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Fake Eyelashes

Posted on: July 19, 2009

Last month during my holiday trip, i got the sudden urge to try putting on fake eyelashes so i bought some from HK SASA.

After some practice, i realised that it’s not that hard to put it on after all =)

I think the lady introduce the right kind of fake eyelashes for me as i’m still in the beginner’s stage. I find the glue is important too. When i was back in Singapore, i saw this makeup artist’s blog & she was recommending this double eyelid glue. I went to Watson & got 1 to try & i find it good.

So now i’m going to share the product i use & show you the end results. I think it’s not too bad for a beginner =)


This is the double eyelid glue that i was talking about =)  It cost $15 & i got it from Watson. This seems to be very popular! When i got it, it was the last one already. When i was @ other Watson outlets, i don’t really see it around.

One thing which i like about this double eyelid glue is that the tip is a brush applicator which i find it easy to apply & also control the amount of glue that you want to put onto the fake eyelash.



The ones which i’m using are from Inuovi Pro Lash No. 4.

The quality are pretty good =)  So far i’ve used it for a few times & the effect is quite nice.

Recently during the dinner @ Jaan with my bestie, both of us put on fake eyelashes without each other knowing it. When we met up, we had a surprise & kept saying how our eyes looks different with the the fake eyelashes on =)

For those who are keen to try the fake eyelashes on your eyes, don’t hesitate anymore =)  Just go through some trial & error with the brand & type of fake eyelashes to find something that suits you.

Once in while during certain occassions, it’s really fun & nice to create a dolly look for your eyes with the help of fake eye lashes!


2 Responses to "Fake Eyelashes"

Hi gal, i long wanted to try fake lashes but too scared to try coz it feels like when i wan to pull it out my real lashes will come out too. How much is the glue and did you need to trim the lashes before putting it on?

Hi Genevieve =) For me, i didn’t trim the fake eyelashes as the length is not very long so quite easy to handle! The glue cost $15. If i remember correctly, it can be found @ this Kawaii corner where they sell all kinds of cosmetics stuff from Japan.

By the way, don’t pull out your fake eyelashes when you want to remove it. Use your eye makeup remover. For me, it be Fancl cleansing oil. I just put some on my fingers & press a while on my eyelids, rub in a gentle manner & it will come off. More gentle for our eyelashes lah =)

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