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Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room & Food Anytime

Posted on: July 4, 2009

Got a sms from my dear 4th aunt on my actual bithday & she asked me out for lunch! =)  Yeah… Another lunch treat for my birthday! Thanks “Hua Jie Jie”!! Haha.

Initially i wanted to request to have lunch @ Wild Rocket (been wanting to go ever since i saw it @ Xin Lian’s blog) but my 4th aunt got no car that day. So when she suggest to meet @ either Bishan or AMK, i immediately choose Bishan as there’s something i want to try @ Junction 8 =)

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room

I’ve walked passed this place before (it’s just opposite Din Tai Fung) & business seems good! Always packed! So i thought maybe can try the food here.

page 3

You guys should try the Pork Chop Baked Rice here! The pork chop is really tender & the overall taste is pretty good. My 4th aunt had this & she let me tried some! =)

My beef hor fun was alright only. The beef slices are good, very tender! But the hor fun got not much gravy leh & taste wise, not much flavour  =_=

After lunch, we walked around & did some shopping @ NTUC. And just to side track a bit.

For those who use Sensodyne toothpaste, they have this bundle pack @ NTUC which consist of 2 toothpaste & you can get this container free (it’s the kind where you can close all 4 sides, sealed tightly). Quite a good deal!


Food Anytime

We proceed on to this dessert stall @ the basement after shopping. My 4th aunt told me it’s open by her hubby’s friend.

page 4

My 4th aunt had the almond paste while i has the sesame paste =)  I actually just learnt to appreciate sesame paste & the one over here is quite nice!

I realise i’ve been eating quite a lot due to meet up with friends, family & aunt for my birthday treats/celebrations. It’s nice lah but can feel the fats coming back! Haha.

And there’s more to come. My bestie & i are arranging to celebrate our birthdays together @ Jaan, Swissotel The Stamford. Initial plans was to celebrate mine @ Equinox & her’s @ Jaan. But when i got back from my HK & China trip, i went on a self quarantine & when it’s over, couldn’t fix a neutral date so i thought might as well have a belated one & celebrate together!! =)

And there’s the high tea session with Christina & Li Shee also asked me out for dinner on next fri. And my cousin Xin Lian is back for a short visit & Gladys birthday is coming soon. I can forsee lots of eating going to be involved =)  Hehe. Please don’t let me get any fatter!


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