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High Tea @ Ritz Carlton with Christina & Ivy / Dinner @ Naive

Posted on: August 18, 2009

Today i was suppose to meet another group of friends but it was postponed to another date so yesterday when i was @ The Caffe Bar with Christina, i asked her if she’s keen to go for high tea!

When she say YES, i immediately call up Ritz Carlton to make a reservation!! Haha.


This is Chihuly Lounge @ Ritz Carlton! I’m so glad that we are finally here for the high tea =)

I really like the whole environment here! When we walked into Ritz Carlton, we walked passed Greenhouse & it was packed with lots of people. So the quietness @ Chihuly Lounge was nice for us.



Desserts! I like the way they displayed it… Nice! The selection may not be a lot but the quality is there =)



First round of desserts!! See the orange lookalike item, it’s actually macaroon =)  It’s done really nicely. And the chocolate dessert with a orange stick is good! I like anything that’s chocolate. And scones… Yum! But it be better if it’s more warm =)



The warm food section is pretty ok. By the way, you see the 2 small plates of smoked salmon & cucumber (i think it’s with smoked ham)! I like it a lot & got quite a few servings of it =)

Generally i’m satisfied with the whole spread for the high tea. And with the great service by the staff, it makes us 3 ladies feel very pampered & we had a wonderful time chatting!

Talking about the great service, i thought they can tone down a bit! A little too attentive already but no complaints lah.


page 1

And i like the small little details – i was attracted to this heart shaped sugar! It’s cute =)  And the dessert (top upper left picture) was done in a nice way. Initially i was wondering if the orange cup thingy was chocolate or some sort of plastic cup. Haha!

But it’s really chocolate! =)  And you should try the crepe when you are there! It’s good!



And here we are – 3 Happy ladies having an enjoyable afternoon! This makes me feels really like a Tai Tai lah!!

And i really like the sofa seats – very comfy!! =)  I thought they will give us the proper table kind of seats but it was nice when they gave us this!

By the way, halfway through the meal, Christina told me that her sister birthday is coming soon & she wants to give her a treat! =)  So sweet of her!

So when we went to washroom, we also took the chance to talk to the staff & request them to arrange something! Hee.

page 2

Ta-Dah!! I hope Ivy like the surprise that we plan for her =)

They even sang a birthday song for Ivy too!

It was a great high tea session with Christina & Ivy =)  And we are already planning for the next one – Venue will be @ Rose Varanda , Shangri-La.

  • Chihuly Lounge @ Ritz Carlton
  • Tel: 6434 5288

After high tea, we walked around @ Marina Square as Ivy wants to get a cake home as she’s expecting some guests over for dinner.

As for me, i went back to Christina’s place to rest then had a light dinner @ around 7.30pm.


Christina suggested this place & i was very glad to come here because i’ve been wanting to try out the vegetarian food  =)



This is the interior. I took this picture when i was leaving (maybe around 8.45pm) but when i arrived, it was very packed! I thought there will not be any more seats left.


page 3

At Naive, they have this “bloss” ceremony – blessing of the sesame seeds! You are suppose to grind the sesame seeds to get some blessings so Christina & i took turns to grind it! =)

And later when the food arrive, we added some sesame into our food to enjoy.


I had Tom Yum Soup & Christina had Soup Of The Day



For main course, we shared 1 dish & it’s Monkeyhead Mushrooms. It got a nice name too – Enchanted Forest!

I enjoyed my vegetarian dinner here & i intend to bring my cousins here when they are back for a visit. I’ve asked already & confirmed there’s no onion & garlic in their food =)  I also read from Hungrygowhere.com that the set lunch is worth trying!

  • Naive (Opposite Katong Mall)
  • 99 East Coast Road (S) 428795
  • Tel: 6348 0668


It’s another great outing with Christina! Her sister Ivy is very easy going, enjoyed chatting with her too =)  I think for the up-coming few high tea sessions will most probably be with them! And i’m really looking forward to it =) 


4 Responses to "High Tea @ Ritz Carlton with Christina & Ivy / Dinner @ Naive"

Babe..the high tea looks stunning..thanks for giving me the idea on where to bring my mum for her birthday. =)

Hi Ivy =) Didn’t expect you to come to my blog! Welcome! Hee.

Anyway i’m sure you & your mum will like the high tea @ Ritz Carlton! Just to let you know that the price is $42++ per pax. And remember to let them know that you are celebrating your mum’s birthday & they will arrange a cake for you =)

Enjoy your high tea & i’m looking forward to see the update on your blog!

Hey June! Thanks for putting us up the blog! really nice to look back what we’ve enjoyed!!! 😀 Really interesting to read your blog though…
I’m so missing all gdfoog outings with u!!!! Looking forward to our next one! now must diet abit first. heehee.

Hi Christina =) Don’t mention. I myself was thinking back to that day when i was typing this entry lor! Haha…

I also miss all the food outings with you but like what you said, we must watch our diet! Haha.

Anyway let’s count down to our next high tea @ Shangri-La ok!! I’m really looking forward to it =) And i’ll propose a few other hotels high tea that we can try ok! Already got another 3 in mind. Haha =)

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