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At Nice Cafes, Steamboat Dinner & Japanese Lunch With Christina

Posted on: August 17, 2009

I guess all of you will be seeing Christina quite often in my blog! =)  Been meeting her quite often nowadays. But up till now i really enjoy all the meet ups cause it’s such a joy to be out with her!

We enjoy eating & explore new places together. And thanks to her, i got to try out new restaurants, cafes around her area & there be more to come!

Anyway recently we wanted to go for high tea but due to some change in plans, we end up having steamboat @ her place & i be staying over again!

We arranged to meet up @ Tanjong Katong wanting to go to this cafe which we discovered recently after our steamboat dinner @ Tian Fu. But it’s not open yet =_=

Well… Just across the street is another cafe called “With A Pinch Of Salt”. So we decide to give it a try!

page 1

The whole environment is really nice & i personally like the baby blue shade on the wall. It’s really lovely! Plus it’s also a very kids friendly place =)

Not sure why but it’s kind of quiet on a saturday afternoon.



I was very attracted to this! It’s so worth it & just look @ the PRICE!!! So for those who lived around the area, can come with your kids =)



Here we are happily enjoying our coffee & oreo cheesecake! I really like to hang out @ cafes like this & have a nice quiet chat =)

I’ll be glad to come back again to try out the food! By the way, they provide complimentry wireless broadband connection so it’s another great reason to come here!

  • With A Pinch Of Salt
  • 297 Tanjong Katong Road (S) 437080
  • Tel: 6348 2297



And finally it’s time for the STEAMBOAT DINNER!!

page 2

Look @ the whole spread!! I’m feeling hungry as i’m type this entry now. Haha! Got my favourite meats – sliced beef & pork belly (i’m a meat lover) & there were lots of mushrooms!

For the first time, i tried having century eggs in steamboat & it’s NICE!! =)  And Ivy, Christina’s sister made some yummy cucumber kimchi!


page 3

And here is cute little Joshua! He was so shy when i saw him for the first time =)  But today he was much better & was willingly to get near to me to take picture together!

Anyway it’s the first time i try having steamboat outside the house & it’s a refreshing change! And it was pretty cooling & it’s very shiok to enjoy steamboat & chat with everyone =)  I was really having a great time!


page 4

Since i don’t have to bring or prepare anything, i decide to bring a bottle of Ice Wine for everyone! =)  Many thanks to everyone for inviting me over for steamboat & i hope you guys enjoy the ice wine!

And see that picture of me & Joshua! I was so happy when he was willingly to let me carry him =)

The Next Day – After waking up!

It was another good night sleep @ Christina’s place & after a nice shower, we got changed & go for brunch @ Parkway Parade.

page 1

And we chose Ichiban Sushi as we both like the set meals here.

  • Ichiban Sushi
  • Parkway Parade #02-56
  • Tel: 6342 1013
  • Daily: 11.00am -10.00pm


I know under this R E & S Enterprises P/L, there’s this Kuriya Japanese Restaurant & i saw it from Jean’s blog & Facebook & looks good! Hope to try it soon =)

Kuishin Bo is also under them so quality wise, it’s there! That’s why i like going to Ichiban Sushi once in a while for good food @ reasonable price.

And after eating, it’s time to walk around, window shop a bit & digest off the food! 

And we usually like to end our outing with a nice drink & our choice for this time is….

page 2


The Caffe Bar!

It’s quite a nice quiet place for chit chat if you take the corner seats! =)  And the cheesecake is quite good too. Both Christina & i like cheesecake so it’s great to share a slice together & enjoy a cup of coffee! It’s wonderful…

By the way… Thanks for driving me home! I really appreciate it =)

Anyway look out for my next post – It’s about the high tea @ Chihuly Lounge , Ritz Carlton with Christina & her sister Ivy!

It’s great to have them around for high tea as we all enjoy it. And i’ve already got a short list of some hotels that we can go! Can’t wait…. 


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