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Dinner @ Cheeky Chocolates

Posted on: July 14, 2009

Got a dinner invitation from Li Shee & Joel & we decide to go to Iluma @ Bugis as the 3 of us wanted to explore the place.

As it was a friday night & most of the restaurants were quite packed. Then when i see Cheeky Chocolates, i remember seeing it on this friend Eileen’s blog. Since there were tables available & both Joel & Li Shee are ok with the menu, we decide to have our dinner here.

page 1

Joel & Li Shee opt for the $9.90 set meal while i choose “Meatball Pasta” from the ala carte menu.

But i must say the $9.90 set meal looks quite good, it comes with salad/soup & 1 main course. I didn’t try cause i got cravings for meatball pasta.

But if i’m back, i’ll definitely take the $9.90 set meal & try the mushroom soup & also this mushroom crepe which Li Shee had tried. Looks & taste good!! As the mushroom crepe already comes with a portion of salad so might as well try the soup =)

For my meatball pasta, it doesn’t taste too bad & it was nice & hot so quite enjoyable. But i wish there could be more meatballs as it’s not very big.

For dessert, Li Shee had the chocolate crepe with Joel & i opt for my favourite Warm Chocolate Cake =)


Personally i like the warm chocolate cake but Joel & Li Shee don’t find it nice. Hee! Like what i’ve said before, i’m not a very fussy eater so my standards could be lower. I find the outer layer quite crispy & with the warm chocolate sauce oozing out is already very shiok for me.


A picture with Li Shee before we leave Iluma. Honestly if i’m back @ Iluma, it be more for the food & maybe some shopping. But overall quite a boring place. And also i thought they could make better use of the space, quite wasted.

Anyway thanks to Joel & Li Shee for the birthday treat. Didn’t know they intend to give me a treat =)  And something funny happened. When we were making payment, we were asked for some feedback & i just jokingly said it be good if can give some discount.

Guess what!! When we were checking the receipt in the car, we discovered they didn’t charge us for my meatball pasta!! Wahahaha. Li Shee was joking that the guy took my request seriously! OMG…

Anyway Li Shee birthday is coming soon & i be bringing her to Miss Clarity Cafe @ Purvis Street next week.

It be my first time going to Miss Clarity Cafe so i’m looking forward to it =)


4 Responses to "Dinner @ Cheeky Chocolates"

wanted to eat here too!!!!!!!! but tt time we go there nobody den we very scared. every restaurant is like desperately tryin to attract us in!! did u see the oriental burger stall next to cheeky chocolates?? they super desperate, esp the manager. :S plus an ah tiong waitress :X

Actually when i went for dinner, only Cheeky Chocolates & Chang Korean BBQ was a bit empty & when we walked passed, they did try to get our attention,etc but still alright lah. We didn’t feel any pressure.

You can try the food @ Cheeky Chocolates especially the $9.90 set meal. Quite worth it =)

hi hi ! been awhile since i commented.. was reading thru until i saw you mentioning my name heheh.. yeah.it was really quite when i was there couple of mths ago. I agree it is a boring place..except for the food.. pity..waste of space really 😛

Hi Eileen =) Happy Birthday to u! And talking about Iluma, i think most will think in the same way… It’s really a waste of space! By the way, have you tried out other restaurants @ Iluma??

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