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C. Nai HK Cafe Express

Posted on: August 25, 2009

Last friday, i met up with Li Shee & the rest @ Bugis Village to shop for the AM dress that we be wearing during Li Shee wedding.

Quite a headache as we couldn’t really find something that’s suitable for everyone.

Anyway we had dinner pretty late (at about 8+pm) so since we were at the 2nd level & there was this HK cafe, we decide to settle our dinner there.

It’s my first time trying out the food here.


I had the Pork Chop Baked Rice. This is really not bad! The pork chop is very tender & my favourite part is always the toppings of melted cheese & tomato sauce! I also order the iced lemon tea to go with my baked rice.

I won’t mind coming back here if i’m around the area. Can’t go wrong with a baked rice if they do it well.

By the way, i was just viewing their website & they have branches @ East Coast too. I think i have try it before but not the baked rice though. I think i tried something else!

But i can’t find the address for this Bugis branch on the website. So happened i took a picture of the menu & locations, i discover there’s also one @ Novena. So if you don’t want to travel too far to East Coast, can try the Bugis & Novena branch.

* Thanks to Eileen who update me on the address! =)  Didn’t know the Novena branch is closed liao.

C. Nai HK Cafe Express

  • 3 New Bugis Street, 2nd Floor
  • Unit CCL/A


  • (Novena Branch)
  • 275 Thomson Road #01-08
  • Open Daily: 11.30am – 10.30pm



8 Responses to "C. Nai HK Cafe Express"

hey June 🙂

FYI— i was just at novena two weeks back with my good friend Christine.. she wanted to eat at C.nai…but be4 we could park…we got her husband to check if it’s still around..hahaha.. oops. closed down liao~ better update your entry. hhehehe end up we ate chicken rice…

Thanks Eileen… I’ll update the details on my blog! =) They should have update the address on their menu… =_=

Hi there your cousin hooked me up with your blog and I have to say it is very good. I have a couple of questions for you though. 1. Where do you think is a good place to have curry fish head? 2. where do u think is a good place to have chilli crab?. I’m coming over from NZ and I’m a seafood lover as you can tell.

Hi Chaesun =) Thanks for the compliments for my blog! Btw is it Qirong who gave you the link of my blog? =)

Anyway for curry fish head & chilli crab, i usually go to the same places. You can refer to the bottom 2 links!



Yeah it was Qirong that told me about your blog. I’ve actually always wanted to do a food blog like yours but the food here in NZ isn’t any good so any blog I make will be full of negative reviews :S. Thanks for the two links but I’d also like to ask one more thing. I’m coming over for about 6 weeks from november to Jan and I’m wondering if there are any other places you recommend me to try. I’m open to all types of food except bitter got haha.

Well first of all, you can go to Newton Circus! It’s a very popular hawker centre for locals & tourists if you want to try out local food! =) Fried Kway Teow, Bbq food, satay & lots more! As i tell you this now, i’m feeling hungry already! Hee.

And there’s lots of places to explore in Singapore… Depending on what you like to try! Do contact me when you are in Singapore. I try to bring you around for shopping & eating but i may not be a good host! =_=

Do you have Facebook?? If yes, please add me @ junelee_1980@yahoo.com & we shall keep in touch through Facebook first =)

LOL jason..wth.

did not know he wrote comments hahaa n june he is not korean. lol he is hong kee

Oh…. Haha! =_= I thought his name sounds quite korean!!

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