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Last friday, i met up with Li Shee & the rest @ Bugis Village to shop for the AM dress that we be wearing during Li Shee wedding.

Quite a headache as we couldn’t really find something that’s suitable for everyone.

Anyway we had dinner pretty late (at about 8+pm) so since we were at the 2nd level & there was this HK cafe, we decide to settle our dinner there.

It’s my first time trying out the food here.


I had the Pork Chop Baked Rice. This is really not bad! The pork chop is very tender & my favourite part is always the toppings of melted cheese & tomato sauce! I also order the iced lemon tea to go with my baked rice.

I won’t mind coming back here if i’m around the area. Can’t go wrong with a baked rice if they do it well.

By the way, i was just viewing their website & they have branches @ East Coast too. I think i have try it before but not the baked rice though. I think i tried something else!

But i can’t find the address for this Bugis branch on the website. So happened i took a picture of the menu & locations, i discover there’s also one @ Novena. So if you don’t want to travel too far to East Coast, can try the Bugis & Novena branch.

* Thanks to Eileen who update me on the address! =)  Didn’t know the Novena branch is closed liao.

C. Nai HK Cafe Express

  • 3 New Bugis Street, 2nd Floor
  • Unit CCL/A


  • (Novena Branch)
  • 275 Thomson Road #01-08
  • Open Daily: 11.30am – 10.30pm



For those who follow my blog may remember me writing a post on Seletar Western Food stall. This Zi Char stall is within the same coffee shop!

Usually i order the western food but after seeing my grandma try the claypot noodle, i decide to try something. I heard my cousin Yiqi likes to come here occassionally with his gf after his friend recommend this zi char stall to him.


My Beef Hor Fun – It’s not too bad, i like the gravy but beef can be more tender!



This one got a nice name – it’s called 月光河! I didn’t try this but my brother & his gf like to order this whenever they are here.

That evening was a hor fun galore for dinner! Don’t know why but all of us was ordering hor fun… Haha! By the way, my mum had the seafood hor fun, didn’t take a picture.



We also shared this Fried Sotong You Tiao. They fried it till it’s quite crispy & i like to dip into the sauce (i think it’s mayonnaise  + chilli sauce).

I should come here more often for dinner. 1st – it’s near my house, 2nd – i like both the western food & zi char stall.

And if i come early around 6+pm, it’s not crowded & most probably will get a parking lot.

For those who want to try out the food but want to tapao, you can give them a call to order first =)

  • Fu Seafood
  • 2 Jalan Selaseh
  • Seletar Hills Estate
  • S’pore 808433
  • HP: 9690 1068

My cousin Yiqi has recently open an eco-store & if you like to do a part to improve the environment on earth, you can do your part & start from here!

Yiqi's shop 1


They are now having a  pre-launch preview for a month so do drop by for a visit & take a look!

If you are not sure about the location, just look out for this “Ang Moh” guy who’s selling sausages (he appeared on TV before) & my cousin’s shop is just directly opposite this stall =)  It’s located upstairs on the 2nd level!

  • Choose
  • 26A Sago Street S(059021)
  • Tel: 6323 0651

When talking about dim sum, it’s something which i really enjoy mostly with my brother & his girlfriend =) 

This time we are going to try Victor’s Kitchen which seems really popular.



I took this picture when i left the place & it was also this packed when i arrived!


page 3

I heard the Custard Bun is good but i was disappointed =_=  I prefer the ones @ Imperial Treasure as it taste nicer & it feels good when i see the custard sauce oozing out =)


page 1

page 2

I find the dim sum to be so so only. But i really like the  Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf as i find it really good! I may come & buy this if i’m around the area.

I also like the Phoenix Claws (chicken feet) as it’s a bit spicy! Another one which i find it quite good is the “Fu Pi Juan” (i don’t know what you call this in english).

Price wise i paid $40 for the dim sum + 4 chinese tea. I don’t find it cheap & i rather go to a proper chinese restaurant for dim sum.

I still prefer going to Peach Garden & Imperial Treasure! I’ve also seen pretty good reviews about the dim sum @ some chinese restaurants from a few hotels from some other food bloogers. Would love to try them out =)

  • Victor’s Kitchen
  • 91 Bencoolen Street
  • #01-21 Sunshine Plaza
  • Tel: 9838 2851

 Usually after a heavy meal, we will try to walk around. And today i finally get to buy something that i’ve always wanted to try =)


It’s @ Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry!




Bean Curd Tarts!! I got the mixed ones to try & they are not bad =)  I also heard the Moon Pies & Pineapple Tarts are worth trying.

Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry

  • 264 Middle Road
  • Singapore 188990
  • Tel/Fax: 6337 2417


We also went to Pomo (former Paradiz Centre) to walk around. I quite like the TCC here, will find a chance to come =)  I also miss the food @ Tao’s Restaurant. Maybe i should bring Christina & Ivy here if they are keen.

