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Go Green & Support My Cousin!! =)

Posted on: August 23, 2009

My cousin Yiqi has recently open an eco-store & if you like to do a part to improve the environment on earth, you can do your part & start from here!

Yiqi's shop 1


They are now having a  pre-launch preview for a month so do drop by for a visit & take a look!

If you are not sure about the location, just look out for this “Ang Moh” guy who’s selling sausages (he appeared on TV before) & my cousin’s shop is just directly opposite this stall =)  It’s located upstairs on the 2nd level!

  • Choose
  • 26A Sago Street S(059021)
  • Tel: 6323 0651

4 Responses to "Go Green & Support My Cousin!! =)"

you gone to see the shop yet?? hehe

Haven’t leh! =_= But i’m thinking i’ll either arrange a sunday & follow your parents to Chinatown (i know they go occassionally, sometimes with xiao yi & her hubby too). If not i’ll wait till his official opening =)

haha (: hehe sundays are their usual day out for breakfast and everything at chinatown. hehe

oh okok. hehe SUPPORT HIM! haha

Don’t worry… Will definitely support!! =) If your bro don’t mind, i intend to take some pictures of his shop & put it n my blog. Cause if i’m not wrong, there isn’t a website yet right??

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