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English Afternoon Tea @ L’Espresso

Posted on: July 15, 2009

Ever since i’ve arranged this high tea session with Christina, i was really looking forward to it =)  I was so happy when the day finally comes & i met up with Christina @ Far East Plaza to walk to Goodwood Park for our high tea.

It’s been quite a long time since my last visit to L’Espresso for their English Afternoon Tea. I used to like coming here with Grace.



This is part of the surroundings @ L’Espresso. Forgot to take a picture of the area where the food are displayed.

But i must say it’s indeed a great place for girls to chill out, enjoy some nice food & have a nice chat =)

Let me show you some of the food that we had.



page 1

I really like the spread here =)  At first may not seems a lot but when you take a bit of everything, it can make you really full!! Plus we are entitle to 2 drinks also.


The both of us had an enjoyable afternoon & we really feel like Tai Tai!!=)  Good food & great company!! Wonderful combination!!

We are already planning another high tea session! I can forsee Christina will be a long term partner for my makan session =) 


We were actually trying to take a picture by ourselves but hard to take a nice one with the background. Then this guy was leaving the hotel with his friend & he offer to help =) 

Nice right!! I really like this picture with Christina very much.

And after a good meal, must walk around to digest a bit! We even went to buy TOTO together & try our luck for the $3 million draw. Haha! But we didn’t win anything =_=

Christina also went to the Metro Sale with me =)  Surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded so thankfully don’t have to queue for too long.

And when you are having a good time, few hours just flew by in a flash! As we were still full but feeling thirsty, we decide to go to Coffee Club @ Paragon. I remember Coffee Club was on another level so i was surprised to see it @ a new unit.

Christina & i was already aiming @ a nice cosy seat!! Hee. Guess we were tired from walking around & to be able to sit down & have a nice cold drink would be good =)

page 2

Look @ our tired faces! (i think i look more tired) Hee. But it was a great outing with Christina =)  I felt like we are back to those days @ Thames! After class, we will go window shopping & enjoy yummy food together.

And there’s definitely more of such happy days to come! =)


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