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Dinner @ Premier Thai With My Family =)

Posted on: July 2, 2009

Another year passed & i’m older by 1 more year! Hee. Usually i will celebrate together with my mother as our birthdays are just a few days apart =)

This year my dad decide to bring us to Premier Thai @ Sembawang Road for dinner.

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Seems like i’ve been enjoying lots of sharks fin lately. Before my trip, during my trip & after i’m back from my trip! Haha. Shiok lah!

By the way, at Premier Thai they have this green chilli sort of sauce which i really like =)  It’s just like Thai Village one. Spicy & it’s goes so well with all the dishes! Usually it makes me sweat but who cares when i’m enjoying it! Haha.

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My dad order the set meal for 6 people. These are the rest of the dishes =)  Pretty good as the food are fresh!


The dessert part was good too! I find the yam paste here not too sweet – just nice! I was really enjoying it =)

  • Premier Thai Traditions Restaurant P/L
  • 54 Sembawang Road (Old Sembawang Road)
  • #01-01 Hong Heng Mansions
  • S’pore 779088
  • Tel: 6554 2688



After dinner, we went home to cut the cake!


It was really nice & sweet of my dad to get a cake for me & mummy! Actually our family don’t really have the habit of getting a cake for birthdays but i’m the one who likes it. Hee! Somehow it makes the celebration more complete lah =)

This year my dad decides to get one cause he find the chocolate cake nice (he doesn’t like chocolate) & if i remember correctly, the cake shop is called Dino.

Hmmm… To be honest, i really appreciate my dad’s effort to get the cake but personally i don’t really like the cake! Not the kind of chocolate i would like lah. Haha! But if you are the kind who don’t like your chocolate to be too sweet, maybe can give it a try! =)


But overall it was a nice & simple celebration with my family! =)

Finally i’m 29! Lots of sms & msg on Facebook from my dear cousins & friends! Some hope i enjoy my last twenties & get a bf soon! Wahahaha. I’m trying hard lah! Hopefully by next year, i may feature a guy in my blog yah! =)


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