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Manpuku (Japanese Gourmet Town)

Posted on: July 6, 2009

Another birthday treat & this time it’s from my dear brother & Angeline =)

Initial plans was to go & try this Thai Restaurant @ JB but when my brother check out the traffic conditions & there was a bad jam so we changed the venue.

Manpuku (Japanese Gourmet Town) @ Tampines 1

It’s my first time @ Tampines 1 & being a new shopping mall, it’s really nice. If my brother didn’t bring me here, i may not have got the chance to be here as it’s a bit far for me to come & also i hardly come to this area.

Anyway let me show you some pictures of the interior & stalls.





The concept is similar to Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar @ Raffles City. Seems like now all over Singapore, there’s lots of new japanese theme restaurants/food courts @ various shopping malls.

The whole place is quite spacious & maybe i was getting really hungry, looking @ the variety of food makes me drool. Haha.

Now let me show you what we had for dinner =)


This is what i had. Nowadays i seems to like the japanese hamburger steak very much (i’m a meat lover) so i decide to choose this set. Personally i enjoyed this very much. It’s the kind of combo set i like – Spaghetti with hamburger steak & fried stuff!

The salad is good too! Fresh & i like the dressing very much! I finished up everything =)

Usually i will choose ramen first but i was observing the egg & it’s not the runny kind that i had @ Japan so i skip this stall. Haha! I know can’t expect the same standard for the japanese restaurant in singapore but i really missed the runny egg! =)

But if i’m back for a 2nd visit, will try the ramen or udon (the range for udon looks good). For those who knows me well will understand i like to eat noodles very much! Hee.


This is what my brother had. We didn’t know we order similar sets! Haha. But the Omurice (omelette rice) taste pretty good too as my brother let me tried some =)  Angeline also shared a bit of this with my brother as she got some other small items to try too.


The Yakitori are nice & the prices are reasonable. But do pay attention when you go & collect your yakitori. Cause when they are done, they will put it @ the counter with the receipt.

When i went to collect, they seems busy so when i see my items with my receipt number, i just take & go without realizing that the scallops were not on the plate.  Thanks to Angeline’s sharp eyes, she noticed the missing item & i went back to ask for it. Blur me! So do double check before you leave the counter =)


The Okonomiyaki is quite nice even though i’m not a big fan of japanese pancake. But i just eat abit though. Angeline likes this quite a bit =)


This disappoint me =_=  I find the noodles too thick for my liking. Instead i quite enjoyed the ingredients more – crunchy cabbage, nice prawns, squids & scallops with the sweet sauce.

For this, i go the one @ Taka basement anytime!

  • Manpuku (Japanese Gourmet Town)
  • Tampines 1
  • #03-16/17/18/19
  •  Tel: 6789 6810


I’m a happy girl enjoying my meal =)



Yo guys… Thanks for the dinner treat!! =)

But the 2 of you very bad ah… Always find chances to “abandon” me if there’s the chance to do so. Very hard to run fast when i helped to carry the shopping stuff leh! Haha.

But it’s always nice to hang out with the both of you! Once again… Thanks for bringing me here for my birthday treat! =)

P.S: Don’t forget about the meal @ Peaberry & Pretzel ah! =)


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