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Korean Food, Dessert, Bazaar & Steamboat With Christina

Posted on: August 13, 2009

Recently i got a chance to help out Christina @ a bazaar which was good for me as i get to experience something different =)

So on the previous day, we arranged to meet up during evening time so i can stay over @ her place & go to her shop together on the next day. And Christina being a very good host brought me around her area for nice food.

And we had Korean food for dinner!!


The interior



I’m sure most of us will like this part when it comes to korean food – the side dish!! There’s bound to be something you like & it’s great to just get the staff to refill when you want more =)

As there were just the 2 of us so we didn’t want to order too much. Now let me show you what we had for dinner.


page 1

Personally i like the food here & price is reasonable (it cost about $20 per pax) for the dinner, service is also ok =)  And business is really good for them.

Sometimes don’t get deceived by the picture that i took cause i usually arrive early for my meals so the place will look empty. If not i’ll only take a picture when i left the place.

page 2


I really enjoyed going out for meals with Christina =)  Maybe we are both easy going, non-fussy type. It’s easy to discuss or compromise on what we want to eat & we also end up having a great time catching up with each other!

  • Doong Ji Korean Restaurant
  • 222 East Coast Road
  • S’pore 428919
  • Tel: 6345 4264
  • Opening hours:
  • Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
  • Dinner: 6pm – 10pm

After dinner, Christina brought me to try out some desserts that’s near her place.


page 4

It’s my first time @ Tian Mi Mi Desserts. I opt for the Mango Sago & Christina had the hot version of Cheng Teng. It’s not too bad & it’s great to end the night with something nice & sweet =)

  •  Tian Mi Mi Desserts
  • 376 East Coast Road
  • Tel: 6346 0046

After we are done with the desserts, Christina brought me back to her place & everyone including her parents, sister & her 2 kids happened to be around so i end up having a good chat with all of them =)

I can’t believe that i’ve not seen them for a long time cause from the way we chat, it don’t feel that way lor! Haha. I really had a great time that night!

page 3

And the cute little girl that’s beside me is Sarah, Christina’s niece! A very smart girl & she talks very well =)  Basically she kept me very well entertained that night.

By the way i did mention i was going to stay over right! Oh my… I super like the decor of Christina’s house & her room =)  It’s really nice & it’s done according to how i like it. And i had a really good, comfy sleep that night!

It’s been a long time since i stayed over @ someone’s house & i felt totally @ ease when i’m @ Christina’s place. And we also had a good laugh looking @ our pictures taken during those school days! Haha.

The next day – Bazaar!! 


 I didn’t take much pictures cause everyone was busy shifting the display cabinets & other stuffs down to the lobby level. And i was trying my best to take note of details & absorb some product knowledge.

When customers start coming, it got pretty scary for me cause from about 11.30am-2pm, it was super peak hours as the ladies starts coming down for lunch. Morever it’s my first experience handling such a big crowd! I was just more worried if i was of any help to Christina =_=

Luckily things went pretty ok & i think overall was still a success! Hee.

And Christina was so sweet & she gave me a dinner treat @ Tian Fu Steamboat!! I felt very relaxed after a busy day @ the bazaar & i get to enjoy one of my favourite food – Steamboat with my dear friend =)

page 1

I suggested here because Christina haven’t try the steamboat @ Tian Fu before. As for me, i think it’s my 4th visit already =)  But it’s a place where i don’t mind coming back anytime for the nice soup base & fresh ingredients!

And business is so good that they now open another outlet which is just further down the road from their first shop =)



Yummy steamboat dinner! We opt for the Tom Yum & Scallop soup. I know their Satay Soup is popular too & i’ve not try it before. Somehow naturally will just go for the usual safe choice. But for my next visit, i’ll probably try it lor!



We opt for the ala carte steamboat buffet. If i remember correctly, you can choose only from Menu B & C but the variety is good enough already. For $18.80+, you be getting fresh ingredients + you choose what you want & the staff will bring it to your table!



When you are here, must order the Yang Zhou Fried Rice (it’s part of the buffet) & this is coming from someone who prefers noodles =)



The sauce that attracts me back to Tian Fu! =)  For me, it’s pretty addictive & it goes well with the food. But i remember the sauce was much more spicy cause it can make me sweat a lot despite being in the aircon area.

This time round, i don’t find it that spicy anymore but it’s still nice with the sweet & sour taste = very appetizing! Btw i also like the Lime juice @ Tian Fu & do order a jar as it’s more worth it =)

  • Tian Fu HK Steamboat
  • 214 Tanjong Katong Road
  • S’pore 437007
  • Tel: 6345 9272
  • Opening Hours: Daily (11am – 3pm) , (5pm – 2am)

By the way, i just realised that i have not blog about my HK & China trip in June. Seems like my social life has been pretty active when i’m back. There was a period of time when my blog got kind of quiet. Haha!

Will try to blog about my trip soon as there’s still a few recent events that i want to blog.


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