretty good here. Everyone was nice & polite with a smile =)  For my next purchase of LV bag, i’ll definitely come back here!

Anyway my mum seems to be in a good mood for some major shopping. Beside the LV bags, she also got clothes from Marks & Spencer, Isetan & Metro.

When we are tired, we just stop for a break @ Mac for fries & drinks & start to shop again.



Erm… I don’t know why we are not looking @ my camera! Haha. Anyway we had fun in the fitting room @ Paragon. We even tried on clothes in the same prints together! Wahahaha. Does it look like some sort of uniform??

By the way, i like this fitting room @ Paragon. It’s spacious enough & i can take a good rest on the cushion bench while my mum tried her clothes!

We ended the day with dinner @ Taka Mac! Everywhere was so crowded so when i see that there was some empty seats, my mum & i quickly sit down =)


Her shopping loots! Haha =)

Last month during my holiday trip, i got the sudden urge to try putting on fake eyelashes so i bought some from HK SASA.

After some practice, i realised that it’s not that hard to put it on after all =)

I think the lady introduce the right kind of fake eyelashes for me as i’m still in the beginner’s stage. I find the glue is important too. When i was back in Singapore, i saw this makeup artist’s blog & she was recommending this double eyelid glue. I went to Watson & got 1 to try & i find it good.

So now i’m going to share the product i use & show you the end results. I think it’s not too bad for a beginner =)


This is the double eyelid glue that i was talking about =)  It cost $15 & i got it from Watson. This seems to be very popular! When i got it, it was the last one already. When i was @ other Watson outlets, i don’t really see it around.

One thing which i like about this double eyelid glue is that the tip is a brush applicator which i find it easy to apply & also control the amount of glue that you want to put onto the fake eyelash.



The ones which i’m using are from Inuovi Pro Lash No. 4.

The quality are pretty good =)  So far i’ve used it for a few times & the effect is quite nice.

Recently during the dinner @ Jaan with my bestie, both of us put on fake eyelashes without each other knowing it. When we met up, we had a surprise & kept saying how our eyes looks different with the the fake eyelashes on =)

For those who are keen to try the fake eyelashes on your eyes, don’t hesitate anymore =)  Just go through some trial & error with the brand & type of fake eyelashes to find something that suits you.

Once in while during certain occassions, it’s really fun & nice to create a dolly look for your eyes with the help of fake eye lashes!

12th July’09 (Sun)

On this special day, both me & my bestie have arranged to have dinner @ Jaan (Swissotel The Stamford) to celebrate our birthdays together =)

Initial plans was to celebrate mine first @ Equinox then her’s @ Jaan. But i was on self home quarantine when i came back from HK & China. Then we couldn’t fix a neutral date so i thought why not we celebrate together since i don’t mind a belated one!

Now let me show you the pictures that i took that night! Phylicia & i had lots of fun taking pictures for each other. Hee! I think she was very happy that i was so helpful with the phototaking, unlike Kenny!! Oops… =)

Anyway when we reach Swissotel The Stamford, i was feeling both happy & excited =)  Took the lift all the way up to Level 70!



The view that i get which was just in front of me =)



The view on my right.

Just the view alone is already very mesmerizing =)


page 1

The 2 happy birthday girls!

Now let me show you the food!

We had the Celebratory Menu with wine pairings =)



I forgot what the name of this stick snack but it’s nice & goes really well with the egg plant sauce.



Amuse Bouche – Foie Gras! My bestie favourite food =)



Duo of Brittany blue lobster, apple-basil tapioca tartar and white peach ravioli

Wine: Pinot Blanc Reserve, Domaine Weinbach 2007



Roasted giant live scallop on vitelotte parmentier and wild mushroom cigar

Wine: St Aubin 1 er Cru Dents de chiens V.Girardin 2005



Kaffir lime consomme served with stone crab tartine



Spaghetti simply cooked in black truffle butter

Wine: Barolo, La Morra, Elio Altare 2003



Slow roasted lamb filet, crispy wild rice souffle “Carbonara” cumin scented pumpkin and sauce “Deglacage”

Wine: St Chinian La Madura 2003



Pre Dessert



Grand Dessert of Chef
Wine: Beerenauslese, Geselmann Saemling 2006

(i almost finish the ice cream then i realise i didn’t take a picture)


Petit Fours

  • Jaan
  • Swissotel The Stamford
  • Level 70
  • Tel: 6837 3322


 page 2

Enjoying the Petit Fours with a cup of nice hot tea =)




This are my 2 favourite pictures with Phylicia =) 

It was indeed a very enjoyable night with Phylicia. Ever since she got pregnant & gave birth to her first child, we really hardly have the luxury of spending time alone together as Penelopy will mostly tag along.

Although it’s an extravagant meal but it’s worth it as the both of us get to spend some nice & quiet quality time together even though it’s just a few hours.

