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Dim Sum @ Victor’s Kitchen, Bean Curd Tarts & Parklane Wantan Mee

Posted on: August 23, 2009

When talking about dim sum, it’s something which i really enjoy mostly with my brother & his girlfriend =) 

This time we are going to try Victor’s Kitchen which seems really popular.



I took this picture when i left the place & it was also this packed when i arrived!


page 3

I heard the Custard Bun is good but i was disappointed =_=  I prefer the ones @ Imperial Treasure as it taste nicer & it feels good when i see the custard sauce oozing out =)


page 1

page 2

I find the dim sum to be so so only. But i really like the  Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf as i find it really good! I may come & buy this if i’m around the area.

I also like the Phoenix Claws (chicken feet) as it’s a bit spicy! Another one which i find it quite good is the “Fu Pi Juan” (i don’t know what you call this in english).

Price wise i paid $40 for the dim sum + 4 chinese tea. I don’t find it cheap & i rather go to a proper chinese restaurant for dim sum.

I still prefer going to Peach Garden & Imperial Treasure! I’ve also seen pretty good reviews about the dim sum @ some chinese restaurants from a few hotels from some other food bloogers. Would love to try them out =)

  • Victor’s Kitchen
  • 91 Bencoolen Street
  • #01-21 Sunshine Plaza
  • Tel: 9838 2851

 Usually after a heavy meal, we will try to walk around. And today i finally get to buy something that i’ve always wanted to try =)


It’s @ Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry!




Bean Curd Tarts!! I got the mixed ones to try & they are not bad =)  I also heard the Moon Pies & Pineapple Tarts are worth trying.

Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry

  • 264 Middle Road
  • Singapore 188990
  • Tel/Fax: 6337 2417


We also went to Pomo (former Paradiz Centre) to walk around. I quite like the TCC here, will find a chance to come =)  I also miss the food @ Tao’s Restaurant. Maybe i should bring Christina & Ivy here if they are keen.

 After we are back @ Sunshine Plaza, we decide to try the Parklane Wantan Noodle.



Personally i really like the fried wantan! Not oily as they fried it very well & i love it when i dip the fried wantan into the mayonnaise =)  Noodle wise…. I just like it that it’s moist enough with the sauce. Overall i just find it so so.

It be more like a place for me to come if i’m around the area & i want a quick meal.

  • Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee House
  • #01-53 Sunshine Plaza
  • Tel: 6835 9212

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