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Shopping Day With Mummy! =)

Posted on: July 23, 2009

 Recently i was given the task of bringing my mum go shopping!! My dad wants to get a bag for my mum & it’s part of their wedding annivesary gifts =)  So sweet!

Venue: Orchard!

Had lunch with my parents first @ Newton Circus. Went to our favourite duck noodles stall =)

Then my dear daddy drove us to Far East Plaza bus stop where i took my mum to the LV boutique @ DFS =)

I quite like the service here @ DFS. Recently came to get a bag & was served by this china lady Nancy. A very soft spoken & friendly girl so i decide to bring my mum here to get her bag.

I’m actually quite excited as it’s the first time that my mum is buying branded bag =)  For the past few years, my dad has been trying to persuade her but she always say it’s a waste of money & don’t appreciate such bags! Haha.



But this year she finally gives in! And she chose 2 bags lor!! Same bag in 2 different size & prints – Thames GM in Damier & Thames PM in Monogram =)

I personally like the PM Monogram one! Really nice & the size is just right for evening use =)  And i can borrow it from my mum if i want! Yeah…

Talking about LV bag, let me show you what i got last month as a birthday gift for myself  =)


With Flash



Without Flash!

My Roxbury Drive in Amarante =)

Initially wanted to get it in Red but there was no new piece @ all LV boutiques. Ion Orchard branch was not open yet when i bought this bag (but it’s available @ Ion Orchard now but only 1-2 new piece in Red).

As i usually like to wear some colours for my evening wear to wedding dinners so dark coloured bag will be easy to match with my clothes.

But if i got extra cash, i don’t mind getting the red one =)



As we were heading towards Takashimaya & Paragon after some shopping @ Isetan, i decide to pop by the new LV boutique @ Ion Orchard to take a look.

I must say the service is pretty good here. Everyone was nice & polite with a smile =)  For my next purchase of LV bag, i’ll definitely come back here!

Anyway my mum seems to be in a good mood for some major shopping. Beside the LV bags, she also got clothes from Marks & Spencer, Isetan & Metro.

When we are tired, we just stop for a break @ Mac for fries & drinks & start to shop again.



Erm… I don’t know why we are not looking @ my camera! Haha. Anyway we had fun in the fitting room @ Paragon. We even tried on clothes in the same prints together! Wahahaha. Does it look like some sort of uniform??

By the way, i like this fitting room @ Paragon. It’s spacious enough & i can take a good rest on the cushion bench while my mum tried her clothes!

We ended the day with dinner @ Taka Mac! Everywhere was so crowded so when i see that there was some empty seats, my mum & i quickly sit down =)


Her shopping loots! Haha =)


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