And if you are willing to splurge, Jaan is really a good choice especially if you want to plan a special date! =)

Personally i will definitely come back again for 3 reasons.

1) The good food – Everything was really yummy. Both Phylicia & i really like the menu for that night. 

2) Service – The staff were really polite & when every dish came, they will explain nicely & clearly to you on the ingredients, etc. They serve their customers with a very sincere attitude & smile =)

3) The great view (really nice during the night).

By the way, i’m not sure if it’s due to the recession, for the whole night, only 2 tables were occupied. It almost felt like we have booked the whole restaurant. Hee!


page 3

The present that Phylicia gave to me =)  New additions to my mini collection of Precious Moments. Hee!

Hey Phy… Looking forward to our next visit to Jaan! =)

And i hope our friendship stays strong forever! Hugz… 

Ever since i’ve arranged this high tea session with Christina, i was really looking forward to it =)  I was so happy when the day finally comes & i met up with Christina @ Far East Plaza to walk to Goodwood Park for our high tea.

It’s been quite a long time since my last visit to L’Espresso for their English Afternoon Tea. I used to like coming here with Grace.



This is part of the surroundings @ L’Espresso. Forgot to take a picture of the area where the food are displayed.

But i must say it’s indeed a great place for girls to chill out, enjoy some nice food & have a nice chat =)

Let me show you some of the food that we had.



page 1

I really like the spread here =)  At first may not seems a lot but when you take a bit of everything, it can make you really full!! Plus we are entitle to 2 drinks also.


The both of us had an enjoyable afternoon & we really feel like Tai Tai!!=)  Good food & great company!! Wonderful combination!!

We are already planning another high tea session! I can forsee Christina will be a long term partner for my makan session =) 


We were actually trying to take a picture by ourselves but hard to take a nice one with the background. Then this guy was leaving the hotel with his friend & he offer to help =) 

Nice right!! I really like this picture with Christina very much.

And after a good meal, must walk around to digest a bit! We even went to buy TOTO together & try our luck for the $3 million draw. Haha! But we didn’t win anything =_=

Christina also went to the Metro Sale with me =)  Surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded so thankfully don’t have to queue for too long.

And when you are having a good time, few hours just flew by in a flash! As we were still full but feeling thirsty, we decide to go to Coffee Club @ Paragon. I remember Coffee Club was on another level so i was surprised to see it @ a new unit.

Christina & i was already aiming @ a nice cosy seat!! Hee. Guess we were tired from walking around & to be able to sit down & have a nice cold drink would be good =)

page 2

Look @ our tired faces! (i think i look more tired) Hee. But it was a great outing with Christina =)  I felt like we are back to those days @ Thames! After class, we will go window shopping & enjoy yummy food together.

And there’s definitely more of such happy days to come! =)

Got a dinner invitation from Li Shee & Joel & we decide to go to Iluma @ Bugis as the 3 of us wanted to explore the place.

As it was a friday night & most of the restaurants were quite packed. Then when i see Cheeky Chocolates, i remember seeing it on this friend Eileen’s blog. Since there were tables available & both Joel & Li Shee are ok with the menu, we decide to have our dinner here.

page 1

Joel & Li Shee opt for the $9.90 set meal while i choose “Meatball Pasta” from the ala carte menu.

But i must say the $9.90 set meal looks quite good, it comes with salad/soup & 1 main course. I didn’t try cause i got cravings for meatball pasta.

But if i’m back, i’ll definitely take the $9.90 set meal & try the mushroom soup & also this mushroom crepe which Li Shee had tried. Looks & taste good!! As the mushroom crepe already comes with a portion of salad so might as well try the soup =)

For my meatball pasta, it doesn’t taste too bad & it was nice & hot so quite enjoyable. But i wish there could be more meatballs as it’s not very big.

For dessert, Li Shee had the chocolate crepe with Joel & i opt for my favourite Warm Chocolate Cake =)


Personally i like the warm chocolate cake but Joel & Li Shee don’t find it nice. Hee! Like what i’ve said before, i’m not a very fussy eater so my standards could be lower. I find the outer layer quite crispy & with the warm chocolate sauce oozing out is already very shiok for me.


A picture with Li Shee before we leave Iluma. Honestly if i’m back @ Iluma, it be more for the food & maybe some shopping. But overall quite a boring place. And also i thought they could make better use of the space, quite wasted.

Anyway thanks to Joel & Li Shee for the birthday treat. Didn’t know they intend to give me a treat =)  And something funny happened. When we were making payment, we were asked for some feedback & i just jokingly said it be good if can give some discount.

Guess what!! When we were checking the receipt in the car, we discovered they didn’t charge us for my meatball pasta!! Wahahaha. Li Shee was joking that the guy took my request seriously! OMG…

Anyway Li Shee birthday is coming soon & i be bringing her to Miss Clarity Cafe @ Purvis Street next week.

It be my first time going to Miss Clarity Cafe so i’m looking forward to it =)


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