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Steamboat Dinner @ 中华火锅 With Wenhui, Wenli & Wenya

Posted on: August 20, 2009

Recently i put up some pictures of me & Christina having steamboat @ Tian Fu on my Facebook.

I got a few comments & one of it was from Wenhui. I don’t know how we chat or discuss & we start to talk about this steamboat place @ Bugis.

So we decided to meet up together with her 2 sisters to try out the steamboat @ 中华火锅.


This is the place! =)  After you cross the road from Mos Burger to Liang Seah Street, just walk on your right & go all the way to the end.



Yeah… It’s time to start our steamboat dinner!! =)  We chose to have the Tom Yum & 特制上汤 (specially brewed soup).


page 1

page 2

Overall i would say i enjoyed the steamboat here =)  I find the whole environment clean enough, like the way they display the ingredients & food (may be a bit cramped when everyone go & grab the food) , hygiene wise is ok too.

Unlike 天天 火锅 @ Tan Quee Lan Street where the whole place looks old , hygiene is bad! It just don’t makes me feel like going in. I won’t go back again! There’s also another 天天 火锅 opposite 中华火锅 but business looks good for them.

Steamboat @ 中华火锅 cost $18.90+ but i don’t mind coming back once in a while =)  By the way, it was the first time for me to try sitting outside for steamboat & it’s not so bad after all. It was another cooling night! Great weather for steamboat dinner =)

  • 中华火锅
  • 95 Beach Road #01-01 Creative House
  • Tel: 6337 1655

And when i’m @ Liang Seah Street, Ah Chew Dessert just came into my mind!! And it’s great that everyone wants to enjoy some dessert too! Yeah… =)

page 3

As we were pretty full after the steamboat dinner, we decide to just get 2 desserts to share. We had the Mango Sago With Pomelo & Aloe Vera With Lime & Honey.

I always have the Mango Sago With Pomelo whenever i come to Ah Chew but it’s the first time i’m trying the Aloe Vera With Lime & Honey. And it’s quite refreshing! Thanks to Wenli for the recommendation =)

  • Ah Chew Desserts
  • Liang Seah Street #01-11
  • Tel: 6339 8198

2 Responses to "Steamboat Dinner @ 中华火锅 With Wenhui, Wenli & Wenya"

ah chew is nice!…. but 2 weeks ago de friday i went with 3 other frens, at like 10pm… the cleaner auntie is mean leh. ask us to leave immed after eating. we eat so fast! like 10 min only #@$!%^~ nb. lol. got quite pissed cos seat not warm ask us to leave liao… they just want to earn $$!!! 😦

Aiyoh… Why is she like this?? =_= So far i’ve never encounter such bad service from Ah Chew.

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