 After we are back @ Sunshine Plaza, we decide to try the Parklane Wantan Noodle.



Personally i really like the fried wantan! Not oily as they fried it very well & i love it when i dip the fried wantan into the mayonnaise =)  Noodle wise…. I just like it that it’s moist enough with the sauce. Overall i just find it so so.

It be more like a place for me to come if i’m around the area & i want a quick meal.

  • Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee House
  • #01-53 Sunshine Plaza
  • Tel: 6835 9212

It’s National Day & my dad was going to give his workers a treat.

 And all of them are keen to go Vienna @ United Square again. I’ve been here quite a few times already for the buffet. Food are generally not bad & it’s good if you want variety!


The interior – This is the area where all the food are displayed. And i think the whole place went through some renovations cause certain areas look different.


page 1

page 2

At $38.80++ per pax is pretty expensive for such a location but the whole place is always packed. I guess the customers like the range of food as there’s a bit of everything here – chinese, western, japanese.

But one thing that i don’t like is that the tables are placed too near to each other – No privacy @ all if you want to have a nice chat. But in a way, they really make full use of the space!

So if you are coming in small group like about 4 people, try to request for the cushion seats that’s near the window, fountain side. I think will be better.

  • Vienna International Seafood & Teppanyaki Restaurant
  • #B1-01 United Square
  • Tel: 6254 6686 / 6253 1696


Recently i put up some pictures of me & Christina having steamboat @ Tian Fu on my Facebook.

I got a few comments & one of it was from Wenhui. I don’t know how we chat or discuss & we start to talk about this steamboat place @ Bugis.

So we decided to meet up together with her 2 sisters to try out the steamboat @ 中华火锅.


This is the place! =)  After you cross the road from Mos Burger to Liang Seah Street, just walk on your right & go all the way to the end.



Yeah… It’s time to start our steamboat dinner!! =)  We chose to have the Tom Yum & 特制上汤 (specially brewed soup).


page 1

page 2

Overall i would say i enjoyed the steamboat here =)  I find the whole environment clean enough, like the way they display the ingredients & food (may be a bit cramped when everyone go & grab the food) , hygiene wise is ok too.

Unlike 天天 火锅 @ Tan Quee Lan Street where the whole place looks old , hygiene is bad! It just don’t makes me feel like going in. I won’t go back again! There’s also another 天天 火锅 opposite 中华火锅 but business looks good for them.

Steamboat @ 中华火锅 cost $18.90+ but i don’t mind coming back once in a while =)  By the way, it was the first time for me to try sitting outside for steamboat & it’s not so bad after all. It was another cooling night! Great weather for steamboat dinner =)

  • 中华火锅
  • 95 Beach Road #01-01 Creative House
  • Tel: 6337 1655

And when i’m @ Liang Seah Street, Ah Chew Dessert just came into my mind!! And it’s great that everyone wants to enjoy some dessert too! Yeah… =)

page 3

As we were pretty full after the steamboat dinner, we decide to just get 2 desserts to share. We had the Mango Sago With Pomelo & Aloe Vera With Lime & Honey.

I always have the Mango Sago With Pomelo whenever i come to Ah Chew but it’s the first time i’m trying the Aloe Vera With Lime & Honey. And it’s quite refreshing! Thanks to Wenli for the recommendation =)

  • Ah Chew Desserts
  • Liang Seah Street #01-11
  • Tel: 6339 8198

Recently i met up with Li Shee & the rest of the girls for dinner to discuss some details about the wedding.

Initially plans was to be @ Subway & i was like – venue seems a bit wrong for discussion as i think it be very noisy! Haha

I happened to meet up with Li Shee first. At Subway, all the tables were occupied already so we walked around & saw Streets Cafe Restaurant. There wasn’t much customers around so we thought why not here! And we were given a nice corner seat that’s all the way in for more privacy =)

Anyway all of us opt for the $6.80++ set meal.


I had the Iced Coffee With Grass Jelly while the rest of the girls chose this Longan Green Tea (can’t remember the exact name).



Susan chose the Chicken Curry With Rice



Li Shee & i had the Wantan Noodle & i think Joey opt for Dumplings one. I find the set meals quite worth it lah. Food is ok… don’t expect too much but it’s still acceptable! =)

  • Streets Cafe Restaurant
  • #B1-44C  Raffles City
  • Tel: 6338 7445

Didn’t take pictures with the girls as i’m not very familiar with most of them. But after some chatting, i find them ok so should have no problems on the actual day!

This friday we be meeting up to shop for the AM dress together! Hope we can find something suitable @ a reasonable price =)

Colour Theme for the dress – Purple!


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