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Baby Athan & Athena

Posted on: August 4, 2009

Last month during one of the Saturday, my eldest aunt’s hubby brought Athan & Athena to my house for a visit! =)

Our reaction was like seeing our idol coming! Haha… Everyone was so happy to see them especially the 2 little ones! And Athan who’s 6 months old already was so adorable & he was making my grandma so happy lah. Hee!

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That’s my dear pretty mum with Athan.

Just look @ him!! How can you not like him lah!! =)

And he was such a friendly baby. And he likes to be carried & he will lean his head on your shoulder & used both his hands to hold your arms. I was telling my mum i felt like i’m carrying a koala bear! Hee.

My mum even carried him till he fell asleep! Then my grandma quickly get my mum to put Athan on her bed to have a good rest! What a doting great grandma =)  And she really enjoy watching him sleep & she just can’t stop smiling!


And how can i forget about my dear Athena!! Anyway it was so funny… I was showing my dad this picture & he made a comment “Aiyoh… Why so vain ah! So young & know how to pose like this!”

Wahahaha…. Actually it was the maid Sadi’s idea! =)  I thought it was quite nice.

The both of them really brighten my day & i’m looking forward to see them again. May go & pay them a short visit on this Saturday before i meet my friend =)  Athena left the Hello Kitty fan which i got for her @ my house & i want to give it back to her.


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